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Pre purchase question but does this email template clip at all when a client is viewing it through gmail?

Also, will this template render correctly on mobile devices (is it adaptive responsive)?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Thanks Damien

Hey Damien. It depends on how much content the email has. Some get clipped, some don’t. Check this render test https://litmus.com/checklist/public/ad8e37c


Ok, thanks for this litmus test, super useful.

And I presume I can simply open the template into Stampready, edit and modify then upload the HTML file to Mailchimp for sending?

Thanks Damien

Yes. Or you could use the MailChimp version.

error with stamp ready, the template do not is compatible

import and edit the template in stamp ready and then export it from stamp ready, the problem is that when copying the html code and pasting it into the message body from joomla 3.8 it does not allow me to paste it, it locks up and marks error, I tried it from 3 sites with different domain and in all I get error or just load 600 lines of code. so, can you help me?

Hey Alex, it would seem that you’re trying to send HTML formatted emails via something that sends plain text ones.

If you’re using an extension check the providers site, or you can check the Joomla docs for extra info https://docs.joomla.org/



I was interested in purchasing this template. I plan to use it in order confirmation emails for my e-commerce website. I just have a few queries:

1. Is it compatible with Magento website?

2. Will it be able to pick the pictures of the orders dynamically from my website?

3. I was also considering this one – http://met.ivycommerce.eu/emails/camel.html I don’t have much idea on the technicality of this. Which one do you suggest would be more compatible?

Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


lion85 Purchased

Hi there, the BlauMail Templates can be used with Mailster plugin?

Hello. BlauMail for Mailster includes a all-in-one version + the pre-built demos. Are you intrested in something in particular?


lion85 Purchased

Salut, vroiam sa inteleg daca pot folosi BlauMail cu pluginul Mailster instalat in worpress?

That would be a ‘Yes’.


dynamok Purchased

Hi, I upload the template to stampready.net but it doesn’t show up anywhere. What do I do?

Hello. The template is attached to the campaign. Try Campaigns > Drafts.


dynamok Purchased

No, there is nothing there. I uploaded the whole file themeforest-117546-blaumail-responsive-newsletter.zip was I suppose to do something different? Your instructions are not good at all.

Start by unzipping your download. The item also includes standalone versions and templates for various ESPs.

The ‘StampReady’ folder has all the templates you’ll need for the online builder. Check the included documentation for more details.

Hello there, I am planning to purchase this and would like to know if it is also compatible with HyperMail or JmailerPro service as well?

Also. Use the official support contact form for any questions you might have. Thank you. https://themeforest.net/item/blaumail-responsive-newsletter/117546/support/contact

thanks. why are you guys missing LinkedIn icon? It is very important to have that these days. Please provide.

Mostly because they are widely available. I use https://simpleicons.org I can’t provide you with support for your development/design proccess, only for the item itself. Check the ‘Support’ tab for more details. :)

Hi I have a question You can solution background Image in outlook mail

I don’t use VML for background images. :)

Can you help me understand something

I have mailster, but I like the builder for BlauMail. Can I export my build I make in StampReady Builder and import it into mailster?

It should work, but you would loose the option to edit stuff in Mailster, or use other related features.

Hello, I just bought BlauMail_Emails to use with StampReady.

Is it possible to change the icons that come from example?

Can I use this type of icons: https://goo.gl/8pUDQs?

How can I insert in the header: <link href=”https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons” rel=”stylesheet”> to use when I’m designing the Newsletter?

Hello. If you’re just getting started with email development this might be worth a read https://litmus.com/blog/a-guide-to-css-inlining-in-email

The icons in the emails are image based. You can use whatever type of icon you like, as long as it’s 1:1 and PNG.

As a side note, support doesn’t cover customization services. ;) If you have additional questions please use the official contact form https://themeforest.net/item/blaumail-responsive-newsletter/117546/support/contact

Hi, is this support convert kit?

Hey there! The templates is not Convert Kit ready, but it usually works with any system that sends HTML emails.

If you have additional questions use this form to get in touch with me: https://themeforest.net/item/blaumail-responsive-newsletter/117546/support/contact

Hi, I have loaded the Default Template into Mailchimp and am now trying to update however it is terribly slow, to the point where it is unusable? Is there something I am doing wrong?

You’re doing everything right! The issue is that the MailChimp builder develops a painful lag when uploading a high volume template. Firefox seems to speed things up a bit, but nothing major.

Some customers managed to work around this by hacking my template. If you’re handy with HTML, you can try to remove modules you won’t need (e.g mc:repeatable=”email_header”)

If you have additional question drop me a line via the support form. https://themeforest.net/item/blaumail-responsive-newsletter/117546/support/contact

Hi there

Nice work here. Quick pre-purchase question: How easy is it to create responsive tables? Looking at report type content that displays in a table with 6 columns x 8 rows – so it can stack in mobile view. Can be separated into 3 blocks. Thanks in advance …

Depends on your skill set. I use a combination of hybrid coding and media quires for my template, so a 6 column table would be challenging.

Check this article for some context https://litmus.com/blog/understanding-responsive-and-hybrid-email-design

(Because I’m Batman!!! :D)

Thank you Batman :) Much appreciated. The link was also a good read.

I may figure it out as tables or bring in the tables made into images to be more certain of displaying correctly.

Quick pre purchase request. I need to see the mailster live demo


Will this work with “follow up email extension” of Woocommerce. Please let me know.

Hi, If I buy the templates, would you be able to show to setup it up for me once ? Also guide me how to do that as well so that I can do that myself in the future. Let me know

No, not really. Support only covers item related issues. Customization and installation services are not included.

Try finding an expert on Envato Studio https://studio.envato.com/

Ok. Thank you. Will do

Thank you for the quick support

Using the default template on Mailchimp is nearly impossible. As someone who purchased this only to be able to make a quick email template, it is a real let-down. The developer should have included a version of the default template on its own instead of having all the blocks loaded into one. Working on it is unbearably slow. I cannot suggest anybody who is on Mailchimp to purchase this template as it sits.

I would like to apologize for your recent experience and sorry to hear you were less than satisfied with the item.

Working with the default template in the MailChimp builder is a pain, I’m still searching for a solution. I thought including the premade templates would make thing easier, apparently not.

Thank you for your feedback.