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Very Nice Work!

Great theme. Loads fast! Without any modification, Is there a way to combine the Page Extended Header look as shown with the blog posts with sidebar. Thus adding a large image (or slideshow) for the header area for blog posts? Just curious.

Hi there, thanks! Yep, single blog posts can have an extended header too, if that’s what you mean: take a look here! http://thehappybit.com/blaine/2013/11/21/format-standard/

This theme is BEAUTIFUL. You can expect another customer next update. Until then here’s a few opinions:

1) Reviews on Products – When writing a review you can select stars for your review – they seem to not be centered with the form and look a little off for how clean and perfect the theme is.

2) When highlighting a plus or minus button on the products it removes an area of the border with the change in background. Is there a way to maybe set the z index of the + or – button background to be behind the border that surrounds that box so it looks better?

3) When you hover over an item and select Add to Cart it says Item Added with a Checkmark – the Checkmark appears over the text slightly before and after. It also appears that way when you hover over it again and the box is green this time but with the text Add to Cart again (however the checkmark is still apparent and laying on top of the text.

All of these speculations are via Google Chrome on a Macbook Pro w/ Retina display. I haven’t seen ANYTHING else that doesn’t look absolutely flawless so again – AMAZING WORK! Hands down the best theme I’ve seen on the market.

Hey there,

thanks for your feedback, we will improve these points in the next theme update!


Hi Guys

Congratulations on a great looking theme! I have a few pre-sales question and I wondered if you’d mind answering them for me.

1) Can I change the name of ‘Portfolio’ and ‘Works’ to something else? Specifically, rather than having a URL of www.mydomain.com/PORTFOLIO/slughere, could I make it www.mydomain.com/EVENTS/slughere?

2) Is there an option to remove the filtering on the portfolio?

3) On each of the single portfolio items, can I add shortcodes etc to the templates? Specially I’d like an image gallery.

4) Is there an option to remove responsive behaviour on tablets/mobiles? I think I saw an option for this in one of your videos, but I just wanted to confirm that it’s possible.

Many thanks!


Hi there,

thanks for your interest in Blaine! :)

1) Yes you can, there’s an option specific for that.

2) You can do that via custom CSS textarea, in our admin panel.

3) Portfolio items support the editor content, so yes you can add shortcodes.

4) Yes, there is!

Brilliant! Thanks for your help! It’s greatly appreciated!


Super theme. Great work. Will post a review a little later once I’m done with a one-page site I’m working on with this. Have a question -

Is it possible to have 2 columns/split section in half – something just like a “div class=half”?

Couldn’t find anything in the demo site that shows an example, otherwise I would’ve just copied from that!

EDIT: Scratch this – I think I’ve found the solution in adding shortcodes.

Actually – can you answer this question? :) Sorry about that. I’m trying to do things like – 2 halfs – but the second half goes below the first. Same with trying to do rows of 3… they are one below the other… instead of 3 in a line across the page.

Hi there, we’ve replied to this in our Support Forum :)

Nice theme but i have two silly questions:

How do I change the background colour? I have added the custom css but the background is still white.

How can I change the height of the slides?

Hi there, we’ve replied to this in our Support Forum :)

Is there a simple way to add a portfolio page to the home page as you’ve done in the demo? Can’t see any options or anything in the documentation. If you’d like my site URL, I can add it here.

Hi there, we’ve replied to this in our Support Forum :)

Hi there,

Does your theme have compatibility and styling for Gravity Forms?

Can the homepage design be built from scratch with shortcodes or is it restricted to the section panels?

Do you have plans to integrate other sliders such as rev slider or layerslider?

Does your sidebar nav menu allow for 2 levels of link hierarchy?


Hi there,

we doesn’t support officially Gravity forms yet but the plugin should work fine, we will work to enhance the theme compatibility with Gravity forms in a future update.

The home page is made using the portfolio stripe page template, an manually selecting which works to show and in which order. The portfolio stripe template also has the option to show a regular loop of work items (no support for posts or pages).

The main menu navigation support more than 2 sub levels.


Hi, Great theme. Love the simplicity! You say the theme is translatable, but will it work for two languages with a WPML plugin? Is it WPML compatible?

Hi there, thanks! :) Yes, you can use it with WPML or Polylang, for your multilanguage needs. :)

Another awesome work! Glws

I was wanting to use this team as a blogging theme. Its beautiful, and I love the feel. I have a few pre-purchase questions though:

1. I would like to show “featured/category posts” and “latest posts” on the home page.

2. Is the gallery with captions available for posts as well as pages?

Are there plugins that can be used, or is it already available on the theme.

Hi there,

thanks for your interest in Blaine!

1) You can use the shortcode provided by the Shortcode Ultimate plugin. It has a lot of options, among which filtering by category or post type.

2) What do you mean, exactly?

Our theme is compatible with WooCommerce 2.1+, and upon installation you’ll be shown a list of required/suggested plugins.


Hi I am a dummy. When installing fontface at the Theme Options – which file should I upload from the Font Squirrel kit? The zip file doesn’t upload. Again, idiot question. Thanks for your help!

