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Nice theme, especially because it doesn’t look like a lot of the stuff I keep seeing over and over. However seems there is some cleaning up to do in page load and in the modal login’s (overflow).

hi thanks for your interested and im glad you like :-) i wil optimize them.

basarilar kardesim ;)


I have a question please … is the template made for use with wordpress only or is it a regular template ? I never used wordpress and not looking for a template that is specific to wordpress onlyt a template with the html, css etc …. would your template do ?

hi thanks for interested. i have designed this template only html /css. Also i will make wodpress version too. But this version html /css.

Hi You can find wordpress version here http://wpthemess.com


Using Safari when I look at the Black version, whenever I hover over the main links on the home page the entire screen flashes white for a brief second. Can this be fixed?

Thank you

hi i ve double checked with safari version 5x but i didnt get any isssue. But if it have any issue with any version i m ready to fix it. Regards, Bulent


nice template, but when i test it with IE7 the wrapper is i think 400px or more in the top…

i try to play a little with the ie7.css but without success..

i use the white theme!


Hi I have fixed some necessary css files for the older version of IE please check your email.

Regards Bulent.

Thanks for the fast support! GREAT !!!

one more small problem, the cufon-yui make no ä ü ö in the menu… i try to find a solution via google… :( without success


You can track two ways for this character issue.

1. download you own font supported ä ü ö and convert it from http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/

2. Maybe you can use my ready Myriad Pro Extended font in your emial box :-) please check your email. Solution sended by email.

Regards Bulent.

the preview of this theme does not work!

Hi thanks for your info I have corrected it. Now it works. Please let me know if your side any issue.


This is a great theme with a clean and simple html structure.

However, i am facing a problem with this theme. the whole content float on the left side of the browser, while it should appear at the middle of the browser.

I have gone through all the .css files and i can not locate where is the problem.

please see a basic deployment of the project that i am developing here http://sinemmar.weebzit.com/ and notice that the whole thing float on the left and not on the center.

Hi I have look your website but I need to look and compare your css files where you have wrong. I will let you know the problem asap.


Any luck with my the floating issue?

hi sorry for late response i m very busy i ll send solution asap

Hi I have found “form” tag your html code after the wrapper div

<form method="post" action="" id="form1"> <div id="wrapper"> if can you move the form over the wrapper div everythink will correct. Thats All Note: Sorry for the late response. Regards </div>

Thank you for your great support. Now it works well.

hi i m glad you have done :-)

Does your layout provide an administration/user background panel?

user login an reg options only demostration you ll get only html part when purchase it. Thanks

nice my friend;


Hey, i would like to buy this template for wordpress, but the preview demo does not work: http://www.wpthemess.com/wordpress-themes/blacxy/

Is it the same than this html /css version?


what was updated?

PrettyPhoto was updated for the XSS Vulnerability fix.