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Hi, Could you tell me the best way to increase the width size of images in the portfolio single page template (single-works.php) in the Blaine theme. At the moment the images are fixed to a max width of 930px. Can i change the width in the Blaine-child theme using CSS so the overall theme width can increase in size?

Ideally i would like to show images at 1000px or 1024px width or even larger.

Cheers, Sharps

Hey there,

currently the image size for the single work is set to ‘large’, so you can change this size from the config/config-general.php file on line 100, anyway this size is the maximum theme width, so if your image is bigger than this will be automatically scaled down using the browser interpolation. If you change this size remember to regenerate your thumbnails using a plugin like Force regenerate.


First off awesome theme, I had to buy it!

But I can’t get the header type to change colors by changing the background color like the videos. Could you tell me what I need to change?

I need the nav bar to be white text on some pages until it scrolls down.

Also, How do you get the text in the header images?

Hi there,

the header color change is controlled by the slide overlay color, so you can edit your slide (the button with the three dots on the slide thumb) and from the modal choose a dark color (if you want a white text skin) and, if you doesn’t have a caption, leave the overlay display checkbox unchecked, this will trigger the skin color change but doesn’t display the overlay. Always in this modal you can add the caption text.


hi there, I really love the theme, especially the slideshow feature at the top. How can I enable the slideshow feature on the shop page too? I tried setting the Product Archive / Shop Page on woocommerce settings to a specific page with the slideshow, but then the products just do not display. Is there a way to enable the slideshow for the shop page?

Thank u so much!

Hey there,

currently this is not supported but we will further investigate if this feature could be added in a future theme update.


Okay – after endless failed attempts I have come to plead for help. I’m still struggling to find a fix for this logo image changing with the header font color – and I think I’ve got a fix unfortunately I can’t get the font to show up in the selector on the Wordpress Customizer.

Here’s what I’ve done: Taken my companies logo and vectorized it, then turned it into a font file using the letter “a” using fontastic.me Uploaded the font files to the css folder and added the css style included with the font download

I’ve also tried uploading the font from the Theme Option panel

Can’t find it still. What I’m thinking is surely now that it’s a font if I make the logo the letter a, it should show up as my logo while also changing color with the header

Any help with this?

Also if it’s not too much to ask I’d also love to know how to remove the underline when links are hovered over and maybe just make it a font color change.

You guys are the absolute best. Thanks in advance, Christian

Hi there,

if you’ve imported the CSS font correctly in the stylesheet, you’ll need your logo to be set as the letter “a”, which under such font will be displayed as you company’s logo.

(Also, uploading fonts packages from the Theme options panel require that you create such package with the Fontsquirrel Webfont Generator: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/tools/webfont-generator).

Either case, you’ll then need to assign the font family to the CSS logo selector, which would be ”#logo .thb-logo”.

Concerning the links, you can access the hover state with the a:hover selector. To remove the underline you could do something like:

a:hover { border-bottom: none !important; }

that’s the same selector you’ll need to use the color on hover (you can alter the color property).

You guys seriously rock. Nobody on the Envato market supplies support like you guys.

Unfortunately I have one last unforeseen problem. Now that I’ve got the logo customized with proper margin, size and weight to display it how it should look -

To not have gaps I had to make the whole five letter logo one character – but in doing so the Site Title is now “a” which appears on all the pages.

I tried using the thb_meta_custom_title but it did nothing. No idea how I’m going to fix this. Feel free not to bother if you guys don’t know but if anyone has an easy and feasible option I’d LOVE the help.

Awesome theme.

Cheers, Christian

Well, that makes sense. You could leave your site title as it is, and you could work on making the logo element (.thb-logo) have a :before pseudo element applied, with the same font-family as the logo, and content: "a".

Hello. First of all, great theme, i love the approach you provide us to do great things in less time.

After struggling with this for some time i ask for your help: How can i have different page header heights?

