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Hello i’ve open new ticket for 10 months old bug. After order and payment confirmed, costumers will be redirect to the recent orders page, but the page seems to be affect to a old bug that i’ve discovered 10 month ago and never fix it.

In the ticket below you can check 2 attached images, where can see what i mean, please help me i need support about this annoying issue

TICKET ID: QFB-612-79318

my problem is still not resolved…...

Please, check the respond to your ticket. Thanks


How can I change the menu font?

Hello, zenithsnaps,

Have you tried to change it via Theme options?


The first category in the CATEGORIES list will expand automatically when opening the shop/product page.

How to make it stays collapse when you opening the page? Thanks!

Hello, elyn910,

You may close the first category by changing this file: blanco\js\script.js

Comment out line 233 jQuery(’.categories-group.has-subnav:first’).addClass(‘opened’).find(‘ul’).show();


I wan to add a 1px black border to the images on the product page. How would I go about doing that?\

Also, if I want to change the product descriptions so they are not in all CAPS, how would I do that?

www.imrp.org is the test site.

one other question, is making the nav bar a solid color easy to do? Something similar to this site: http://www.modernvintageboutique.com

Please, contact us in http://support.8theme.com. Thanks


I sent a ticket hope get an answer as soon as possible.

Ticket ID: HCQ-785-64875

Hi, renato12,

Thanks for the ticket. Review that ASAP


hello i want to ask. I want to install wordpress theme but now can not because it is version 3.8.1 while the theme is up to version 3.8 ? thank you

Hi, ayunda,

Yes, you may update your Wordpress version.


I want to buy this theme but I want to know how to change all default language english to local language permanently (except admin dashboard) and local currency ?

I hope this theme support for this requirement with easy setup.


Hi, leonjoe,

Thanks for your interest. You may translate our theme using these instructions: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/blanco/index.html#!/how_to_translate. As for the currency – this is WooCommerce feature.


This theme so good to look for but is there theme language customization on admin page to do that ?

I mean compared with ShopperPress theme – no offence – out there with their language customization on admin page including text on button, all notifications, etc but it’s more expensive to my budget.

There is no such option in admin panel. Read this article about WordPress translation http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress And also look at this plugin that will help you to translate your content https://wpml.org/


I don’t why but the Blanco Installation is too slow, is it possible for you to check it out?


Can You Help me please?

Hi, jiji,

Please, contact us in support and provide more details about the process of your installation.


Hi there I hope you can help with two issues 1- On the shop page, can I change the default sort to newest, instead of default. http://www.oneinamelon.com.au/shop/ 2 – On the shop page, can I exclude a category?


Hello, WiseUpMarketing,

Thank you for contacting us.

1. You can change this option in admin panel -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Catalog -> "Default Product Sorting”
2. Sorry, but there is no such ability in our theme


Have you already answered a question on how to center the logo on this theme ?

Im speaking about the header logo to be specific.

Hi, caspervain,

Could you specify where did you ask this question?


Hi there, I have been trying to make sub menu’s for my “top” menu names. I have created a new menu, added in pages, and have set this to be the top navigation menu. I am able to drag all of the pages I want in under appearance>Menus. For the one I want to be a sub menu I drag it slightly to the right and under the main menu heading – they then show the “sub item” note when positioned in the menu.

The pages I want to be sub menus I have also tried naming their parent as the main menu page name.

Still no luck I can’t seem to get this to flow through to the actual menu.

Hi, dailyadrenaline,

Please, create a ticket on our http://support.8theme.com and provide your web-site link we will take a look at your navigation


in the since of the page there is write : “Loading the content… Loading depends on your connection speed!” and blanco doesn’t appear in all the site. there is write on Dashboard running Blanco theme. but doesn’t work. could you help me please.

this is the link, many thanks https://dunnas.it/shop/.

Hi, lsaguiar,

Please, contact our http://support.8theme.com and provide all your web-site information.



Is this theme compatible with Product Vendors plugin? http://www.woothemes.com/products/product-vendors/

Hi, fredsarran,

Unfortunately, our theme was not tested with that plugin and we cannot guarantee fully compatibility.


I sent a ticket, I got some problems with my template, I want to show the images of my products like the theme show. also my images look more tiny than the demo info.

Hi, renato12,

Ok, thanks. Will reply ASAP


Hello, I just bought an SSL how do I get all my pages https with this theme? I am using wordpress. Thanks

Hi, evanelaxel,

Please, contact us in support and send the details to your site.


Hi, I have removed the search box from the middle of the header. I have uploaded a full-width logo, but it is still small on the left side. What can I do to have the header/logo display at full-width? I just send a ticket in but wanted to post here as well. Thanks!

Hi, scmphoto,

Please, wait for the answer in tickets. Thanks


Where can I find the changelog from version 2.3 to version 2.9.1? I made a lot of customization and that’s why I didn’t want to update before, but it seems that I better do it now. Thanks a lot!

You may contact us in support with the details to your site and perhaps we can help you.


submitted. thx

Thanks ;)
Will review that ASAP


Hi there -

I am just configuring this great theme. It’s mostly there but I’m struggling with the checkout. The issues I am getting are:

1. I add an item to cart, go to cart and there is no ‘checkout’ button

2. I keep getting this error message on clicking directly though to cart: Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods() in /home/content/30/10128430/html/thepartymagpie/wp-content/themes/blanco/woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php on line 10

Thanks in advance!


Hi – I just did a bit more Googling re issue 2 and found this. Can you explain how I can solve this problem, please?

Solving get_available_shipping_methods() method errors

The error looks something like this (the full path and line number may be different):

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods() in …/wp-content/themes/THEME-NAME/woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php on line 14

This issue is caused by your theme, they are bundling outdated template files in their themes that have been deprecated for a while now. You should contact the theme developer to get this fixed properly. You can delete that specific file from your theme until this issue has been patched by your theme developer for a temporary fix. WooCommerce will fall back on the default template file, bundled with the plugin.

Hi I submitted a ticket IGF-547-86595

I just updated the woo commerce and now I can not checkout the items in the shopping cart….?? I noticed that a lot of my settings were off…I just can not figure out what is wrong…please help…I have orders coming in…


We have replied to your ticket, review that please. Thanks


Thank you!

You are welcome! :)


Same issue as Nylander… Please respond…

Hi, feederman,

Please, submit a ticket in our http://support.8theme.com and we will help you. Thanks


Alex give the good service.. Thank you, fast respond.

You are welcome ;)