Discussion on Blank - Elegant Minimalist Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion on Blank - Elegant Minimalist Blog WordPress Theme

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hi, the demo of this site is not showing properly , missing logo , sticky header page not showing up…i was interested in this theme

thats where I had checked and if sticky means the header being fixed to the top, it doesnt work on my desktop chrome .

Hi captainandy14,

Ah thank you for your feedback again. I have checked and found that it’s a theme issue when visitors are not logged in (that’s why when I visit as site admin, it’s still working well). We’ll fix this issue ASAP next week.

Kind regards,

Cuong Tran

support | documentation | withemes.com | tw | fb

Hi captainandy14,

The theme has been updated to fix the issue. You can revisit the demo now.

Kind regards,

Cuong Tran

support | documentation | withemes.com | tw | fb

Much appreciated Cheers! :)

Many thanks, Toneeee! ;)

Hi, i am the owner of this website: https://www.pretpourlaventure.com. I’ve bought this blank theme in 2016, i was happy for many years. But the last times, i’ve notices some issues: at first, sticky header does not work properly, and only for admins, sometimes. The #header-container.is-sticky class is corrected, i’ve done any changes on it.

Secondly, the portfolio works sometimes and sometimes not. I let you check on the menu “Experiences” Page and below categories. Another try on this “Travailler avec moi” pages. It works sometimes and sometimes not. I’ve tried: - to desactive all plugins - to set blank default theme and anything changes.

Thirdly: static pages seems to do not work: if i define “welcome” page for welcome and another “articles” page for articles it does not work properly, only welcome page is shown. If i look on pages, and select articles page, this one work, but alone.

I’ve bought an update of this blank theme, 2.1.1 hoping this will improve my issues, and apparently it does not. What can we do if i use a theme which does not work properly according my needs ?

With regards. Emmanuel

Hi Emmanuel,

Could you please continue the conversation in your ticket?

Kind regards,

Cuong Tran

Hi bro, just wondering how to get rid of the date for each post and use an image instead? Thank you. Very nice theme!

Hi Oweneee,

To disable post date, you can go to “Theme Options > Blog > Display post date?” then select Off. However, I don’t get the part “use an image”. Date is dynamic, each post has its own date. Do you want to use same image for every post?

Sorry my bad I mean the circle badge above each post. Is there a way I can remove it? Thanks

Yes, that’s what I meant.

To disable post date, you can go to “Theme Options > Blog > Display post date?” then select Off.

Such a cool theme and it’s not even updated from the past 2 years…. :( :(

Hi gsinghde,

We’ll update this theme in the nearest future even we have no ETA for this.

Kind Regards, Cuong Tran

​Hi. I need to make “mulilanguage” a wesite I developed some year ago with Blank theme. I already updated it to the last version. Is it compatible with WPML plugin?

Hi ploywebdesign, we apologize for the delay on your response.

Blank hasn’t been tested with WMPL yet but almost strings are coded in such a way translatable so I think it’ll almost be compatible with WMPL but we’re not 100% sure for this.

Kind Regards,

Cuong Tran

Hello, does this seem support the latest version of Wordpress? v4.7.5?

Hi pierretapia,

I apologize for the delay on your response. Blank demo is running WordPress 4.7.5 without any issues.


Cuong Tran

There is a minor problem in the jquery.fitvids.js file – there is a bad character in there that is not easy to find because it is not a displayable character. My support has expired and I don’t really feel like paying $30 to report a bug. How can I report this bug?

Well, I suppose I can report it here – there is a 0xAD character in there (“soft-hyphen”) – it is also in a couple of other files.

To see which, issue this command (if you’re on Linux, otherwise I don’t know):

grep -obUaPrIs ”\xad”

This is a recursive grep, it skips binary files (so like png and jpg and so on) – you should only get a list of javascript files that contain this spurious character.

Thank you drumfire for your feedback. We’ll check those files & fix this in few days. If you set notification, you’ll get an email notification of the update.



