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Hi, great theme thanks! I have a strange bug, when any of the attributes are selected in the front end, there is a pound symbol in brackets next to the item (£).


I have used Woocommerce several times in the past and have never come across this problem. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks Luke

Sorry, please ignore that i have found it was related to a plugin. My apologies. However the stock control is not working for variable products. I have switched off all plugins and this has made no difference. Everything is setup correctly, please could you advise me on this,,,, thanks…

Hi, impactproweb,

Please, contact us in http://support.8theme.com and provide the link to you site with the details of the issue you get.


love the site. I am sure you have gotten this question many times, but can the color of blancos main body be changed?

Hi, DWhit,

If you have enough knowledge in css you may implement this.



I really like this theme and ready to purchase. I have only one question left, currently the products are viewed in grid. Can the products also sorted in list? (so with a short text next to the product image).

Await your reply. Thanks!

Hi, ShengZheng,

Thanks for the interest. It is possible to implement with Ecommerce plugin.


Thanks. One more question. When the products are viewed in list mode, will it show a short text next to the image? As when the products are viewed in grid mode, it only show the product image.

Hello, I bought this theme and I would like to ask you how to put the newsletter and some text around the footer area (right bottom side) here’s the image for your ref : http://prntscr.com/1rzedv

I have trying to submit open ticket but there’s always a warning notice that the disk is out of free.

Please help to solve. Thank you.

Also I want to ask about upper image http://prntscr.com/1rzjuy how to put the image. Thank you

Hi, valentinohen,

You may edit your footer area only via Appearance>Widgets. If any additional questions – submit the ticket with the link to your site.


Hi, I just downloaded your update theme and updated to my wp but Layer Slider not working now. Can you please advise? www.edensapples.co.uk


Thanks, we will get back to you soon.


Thank you for resolving it! All working fine now)

Great :)

Hi there.


Am using this for a clients site, I want to use the shop page as the home page. Any suggestions for fully utilising it as the home page?

Do the slides work on the shop page?


Please, contact us in contact form http://8theme.com/contacts and provide your admin panel.


Just sent those details. Thanks

thanks :)

It is safe to upgrade WooCommerce 2.0.14 and Wordpress 3.6.1 ?

Hi, mayela,

Yes, there should not be any difficulties with it.


Excuse me but I have built the site however when using my mobile the main menu is not showing. Can you tell me how to activate the responsive menu please or how to turn the mobile version off as currently no one can access our store using their mobiles.


Thank you

Hi, soldieruk,

Very likely you have not correctly set up your menu. Please, follow this: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/blanco/index.html#!/primary_menu


hi, I think my menu is set up correctly, works fine on a laptop but the menu does not appear on the phone at all. I have checked your help guide and it matches my menu so not sure what else to do. Is there anyway to turn the responsive menu on and off?

In this case contact us in contact form http://8theme.com/contacts and provide your admin panel access.


Dear 8Theme, I would like to change the menu. Right now the menu is blog; Home, Blog, Contact Us, Products Page.

I want change it into: Tops, Pants, Jeans, Dresses, Accessories. And each of them are different product page. Can you please explain how this can be done, I couldn’t find any clue in the backoffice at the menu options.

Hi, alexmen,

You may read our documentation about the menu setting: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/blanco/index.html#!/primary_menu. You may include the name of the category in the Menu.



i did the update yesterday and now when i open some products the add to cart link doesn’t come up. how can i fix this?! http://my-stor.com/



Please, check if this works with default theme. If yes, contact us in http://support.8theme.com and provide the accesses to the site.


sorry i’m new to this, how do i check that?

Please, activate any of default theme in admin panel Appearance>Themes, and check whether this issue persists.


Hello, I’m about to buy this great theme for my website but I on the documentation it reads that this theme is compatible with wp e-commerce 3.8.x and the latest version I find on www.wordpress.org is 3.6.. Could you reassure me that it’ll work first and secondly indicate me what did I not get right(Because I have a feeling that I don’t quite understand something). Thank you in advance. Once again, great work.

Hi, Vagandrik,

Our theme should be compatible with the latest WordPress version and the Woo/Eccomerce plugins version.


