Discussion on Blake von Hauer - Editorial Fashion Magazine Theme

Discussion on Blake von Hauer - Editorial Fashion Magazine Theme

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Needs another update. This is, undeniably, a beautiful theme BUT the nested mobile menu is where everrthing falls apart.

Just try navigating/clicking on the mobile menu itmes. Unless you click on the tiny, 1-character ”>” symbol, the menu simply reloads the current page you’re on.

Restated: The ”>” symbol is propertly linked, but the menu text (words) are not.

For example: Click on “Layouts” from the main menu (on mobile) and it reloads the home page. BUT if you click on the ”>” symbol, it works…

Unfortunately, no visitor is going to make this distinction.

Please don’t ask me to elabroate. Just try using the demo site/menu on your PHONE and pay attention to what page loads when you do.

P.S. The menu works fine on desktop.

Looking forward to you fixing this sooner, rather than later.

Hi there, please go to “Appearance > Customize > 4. Header > 4.18. Trigger Mobile Menu” and uncheck “Clickable Parent Menu Items in Mobile Menu”.

Thank you so much. May I kindly recommend you do the same for your demos? Best regards.

Hi, Ive downloaded your theme from Envato elements but this theme is not installing on wordpress site 5.9 version

” The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme installation failed.”

Hello there! I received your support email with instructions to solve my issue, but upper widgets still not show as in demo.

Hello, could you please send an e-mail to burnhambox@gmail.com including your WP login address, username and password to let us do it for you?

Hello there! I have been trying to obtain support to get the theme to look exactly like the Live Preview you offer. I installed and all I have is a very basic theme, without full instructions on what to activate or change so that it looks like your theme preview> I am working on a deadline, and was hoping someone would help me. Thank you!

Hello there! How can I make my site looks exactly like your demo? I followed the instructions on your help guide, but I can’t figure out how top add that image header and the 3 static images/posts under as in your demo. Thank you,

Just replied your other comment.

Hello, good morning, the page is beautiful and we are happy. But, I don’t know what happened, I only had two months of support. I did not have the 6 agreed. The support expired without me being able to use the rest of the 4. The reason they did not reply to the support emails anymore. They referred me to the forum of this page of “themeforest-envato”

  • Please I have a question:

    The contents of the news of HOME (The one with the photo on the left and text on the right ) don´t change

I publish but this news ( column news ) remain static and do not let we see the new news

Thank you

Hi, And by email you no longer answer the support? Since when? Thanks

Hi again, if you have any help requests with our theme, please renew your support package.

By the way, you can see our message to you which says “use the comments section” 7 months ago, here: https://i.ibb.co/fMxdD6n/forward-reply.png

good evening, I would like to reproduce this layout of the site. (I attach image)


I imported the demo data but I can’t reproduce the same layout, for example, the boxes under the slider. (I attach image)


thank you

Can anyone tell me how to add the leaderboard banner to the bottom of the homepage please?

Hi, please go to “Appearance > Customize > Banner Management”, add your banner code and select “Below Blog Homepage Widgets” or “Post Pages (Below Post Comments)” or “Pages (Below Page Comments) from the “Choose a position” drop down.

@Burnhambox In the default layout (1 + 2 Columns) + Sidebar, under the Slider you have 3 columns with 3 posts with full images and text over the image. I followed all your instructions in your help guide, and after point 3, you state that it should look like the demo site, but unfortunately those 3 columns are missing for me in the default layout. To me the default layout is (1 + 3 + 2 Columns) + Sidebar, but I don’t see this option or how I can get the layout like yours here: https://www.wpselected.com/blake-von-hauer/. Help please.

Ignore, I have figured it out. You have to add upper widgets.

Happy to hear!


I purchased this theme from envato elements,and I love it. But I cannot get the box over the image widget in upper widgets to be the length of the box like the demo. Please advise

Hi, happy to hear that you like it! Downloads from Elements do not include support service. Please buy our item via ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of help. Thanks for your understanding!


I am wondering if it is possible to change the site title color?

It seems to be stuck on the dark purple the theme comes with, even after I entered css in the additional css area.

I do not know css, so perhaps the code I am copying from forums on this topic is incorrect. I was successfully able to change the link colors this way, however.

Any assistance on whether the site title color can be changed and what that code might be would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I appreciate the help with the code. However, I am getting an error: Markup is not allowed in CSS. Thank you so much.

Please ensure that you’ve copied the code correctly.

h1.logo-text a { color: #fff !important; }

Thank you so much for your patience. I see what happened. The code was entered incorrect by me – b/c in the email I received about this thread, it translated it with

As you can tell I only know enough to get myself into trouble. I learned bits of html way back in the late 90's/early 00's.
I appreciate your help so much! It's working correctly. Now onto getting the rest of my site in gear! 

hi,,, I dont know why but the background images in the slider always has a 1160x at the end of the image name ,, is there a way to disable this? cause the bg image dont show all the time unless it uses the original image not the resize image,, disabled the regenerate plugin still the same ,, the image only show if I dont use a customize image and use the post featured image,, but if I change the post featured image to a bigger image ,, the image dont show at all.