Hello, I am a writer and I have been using Blank primarily as a blog for some time now, but I just signed a contract for a new book of poetry that will be coming out later this year and I would like to start refining my use of the theme to promote my work more thoroughly. (The Books page I have, and the Events page, and a couple of others are carry-overs from the previous theme I was using.) Specifically, I would like to know what it would cost to customize the portfolio component of Blank so that I could use it to display my books, something along the lines of one of these two themes by MeanThemes:

I’d want to display the same information for each book that you find in these themes—and I guess this would mean a different set of portfolio options, including:

  • Publisher
  • Year of publication
  • Links to a couple of places where the book could be bought

I’d also love it if the lightbox function would bring up not the cover, but instead a sample bit of text from the book. There may be other ideas as well.

If this is possible, I’m interested in getting this done as soon as I can—which I realize means as soon as you can fit it into your schedule. Please email me your response, with a quote if it’s something you can do.

Thanks so much for your time, Rich Newman, rjn@richardjnewman.com

Hi Rich Newman,

Thank you for your courtesy and your detail query to us. After discussing we apologize we can not provide you a customization service due to the lack of human resource.

We are a team focusing on create general theme features so we do not do customization work.

We wish you could find a professional freelancer to help it out on our theme.

Don’t hesitate to reach to us to ask about theme features in case you need.

Kind Regards,

Cuong Tran

Thanks Cuong. Then let me ask a simpler question: is it possible to change the fields on the portfolio options to publisher, year of publication, isbn. If so, I’ll pay to extend my support so you can tell me. If it’s not possible, I need to know that too. Thanks.

Yes you can.

Using Loco Translate plugin or something, you can change those words “Client”, “Categories”, “Location”... into your own words.

If you wanna edit them manually, you can go to

ROOT DIRECTORY/wp-content/plugins/wi-portfolio/templates/

and edit 2 files: single-portfolio-full.php and single-portfolio-large.php

Just look for words you need to edit then edit them.

You may also edit icons in those files. Blank uses Font Awesome icons.

Hope this helps,

Cuong Tran

Hi there, I’ve really enjoyed using your beautiful theme over the past 2 years but I’d like to change the look of my portfolio website and I have a new theme picked out. I’m wondering if it’s possible to export the portfolio entries and import them in a new theme as blog posts? I actually tried doing this, and imported on a dummy WP blog. WP said the import was successful but the posts don’t show up anywhere. Or is there another automatic way I can transfer this content without having to manually copy and paste each and every entry after I change to the new theme? Thanks!


Firstly, you need to use this plugin to turn all portfolio items into posts. Once they become posts, you can export and import as normal.

Thank you for using my item for years :)

Kind Regards,


Thank you so much!

Hello, i have some problem with the map in contact page. There is an error, but i cant understand how to solve. This is the link: http://www.gianfilippoorsanigo.it/contact/ Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

Hello, i opened a private ticket with the login info for my wordpress website.

Problem solved! Thank You!

Congratulations KampoParko.

If you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to open tickets at our support desk.

Kind Regards,


Cool ! Nice theme… !

Thank you for your praise! ;)

I love the simplicity of this theme. I have a project in cogitation and it may well be that your theme is used. Sorry about my poor english. BTW, Did you get my email? About framework.

Ok done, friend.


Have another couple of questions for you. i) I tried to install a couple of plugins for social media sharing, which I quickly uninstalled before I found addtoany. However, it somehow left a small black ‘f’ on the right side of my menu. I can’t figure out how to remove it. Can you shed some light onto this? ii) I notice the drop-down menu is limited to just one ‘level’; anything added in the third or fourth ‘levels’ don’t show up on the website. Is there a way to rectify this? My domain is www.drjarradbelson.com. Cheers!

Hi ytapportlincoln, Thank you for purchasing my item.

i) That Letter f is your facebook icon. You can remove it by removing your facebook url at Theme Options > Social

ii) Blank theme has minimalist approach so it only supports secondary dropdown. To enable third dropdown, you have to edit your code (header.php file and style.css file to add style to third dropdown). We hope we can add supporting third dropdown menu in soonest time but at the moment, the theme doesn’t support it officially.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach to us at https://withemes.ticksy.com/

Kind Regards,


Hi there,

Just wanting to know. It says “boxed layout” however it does not appear as a boxed layout on the mobile version of the website and that’s what we’re really after. The desktop version looks fantastic with the boxed layout but we really need it to carry over to the mobile version and I cannot find any settings on the theme options to set it for the mobile version. Can you please help as we assumed “boxed layout” would apply to the entire website, not just the mobile.

