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Clean & nice! GLWS! :)

Simple unique and full of features, well done, GLWS

Thank you! :)

I love this kind of themes, wish you the best of luck with it!

Thank you ;)

hello, your theme has a very nice look.

Can you please give some information concerning:

- compatibility with page builders - compatibility with seo yoast - page load speed

Thank you! Kind Regards

Hi there,thanks for your interest in Blaine. The theme supports Yoast, and implements the page content the standard WordPress way, so page builders (like visual composer= built on that spec should work.

Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!

Beautiful looking!GLWS :) mate.

Thank you! :)

Nice and clean, dig’n this!

Uuh, looks nice! ... is it possible to replace image header with video or embed youtube/vimeo link?

Hi there,

we will extend the header slideshow with also full video support in the next theme update.


Hi! Pre-Sales question (hope this is the right place for it :) )

On the PhotGalleries is there an option that when an image is clicked on that it can display a caption or title as well?

Thanks. -Scott

Hi there, thanks for your interest in Blaine :)

Yes, simple text captions can be added to photogalleries images too :)

Truthfully wasn’t blown away by it at first, but the more I saw the more I liked lol.

Love the strong contrast – it’s minimal but bold at the same time. Very tempted now!

However, did pick up on 2 minor things you may wish to update in the css – the buttons on the product page and contact page have white text – making it unreadable.

Lastly, is there a sidebar option on the shop pages – allowing you to filter by category etc?


The home page is made using the portfolio stripe page template, an manually selecting which works to show and in which order. The portfolio stripe template also has the option to show a regular loop of work items (no support for posts or pages).

On the homepage, is it not possible to have more sections like the ‘Meet Blaine’ part – either before or after the portfolio?

And the stripe portfolio – does it paginate when you get to a certain number of items?

You can add more stuff only before the portfolio section of that page (you’d still be using the regular page content, just like we did to compose that page).

The stripe portfolio has options to control pagination and order if you choose to use a regular WP loop; otherwise you can manually pick which items to show.

I must be blind, but i don’t see a search box anywhere. Content and products on a website must be searchable. Thanks!

Hi there, thanks for your interest in Blaine! You can use search widgets in sidebars, just like in this page: http://thehappybit.com/blaine/classic-blog/blog-w-sidebar/

This theme has a beautiful Swiss & Bold design. Solid functionality, thanks!

I have few questions:

1) Can I make the width 1200px “full width option” like your website width from the admin panel? Adding multiple headers with social icons and search box would be a good idea :)


2) BBpress & Buddypress?

3) Easy digital downloads?

4) Uber mega menu?


Hi there,

thank you for your interest in Blaine,

1) you can switch from “boxed” to “extended” easily from the theme options menu http://youtu.be/3Fyew0oKpDs

2,3,4) we’ve not tested our theme with this plugin, anyway we will consider to add the compatibility with EDD in a future theme update.


Thank you very much, but in the extended format, It’s just the boxed area is filled with colors. What I want is extension for the same text area, extended container.

I wish you consider the compatibility of adding the above plugins.


Not sure what you mean there, could you explain a little clearer?

Shop bug: There is gold color “SSSSS” when mouse over the product.

Hi there,

are you using Google Chrome, by chance? It seems to happen a lot lately, on just about every website with an icon font loaded. We hope they’re going to fix it soon, though!


Do you know how we’d be able to include mailchimp with this theme? Does that sound impossible??



Hi there,

thanks for your interest in Blaine. Since this is a specific request, we tend to advice users to use a plugin for their needs. You might want to take a look at this post, from MailChimp themselves: https://blog.mailchimp.com/wordpress-plugins-for-mailchimp/


Wow this Looks AWESOME and the header options per page etc Amazing!!

Thanks so much! :)

How does the like (heart) button work? I guess thats not connected to Facebook? Great theme, I am thinking about using it for a project.

Hi there, nope it’s not connected to Facebook; it’s a module bundled in the theme.

Great work!.. GLWS ;)

What slider are you using on the home page? I’m wondering how customizable the the text on the slides is, for example can it be placed to one side? All your slides have the text centered.

Hi there, thanks for your interest in Blaine. Each slide has options to align text to left/center/right, plus you can add a CSS class to each slide right from the backend interface.

Bookmarked. Hope I can use it quickly for a client. GLWS !

Great theme! Awesome! Im gonna to buy it! What about cart icon credits?

Hey there,

icon fonts are from various free libraries, the cart icon is from the Entypo library.