I understand that you set the height to 576. But i need on the homepage 576px and on the content pages another size, like 350px.

Thanks in advance, keep up the good work! Stefan

Hi there,

you could try and write a more specific CSS selector that only targets a specific page ID or template. You could write something like:

body.page-id-577 .header-slideshow, body.page-id-577 .thb-background-holder {
height: NEW-HEIGHT;

body.page-id-577.thb-pageheader-layout-b #page-header {
height: NEW-HEIGHT;


body.page-template-template-blog-php .header-slideshow, body.page-template-template-blog-php .thb-background-holder {
height: NEW-HEIGHT;

body.page-template-template-blog-php.thb-pageheader-layout-b #page-header {
height: NEW-HEIGHT;

with of course being 2946 your page ID, or “page-template-template-blog-php” being your template of choice. ;)

The body class to target the home page would be .home, so essentially you could write something like:

body.home .header-slideshow, body.home .thb-background-holder {
height: NEW-HEIGHT;

body.home.thb-pageheader-layout-b #page-header {
height: NEW-HEIGHT;

All of these modifications are best done not modifying layout.css, but rather using the custom CSS textarea provided in our Theme options panel.

This should be enough to get you started. These aren’t the only places where the slideshow height is set, but you should be now able to figure out how to manage this kind of situation.

Thanks, this worked fine. I now have the idea how to solve the rest of my header issues. Thanks a lot!

Already bought blaine 2 times, and think your templates will see me more often … ;)

You’re welcome, and thanks for your kind words :)

Awesome theme! Thanks for the great fluid design!

Two questions for you:

1. How can I add images to the existing icons that are built into the theme? Like the cogs, globe or wand that are featured in the ‘Available Shortcodes’ page.

2. Is there a way to change the shape of the built in oval buttons? The ones that say ‘View’ or ‘Filter’ or ‘Back to Portfolio’.


Hi there,

1) We’re using the Shortcode Ultimate plugin there.

2) You should probably do that manually via the custom CSS textarea, getting the elements’ selectors (which should be .thb-read-more, .launch-btn, #thb-infinite-scroll-nav a, #thb-portfolio-filter h3 .thb-filter-by, .back-to-portfolio-container .back-to-portfolio, .thb-slide-caption .thb-call-to .thb-btn) and altering the border radius property to something else.

Thanks for the help!

You’re welcome

Hello. Enjoying the theme so far and love the design, but have a few questions.

1. I’m having trouble replicating the demo homepage – even after importing data. As noted above, I see that it’s built using the Portfolio Stripe template. However, I’m more interested in learning how you built the header at the top, along with the custom text headings (custom font?), and the call-to-action button? Is there a specific set of shortcodes that I need to use that you could point me to?

2. For the icons just below the banner on the demo homepage, again – is there a specific set of shortcodes you could point to in order to replicate?


Hi there,

1) There’s no shortcode on the page header slideshow, when you click on a slide edit button (the “three dots” button on the bottom left corner on the slide thumbnail) you’ll find a call to action section, with a call to action label and a call to action url field. In the demo dummy content you’ll find also the home page with the demo slideshow so that you can understand better how this has been built.

2) We’ve used the Shortcode Ultimate featured box shortcode, something like this http://pastie.org/private/4vdlyv3cfcqadi23qdpjw


Hi there!!! How can I edit spaces between images uploaded in Portfolio. Thank you!

I have pasted that to my Custom frontend CSS but the “i”is still there.

Sorry, it works now! Thanks a lot!

Glad you solved it ;)

Hi, i’m thinking to buy this theme for my website. But i’ve a question.

Is there anyway fullwide colorbox for pages? Like portfolios backgrounds on homepage.

Thank you.

Hi there,

the full width colored sections are available only for the portfolio items when using the portfolio stripe page template.


Hi there, I set up a .gif file as a protfolio featured image but the gif is not working on it’s stripe on the home page. How can I fix that?