Hi, downloads from Elements do not include support service. Please buy our theme via ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of help. Thanks for your understanding!

Hello, good afternoon

I had sent you several emails and i would appreciate very much if you could answer to me by email.

Best Regards Forwrd2020

Hi, please use this comments section to ask your questions and get help.

Hello good afternoon, have you seen the email that I sent you? Thank you a greeting


“If I do not receive a reply here today I will ask to see what happens in themeforest”

Please do not threaten us and do not send messages over messages. This is abusing, disturbing and spamming.

Please use the comments section only to get help. We don’t give e-mail support unless your issue requires private information. Please keep in mind that your next e-mails will be ignored.

We’re always here to help you and you’ll be replied. Sometimes our replies may delay due to the current situation of the world, sorry about this.

“Hello, before creating my page with your template, the linkedin link was fine BUT now I find the link of linkedin with this failure Do you know why? A second INDEX is seen

I pass you the first link ok and the one that is not correct.

Could you help me? I would appreciate

Falilure https://www.enboga.net/index2.html Index ok https://www.enboga.net/"

I’m really sorry but your English is not understandable. I’m saying this to you for the 2nd time. We’re not obligated to give support for other languages. Please ensure that your English is decent and you have enough skills to use a WordPress theme. To let you know, your next messages without a decent English will be ignored.

If you wish, you can ask for a refund here: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

Kind regards

Excuse me, I don’t know where you got that message.

I have a maintenance contract with you. I send you an internal message and they answer something else around here.

Please look at spam.

Hello and good afternoon, have you seen the email that I sent you?

AND I want that the first and big photo of the Slider to see ONLY in the index ( al the Home of the web) and not to be seen in all the pages y categoryes? How can I do it

Hello again. I still don’t understand if the 500×750 measurements that you told me are supposed to be introduced in the Feature Image Settings, in the plug ins or both.

Also, I want the image of the slider to appear only when I click Home, but it keeps appearing in every other section. Do you know how can I solve this?

Thank you

1. Go to “Appearance > Customize > 1. Featured Image Settings > 1.3. Thumbnail Image Width” and set it to 500.

2. Go to “Appearance > Customize > 1. Featured Image Settings > 1.4. Thumbnail Image Height” and set it to 750.

3. Save the customizer.

4. Go to “Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails” and click “Regenerate Thumbnails For All Attachments” button. That’s all.

For further help about the plugin, you can visit: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/regenerate-thumbnails/

5. Go to “Appearance > Customize > 15. Slider Settings > 15.6. Blog Homepage View Options” and choose “Only on the First Page of Pagination”

P.S. You can find all similar settings on your customizer. It can save your time to look through the customizer for any setting you’d like to change.

Hello, I wanted to know how I can get in touch to help me install this template

Than you very much

Hello, Is there any body of Burnhambox for here? thank you

Just replied your e-mail.

Thank you very much

I have followed your directives over and over and my template setup still does not look like the live preview. ask@iammicki.com

I have become frustrated in trying to get this to work and I am trying it again. Thank you for your immediate assistance.

the three boxes on the homepage underneath the slider and not being shown fully. the information underneath the 3 posts….are being overlapped by the information listed below it.


Sorry for your troubles. We’d like to help you with that but unfortunately your support period seems to be expired. Please renew it from your Downloads section and let us know. Thank you for your understanding!

Kind regards

hello i tried to import demo when uploaded it said that demo items already existed is it possible to import demo on all my pages in menu

Hi, sorry for late reply. It means you have already imported the demo content. If you’re still having a problem related to that, please send an e-mail to burnhambox@gmail.com including your WP login address, username and password to let us have a look at it.

i need help with my site i cant find demo elements to build it myself i need demo to change can you help ASAP today is my deadline and want to finish this quickly

Just replied your e-mail.

Hi. I have a question regarding this theme. When you download a free theme from wordpress and you wanna customize it, you have there all the photos and texts and you just have to change it with your own. After i installed this purchased theme on my wordpress, I do not have all the photos and text.Is like I have to make it from scratch and is not helping me at all. Maybe I did not installed it properly or this is just the way it is? Thank you

Thank you very much for your reply. The theme is not what I expected therefore I would like a refund. How we can proceed? Thank you.

Thank you very much for your reply. The theme is not what I expected therefore I would like a refund. How we can proceed? Thank you.

You’re welcome. We got your refund request. It will be considered in a couple of days.

Hi, how can I change the link color and the color of the sidebar text widget?

Hi there :)

Please go to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS” and add the following CSS:

article a,
article a:visited { color: #ff0000; }
article a:hover { color: #00ff00; }
div.textwidget { color: #000000; }

Play with the color values as you wish.


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