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Hi THBThemes,

First off congratulations on creating a truly beautiful theme! I have two questions about the theme when viewing it on a mobile device.

I visited the demo site on my iPad Air using both Safari and Dolphin Browser. In both cases, when using the iPad in landscape mode, I cannot get the drop-down navigation entries to work (i.e. when I tap on “Layout,” I see the orange bar for the hover action, but no menu shows up).

When I tap on “Pages,” it takes me directly to the linked page (blaine/standard-page/) instead of showing me the drop down menu.

Also, the video support for the page header slideshow section works beautifully on my laptop and desktop, but it doesn’t work in any of my mobile browsers on both the iPhone and iPad.

I really want to purchase this theme and begin using it immediately, but I want to know how soon you can address these issues. Thanks!

Hey there,

thanks for reporting these issues, we will further investigate in order to fix them as soon as possible!


Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to putting this theme to use.

Hi, interested in the theme.

Can I add the blog(and excerpts) to the homepage?


Hi there, thanks for your interest in Blaine!

The home page now is a Portfolio page, but you can add content in the page editor as usual, so you could use a shortcode from the Shortcode Ultimate plugin, which we support, to display your latest posts.


How does that theme integrate with BuddyPress?


Hi there,

we’re afraid but we haven’t tested with BuddyPress yet, so we can’t confirm the full compatibility with this plugin.



I have few inquiries, I wish you help. Is this theme SEO optimized? compatible with Yoast? Is there any plans for adding buddypress compatibility? Mega Menu compatibility (Uber Menu Support)? Can I place social icons in the header?


Hi there,

yes the theme is Yoast compatible. We haven’t planned yet to add the compatibility with buddypress but we will definitely keep it in mind. Unfortunately we haven’t tested the theme with Uber menu. There isn’t yet an option that allow you to add social icons on header but we have planned to improve several theme sections.


Thank you, one more special request, will you please make the theme easy digital downloads plugin compatible?

Hey there,

we’re working on a really big Blaine update, we’ve also scheduled the edd compatibility update for a future update.



Is it possible to align easily the mobile menu on the left? how could i achieve this?

Hi there,

the menu opens on the left only if the logo is set to be right aligned, and there’s no way to enable that only on mobile.

Hi there, does Blaine support child theme? thank you ;)

Hi there, yes it does ;)

Hi, where can I find all the size for the image like logo, portfolio, slider… ? thank you

Hi there,

image size are defined in the config/config-general.php file in the theme.

thank you ;)

I’m not seeing a way to add text overlays to the slides on the home page. What am I missing? Love the theme, appreciate the help!

Hi there,

when you’ve added a new slide, just click on the “dots” icon in the lower left hand corner and you’ll be presented with a modal to edit the slide data, as well as the text. :)

I’m an idiot. I was using the header/overlay area’s picture image functionality and not the sliders. Thanks for the quick reply, will be pushing more business your way.

Another random question, don’t see it in the docu. On the slide dialog there’s an area for ‘CSS class.’ Where is it expecting that to be? I defined a custom class in the theme options, and in that box itself. Does it require me to just reference ’.mycustomclass’ in that box but have the .mycustomclass defined in custom.css or layout.css?

CSS classes applied to slides, are added to the HTML slide element, and are totally custom, as it’s up to you what you call them. So if you add a “important” class, for example, you can reference it in the custom CSS box via the ”.important” selector, and operate on that slide directly.

Hi, 1. Can I resize the social icons (taller) ? 2. My social icon links have to be in target=”_blank”. How can I do that? thank you ;)

Hi there,

1) you’ve to change the font-size of thb-social-icon:after element

2) you can find the social icons links in the partial-footer.php file, anyway we will add the target blank in the next theme update.


good !! and when the next update will arrived? ;)

We hope soon, there’s no a date yet.

Does this theme support widgets? What about sidebars?

I guess it’s totally impossible to make the extended text to show up on the portfolio page.

It shouldn’t be impossible, actually. In the “templates/thb-portfolio/portfolio-stripe-item.php” file, you could add the following after line 49 (which means outside of the “main-data-wrapper” div):

<div class="thb-text">
    <?php the_content(); ?>

I will keep this in mind; however, I found a shortcode plugin that made it happen with ease :)

Hi, can i disable 60fps scrolling?i wish normal scrolling. thanks, Panos

Hi there, thanks for your interest in Blaine. You could do that simply not importing a couple of files, but we’ll consider about adding an option to do that from our admin panel.