A’ight, so in that case the selector and rule to apply would be:

#main-nav ul a { color: #fff; }

Works fine now. Thanks a lot. You guys rock!

Hi, how can i change the text colors, i already change the titles but i can find the correct css, in the layout.css


We’ve replied to you on our support forum ;)

Thanks, it works perfect!

Hi, how can i fix the slider extended header height to 100% keeping the width proportion?


Hi there,

we’ve replied to your ticket on our support platform.



Three quick questions before buying:

1) Is there a way to change the size of the header image so its not so big? I like the theme layout but would want to have a smaller header image on the blog, homepage, etc. so you could actually see more of the website.

2) Also, currently the image resizes with the browser window—is there a setting where the header image stays static in size and just stays centered as the browser window is adjusted?

3) Does this theme have the page builder option like the ‘One’ theme you also sell? And if not, are you planning to integrate it?


Concerning the last question (others we think were already answered in your other comment to the theme), we currently don’t have any plan to integrate One’s builder into Blaine, sorry!

ok so it is the exact same code in the blaine theme as well to change the header image size?

Thank you!

That’s almost the same code, but not entirely. Can’t say that for sure now, but the height value might be present in some JS files too.

Hello THB!

Is there a way to make the home page image cover the entire screen? Similar to how you have done with the Bigfoot theme or the One theme. Thanks!


Hi there,

unfortunately there’s no way to do that, sorry.

I want to change the color of the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) of the mobile menu. Dumb me cannot find it in CSS. Can you please provide a hint where to alter this?

Thanks in advance! I love the theme!!! (already use it on 2 sites ;) )

Hi there,

assuming that you have enabled the responsive feature of the theme from the theme options panel, you can write something like this in the custom CSS textarea:

.responsive_480 .mobile-menu-trigger { color: your-color; }

Thanks, this did the trick!

You’re welcome

I would like my blog/post pages header image and navigation structure to resemble all of my “pages” header image and navigation. Can someone help me? Thanks!

Slideshow isn’t currently enabled for posts, and cannot be done automatically. We’ll see if it is possible to enable it in a future update.

Is there anyway for me to at least place a picture in the background of the header.

Yup, you can use the “Header background” option for that, in the post editing screen.

Hello, Love this theme!! I have a quick question i have put in a logo that 100px high and has changed height of the nag header height. We have chosen for the header to be fixed, my issue is now that we have made the header higher the page heading now scrolls under the logo. The fixed header starts working about half way under the logo, any chance you could please help fix this issue? Is there a height setting i need to change? Thanks in advance

Hi there,

you can customize this behavior using css, the #header when is scrolled have a class .scrolled applied, so you can target the #logo image and resize its height to a proper size. Anyway, thanks for reporting this we will further investigate if this can be included in the next theme update.


Hello, I have tried adjusting height to each and every div and class you mentioned to no avail, can you please help a bit further?

Another question, how do i change the hover colour for the form buttons i have looked everywhere and tried to change them but again i couldn’t figure it out.

Thankyou for your help!!

Hi: Posted a ticket – the update has crashed my website completely:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function thb_get_grid_body_class_name() in /nfs/c06/h02/mnt/174535/domains/mikroskopdesign.com/html/wp-content/plugins/thb-portfolio/inc/frontend.php on line 302

Problem solved by deleting and reinstalling the portfolio plug in. Problem is solved thanks.

Glad you solved ;)

Hi, is possible to hide the logo just in the portfolio page? i try the display: none in the .responsive_480 #logo but it affect all the web. I need to apply that just for the mobile version.

Thanks for your time.

sorry for ask again, is the only thing that i need left to finish this web. Thanks for your time

Thanks i got it, finally fix it. thanks!

Glad you fixed it :)

Pre purchase question: I notice your new “one” theme has a page builder. Any chance you’ll integrate a page builder into Blaine theme?

Hi there,

thanks for your interest in Blaine. Unfortunately, there’s no plan to integrate One’s page builder into Blaine, sorry!