Hi ytapportlincoln,

Thank you for purchasing our items. The reason we do not enable boxed layout on mobile is: the mobile screen was too narrow, we need some space for content, padding and some extra space to show background somehow. It narrows down the text content to a very small area, especially on narrow-screen devices (such as iPhone 5).

However, if you wish to make mobile verson boxed, please open a support ticket here: https://withemes.ticksy.com/ with request to add custom code to make site boxed on mobile (specify screen). Our team is willing to help you out.

Kind Regards,

hi, will your theme work with the most recent version of wordpress (4.5)? ty!

Hi rfrans13,

Blank is totally compatible with WordPress 4.5.1. We’ll always make compatibility for our themes with the newest WP versions.



Hi ! Would it be possible to have full posts instead of excerpts on the page?

Hi Robotstardust

Please go to Theme Options > Blog > Display Content or Excerpt and select to display Content instead of Excerpt. :)


Hi, Pre-sale question :

1 – What about newsletter? is there a newsletter widget in this theme? 2 – can i easily insert frames or anything else to include advertising on my pages?


Hi @pefoungowo

1/ For Newsletter, you can use Jetpack Newsletter or Mailchimp for WordPress plugin. I saw many customers used those with my theme.

2/ You can insert advertising code into the sidebar easily, 100% sure :)

Best Regards,

Cuong Tran


Hello. I love your Blank theme. I looked through hundreds of themes to find it. Blank is what I was looking for. I have a question, though. I am using the short code on my Home page to display “recent work,” (my portfolios) ([recent_work number=”9”/]) but the pagination doesn’t work. When I click on “next” or on page 1 or 2 or 3, the Home page reloads the most recent portfolios on page 1. This pagination works in preview from the edit page—the pages change from page 1, to page 2, to page 3 and “next” works to advance the pages. I think the pagination does not work for a visitor to the site because I have made my Home page my “static page” on the customization and/or general settings page. If I DO NOT set my Home page as the “static page,” but make it a regular page, the pagination works. Pagination works just fine on my Blog pages where I have enough posts to fill a couple pages. I supposed the pagination doesn’t work on a staid page because by its very nature a static page is designed to be one “static” page.

Is there a way to fix this so the pagination works for my “recent works” on my Home page as a static page? I would like to show my recent work on my Home page as my static page. If a fix is not possible, is there a way to remove the pagination feature at the bottom of the portfolios I have set as my 9 most recent works? It would be better to have no pagination option showing to a visitor to my site if the pagination does not work—it only frustrates the visitor if the pagination doesn’t take them to page 2 or page 3, and if “next” does not work.

I can format the Home page as a portfolio page and not as the default page and the pagination works, but then I have a full-width page and I am not able to show “recent posts” using a short code on the Home page below my 9 portfolios (or how ever many I select)—only above them. I like the narrower page, the look of wider margins of white on the home page, which is the default format.

Also, I was wondering how “recent work” is defined. Is it defined within certain date parameters? Is it possible to set (narrow or widen) what is defined as “recent work”? Might this be a way to limit how many “recent works” are shown on a page? Where would this be set?

I ask this because it appears that if I show “recent work” using the short code this includes all portfolios, every one, that I have ever created and they are displayed on as many pages as it takes to show all of them. Limiting what is considered “recent work’ to nine might be a way to remove pagination, because there would be no more work to display as “recent work.”

My site is http://jameschendersonpoet.com

Thank you.

Hi @jameschenderson

Thank you for purchasing my item. Could you please open a support ticket at our official support channel https://withemes.ticksy.com/

Our support team will give you a response at soonest time.

Thank you once again.

Cuong Tran

Hi! I’ve installed the theme, but when I preview it I see only empty page. Hosting support tells that “the theme itself is throwing an error” Help!

Hi Srebso,

Could you please open a private ticket at our support desk with login credentials, we’ll help you to figure the issue out.


Thank you very much, Cuong. Great theme, great support :-)

Nevermind, @srebso ;)

Can I add homepage slider, featured sections (like categories) and instagram feeds to the blog? Something like this: http://screencast.com/t/7qC0LH1r82oz this: http://screencast.com/t/57fW8B1GM5Q and this http://screencast.com/t/T44HUtkD

Is it possible on this own theme or with plugins? Thanks

Hi man, thanks for your interest.

Unfortunately, these features are not available for Blank theme. You can only use Blank as a standard blog.

Cheers, Cuong Tran


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