Is it possible to show a Youtube video in the header of the homepage? It is possible on separate pages: http://thehappybit.com/blaine/standard-page/new-video-slideshow/ But I don’t know if it’s possible on the homepage as well.


Hi there,

yes, every page (single post or work excluded) can have the slideshow on header.



Is this template technically one long page with each tab leading to the section within page where that portion is located? or all the pages (portfolio, blog, etc.) there own separate pages in the code?


Hi there,

Blaine is not a one page template. The home page is a portfolio page that uses the Stripe Portfolio page template, and you can load multiple works, with each one of them having a distinctive appearance an background color.

When is the star ranking system going to be updated so it’s centered on the text box’s next to it and not pixelated on a retina device?

Cheers on the awesome theme.

Hi there,

could you share with us a link to your issue so that we can look better into the problem?

If you have issues with the theme we suggest to open a bug report on our support platform http://support.thehappybit.com


Start here: http://thehappybit.com/blaine/shop/flying-ninja/

Click Reviews > Scroll down to the form for writing a review > Note the stars where you can personally rate the item with your unpublished review are not centered on the textbox and appear pixelated:


- Christian

Thank for reporting, these are the WooCommerce skin stars, we will replace with a font icon in the next theme update.


Hi there,

I’ve got a quick pre-purchase question – is it possible to have a picture background when in boxed layout mode?

Many thanks in advanced.

Hi there,

thanks for your interest in Blaine. Your best option would be to do that via CSS, as natively you can only set a background color when in boxed mode. You can apply custom frontend CSS via a custom CSS textarea in our admin panel.


On the demo page of the homepage there are small red icons preceding text…what options do I have for using those icons? I want to do a mockup for a client but want to make sure that I use the right icons. Thanks!

Those boxes have been generated using the Shortcode Ultimate plugin (which by the way is using Font Awesome icons http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/) You can see that if you import our provided dummy content, that lets you replicate the demo apeearance.

Love the theme so far!

Is there anyway to make the logo change from dark to light based on the background it is overlaid on? Like how the navigation text changes?


Hi there, there’s no option to do that unfortunately, but you could somehow do it via pure CSS, since the black/white toggle is made using specific classed applied to the element (the classes are “thb-skin-light” and “thb-skin-” / “thb-skin-dark”).

I am very interested in purchasing this theme, but I would need to check it has the capacity to allow for a couple of tweaks. These are:

- In the Stripe Portfolio, is each item configured in the same way as the normal portfolio? Can a portfolio filter be added on this page so that things re-organise like with the grid?

- Additionally, is there a way to include the filters on the Single Portfolio Item page, so that if you click on the filter, it takes you back to the general portfolio page and filters things?

Obviously these changes would require some coding, but is this possible without TOO much work?

Thanks in advance, will look to purchase ASAP.

Hi there,

thanks for your interest in Blaine!

Concerning your question:

1) Yes, the configuration for portfolio items is centralized, and in the Stripe Portfolio page they reflect the same settings that they have in their respective “single” pages. Concerning the filter in Portfolio Stripe page, there’s no way to have that, sorry.

2) Thanks for the tip. We may think about including such thing in a future theme update.

Have a nice day!

I was playing around with your free theme Bigfoot and I noticed that it didn’t display custom type posts and their fields. I would like to know if the same thing happens with Blaine. Is there a coding practice that prevents custom posts and their fields from being displayed?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi there,

thanks for your interest in Blaine. Actually, we’re not aware of any issues like that: perhaps you’re referring of portfolio items, that need to have a featured image set in order to be displayed in Portfolio pages.

I have purchased the them and am working this weekend to put it to work. Couple of questions:

-How do I change the mobile navigation symbol’s color from gray to white? On some background images, it’s very difficult to see that a navigation item exist on mobile devices? Am I able to change the drop down menu as well on the mobile navigation?

-If I make changes to the width of the navigation bar, what overall impact will it have on the site?

It’s hard to tell how a customization would impact on the theme; for both of these things it’s probably best to use the custom CSS textarea in our admin panel, this way you wouldn’t break the theme compatibility, or you can use a child theme.

The mobile navigation symbol can be modified via CSS using the following selector ”.mobile-menu-trigger”.