The update is now available

Hi: I have uploaded my own fonts to my server and am replacing them on the website. I have some residual areas that are still defaulting to the Blaine Customize open source fonts. Buttons, Header Titles, Page Titles, Page Subtitles, Portfolio Titles, Blog Title, Blog last line w/ tags etc. Hate to ask you a dumb question, but can you tell me what the CSS ids are for these various elements so that I can replace them in the style sheet. I just need the IDs and I’ll be all set. Sorry if this is an annoying question!

I have already replaced h1-h6, p and body.

Hey there,

under the Theme options > Appearance tab you’ll find all the css selectors used on the theme applied to the respective font family.


Hi: When I try to install a FontSquirrel archive file (zip) I still get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function zip_open() in /nfs/c06/h05/mnt/174535/domains/mikroskopdesign.com/html/wp-content/themes/blaine/framework/helpers/helper.system.php on line 1015

Is there something I am doing wrong when trying to install. I am also trying to install a MyFonts archive package but get the same error. I know you don’t provide support for 3P issues, but wanted to confirm I am getting the error with other zipped font packages.

Won’t unpack them. This is on 1.1.1 update that just released.

Thanks for your help!

Hey there,

we will reply to your support ticket on our support forum as soon as possible.


Hi, so all this great options are only for pages? not for posts? The full width video in the header, the full color or image page background, the extended header with title on image, or even better, on video?

If this isn’t possible, maybe in a future update? It’s exactly what i need!!

Amazing work!

Hey there,

thank you for your interest in Blaine, currently the page header slideshow (with video support) is available only on pages, on posts you’ve only the header background image feature available due the different post formats.

We are considering to add a new option to manage video instead of the header background image also in posts.


Small bug, if additional photos are been added to a product in Woocommerce which have different dimensions the images get stretched or pushed together. Would be nice if you guys have a solutions for this soon.

Hey there,

could you share with us a link to your current installation? You can also send us privately using the contact form on our profile page if you prefer.


Thanks for the quick reply. Check your messages.

Hi there,

you can fix this issue quickly by editing the woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php and remove from line 31 and 53 the ” data-rsw=”300” data-rsh=”300” ” attributes to the images and on line 71 as “imageScaleMode” set “fit” instead of “fill”. The minimum image width is defined at 610px for the single product page, you can change this behavior from the config/config-general.php file on line 182 and 183, then remember to regenerate your thumbnails using a plugin like force regenerate. Anyway we will investigate further in order to find a proper slideshow configuration to avoid this issue in the next theme update.

Thanks for reporting.


Pre-sale questions.

1) I would like to know if the gallery images can be captioned outside the image area?

2) Is the ‘Sell Media’ plug-in compatible?


Hi there,

1) actually the captions could be displayed only in the lightbox, but we’re considering in adding a new style for the photogallery in a future theme update.

2) unfortunately we haven’t tested the theme with this plugin and we can’t assure the compatibility.



Great theme! How do you code the navigation to appear white when it is layered on top the slider and then transition to black in a fixed header. Also the page titles when a custom background is uploaded, like the portfolio section on the bottom of the demo version.


Hey there,

you can take a look at the videos we’ve created for Blaine concerning the page header slideshow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zYMGo_rJmc and also the page headers layout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAZeXH60elc Not sure what you mean with your last question, could you explain better?



Great theme so fare. Really like and easy to edit. Where can i change the size of the header image. At the moment i think the header image are around 120px high and I would like to have them a bit more. (around 200px)

thanks, Simon

Hi there,

if you are referring to the logo, there’s no a limit to this image size, anyway if you have any issues with the theme you can open a ticket on our support platform http://support.thehappybit.com and we will reply as soon as possible.



No i dont mean the logo. I mean the background image/slider. But thanks for the link to the support platform. I will ask the question there.

Beautiful work! Can videos be added to the portfolio?

Hey there,

yes you can add also videos to works, you can view an example here http://thehappybit.com/blaine/works/work-11/


I do like this theme, what holds me back is the following:

1) The low rating, I am not sure why a good work like this would get such low rating from the beginning, is it the support or the theme. But still such rating is not reliable yet (only 4 ratings).

2) I wish you add header variations, where we can place the social icons and the search icon in the existing header or in an additional header above it.

3) Some page templates like the sitemap / about us does not exist (or I was unable to locate) in the theme.

Thank you

Hi there,

concerning your questions:

1) Tell us about it! We’ve received a 1 star rating from a customer that didn’t get the theme in the first place, and harshly contacted us for support only after they had given the rating.

We’re always open to accept ratings of all kinds and to get feedback that can eventually lead us to make better products. Unfortunately, the guy didn’t reply to our clarification questions :(

To get a better idea of what the theme is about and how it works under the hood, you can watch the videos we’ve prepared, so that you can make up your own mind!

2) Thanks for your input, we’ll think about that for a future update.

3) You probably want to use a plugin to generate a sitemap. There’s no specific “About us” template, but the theme is flexible enough to allow you to create a great about page just from a regular default template, adding an extended header, a slideshow, and setting many other options.