Hello, i have an urgent matter. The description page of the product seems not to accept unordered list (

    ). It is formatting everyting as a normal list without dots at the beginning. Any suggestion?

Where should i modify css to get ul in the product description?

Hi, nicolaikapustin,

Please, contact us in http://support.8theme.com and provide all the details so we may understand you better and offer our help.


Hi, I don’t know why, but in current update I have a problem with thumbnails display. Product images on category pages are not a square ones as well as blog thumbnalis. It looks really badly. I have set in Woocommerce – Settings the image sizes yoy give in the manual, regenerated them all and it doesn’t work. Help me to solve the problem. See it here http://www.sitab-szcz.nazwa.pl/elist/shop/ Thanks,

Please, contact us in http://support.8theme.com and provide your adin panel details.


I am sorry to write this. But I wonder if you are reliable person? 8 days ago, you asked me to send the access to my website admin to check what is wrong with the theme display. I did it. Then, you’ve asked me again about it. I did it again … and one more time, too. Today, after 8 days and several mails send to and back, I see no improvement on my website and the way thumbnails look now is horrible and I can’t show the website in public:( I am really disappointed with your support:( Really sorry to say that.

Please, name your ticket ID here.


Hi, i have been struggling with the frontpage with the new and featured items. what shortcode do i use to display different products from the featured ones on the front page??

love the theme and need to implement it soon for a client. thank you

Hi, elagardien,

You need to use the shortcode for the Latest product in the Home Page code – [etheme_new title=”Latest Products” ] and mark the products as NEW one in the Product Edit Page To enable the Featured Products on your Home page insert the shortcode [etheme_featured] and on your list of products, on the right hand side, click the star icon to set the product as a featured product.


Just updated to the newest version of Blanco for Wordpress. How do I change the favicon image?




How do I change the favicon image? You may find here how to add your favicon image: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-can-i-add-an-avicom-in-word-press


Hi, I’ve just bought and installed Blanco wordpress theme. Congrats on some great work. I’d like to know if there is a way to force all of the thumbnail product images to be the same size (square – preferably) no matter what aspect ratio the actual product image is? If so I could then generate square images of to override the generated ones on wordpress so that everything looks uniform. Can I override in custom css or anything? Many thanks. Colin

OK thanks. I’m not too keen on giving out admin details (no offence to you, just my preference), if there was a way to submit the question without that then I would do it. Essentially I found that the theme was ignoring the WooCommerce Catalog image settings and using 300px thumbnails without hard crop despite what I was selecting. I found a way round this by a minor modification to content-product.php in the theme’s WooCommerce directory (just changing a FALSE to a TRUE to use the hard crop). So I’m happy with my site as it is now. Thanks once again.

I should say, the site is www.lakemoments.com still plenty to do but I’m happy with how it is looking and working.

Please, name your ticket ID here after you have submitted it.


My problem is when on mobile browse , Zoom images and product description image Not scaling ,See it here on mobile browser : http://www.siluyipin.com/product/2013-new-t-shirt/ ,Please fix it! Thanks

Hi, links235,

Please, submit a ticket, providing your admin panel and FTP so we may help you. Thanks


Is it possible to remove the google map from the contacts page? I’ve searched the forum here but can’t see anything. Thanks.

Perfect. Thanks.

great :)


How can i disable PrettyPhoto in theme? I want to use fancybox.


Please, provide the link to your site and accesses in our http://support.8theme.com


Thank you, I already figuer out how to switch off PrettyPhoto. Problem was that with other plugin lightbox was oppening twise. And without other plugin images in description of the product where opening in the new window without lightbox.

Glad you have found the solution.


hi, i reinstalled the theme becuse i could not see any images after clicking install demo pages, now i still dont see any images and i have 3 duplicated pages of every pages. ex. home page, contactus is 3 times eg..

what should i do, should uninstall theme and woocomerce and reinstall everything again?

We have asnwered to you in tickets, please, leave your messages there.


Hi 8theme,

I appreciate your help but every time I answer the ticket I get no answer, so I always need to go back here to ask for get an answer on my ticket. why?

as still installation not working properly. I had asked in ticket why the image in /asset/ folder is not showing on site. but Helen never answer that question. any ideas why?

best regards birken

Thanks, please, continue the conversation in support. You may contact us also in live chat.