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It’s easy to change to other background color like white or blue?

Salut, Josep

Yup you could make the background anything you want!

olà ,

what is the police of the logo please (blaster) ?

To be honest you can do what you wish with the logo (besides resell any of it obviously.)

Page looks very nice!

Thank you!

Do you have any wordpress versions of this?

Is the contact form working?

What folder to you upload this page to? Are you able to open and modify the page before uploading? Is there anyone that can offer help in putting up this page? I only know Wordpress and joomla.

Well its not a wordpress theme so you would edit it locally, then upload it wherever you want it to appear.

Any word on that newsletter/contact form?

Great theme!

Just one question:

Where can I input an email for all the information to be sent to?

Hi, this landing is independent of wordpress? I once bought I just have to upload it to server and edit the code and css html5 right? Thanks

Correct it is not a Wordpress theme, using it in Wordpress would probably requiring some tweaking but u just edit the template and upload to your server.

can you help with the email submit? :) what’s your email

Please send the URL of your site via email and I will take a look for you. You can do so by using the contact form in my profile here: http://codecanyon.net/user/TylerQuinn :)

Thank You!

What software do you recommend to use in order to edit and personalize the page? By the way, it looks great.

Any HTML editor you want!

Hi, what do I need to use the form? Will it work just uploading it on the server? how do I set destination email where to receive data? thank you very much!

You will need to hook it into a form processor. Just the HTML markup is included.

Is this theme responsive? thanks

No, was created before “Responsive” was the trend ;)

Dude – Customer is spelled incorrectly on your Contact Sample.

Woops, I forget typos never happen! Thank you!