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Hi, I can’t change the background image from the Jumbotron from the Background options within a campaign setup. I see the URL field, I change it but nothing happens..

Thank you for your support!

Hey there. Which version are you using? MailChimp?

Hello, I’m new at this. I will explain what I want and whether the builder of you serves me, I want to make a newsletter (text, images, buttons, etc) and then want to send this newsletter for my personal mail is * @ gmail .com. I can ahcer this, my biggest concern is to know how to send the newsletter unused servers as MailChimp, etc. Thank you.

Hello Luis,

If you’re just getting started with email marketing, you’ll love the StampReady Builder – drag and drop blocks, inline editing, quick color updates and HTML exports. We use it for all our items. You can test drive the demo version here. http://www.stampready.net/dashboard/editor/index.php?demo=460

Gmail is no design for email marketing, so sending HTML emails to a large list is difficult. You can try http://ctrlq.org/html-mail/ to bypass the lack of HTML support.

You can also use BlauMail with MailChimp or CampaignMonitor. If you have a subscriber base of 2,000 you can use the MailChimp Forever Free plan, which includes 12,000 emails / month. http://kb.mailchimp.com/getting-started/getting-started-with-mailchimp

Is this tempate have inline css code?

We code all our email templates with the CSS inline to ensure compatibility. You can find a detailed list of supported clients + Litmus test results here http://notification-emails.com/blaumail-responsive-newsletter/test-results

is it possible to use them with the feed rss template in mailchimp?

It requires extra coding, mostly implementing the mailchimp feedblock http://kb.mailchimp.com/merge-tags/feedblock-rss-merge-tags

thanx but the page is 404 :)

Pre sale question: Is it possible to build a newsletter using this Template and copy/paste it into Mac Mail to send it?

Can this template be used with klaviyo?

I’m not sure, could you give more info on their template language? I tried their website but there’s an ‘Error establishing a database connection’.

I don’t think you can use their builder features for edits. But the HTML files work with any system that sends out HTML emails.

I want use just template with my details and not any mentioned email services like mail chimp, how i can edit here, do i need a template builder on my local machine or can i directly edit html

Look-up StampReady in the documentation :)

I would like to know how it works. I buy, and down the tool to assemble the email marketing? In export it generates html in the way that e-mail systems read?

That would be the StampReady version, you can test drive the builder here http://www.stampready.net/dashboard/editor/index.php?demo=5196

The builder is part of an online service, you don’t need to install anything on your computer.

It is showing default logo of Blaumail instea dof my logo in wordpress mailster system mails for user registration? how i can change it?

You need to check the Mailster KB https://kb.mailster.co

great help, guess what I found myself

Great job Ionic2Themes!

button with code as class=”btn_pc” a href=”#” Learn More showing up blue background and white text when you make newsletter, but when you test by sending emails, the text color also turns blue which makes text merged into blue button background, suggest how can it be fixed as it is destroying all look and feel

Ok Mr. webtunes, that worked but it would have been good if you written in that way as not everyone know how to code span in code

They’ll know now. :)

Hey brah, what about you helping me out with a 5 star review? I would appreciate it. Thanks :)

Hi, can we integrate builder in Sendy ? (https://sendy.co/)

They don’t seem to have a builder, just a HTML editor. I guess you could generate the HTML you need with the StampReady version, but you still need to add Sendy specific merge tags (eg. unsubscribe, webversion).

You can test drive the StampReady builder here http://www.stampready.net/dashboard/editor/index.php?demo=5196

hi, can I change the email width?

Hello! What’s you HTML/CSS experience level, are you just getting started with email development?

i’m familiar with html/css. On the preview website I don’t see option to change the width.

Yup, you’ll have to do it manually: update html and css code, and the conditional MSO statements. A good read if you’re not familiar with the hybrid technique https://litmus.com/blog/understanding-responsive-and-hybrid-email-design

Update .email_container’s width + table width in the conditional MSO statements.

Cheers! (y)

Pre Sales Question

Hi, i need to know how it works your product. Im looking for a tool to design newsletter. How i do the design? i need paid account in StampReady to make template with drag and drop etc..? thanks

Hey! Could you please let me know whether this is compatible for Vision 6?

The templates work with any service that sends HTML emails. You might need to work on the integration a lil’ bit.

Does it work with mailchimp? So i can export to desktop and them upload the template in mailchimp? Thank you


Does all the templates come with the tool? Where do install this tool? Is there any payment needed for another template?

Please let us know so we can decide to buy it. Thanks in advance, best regards

Did you upload it to stampready?

Yes i uploaded the newsletter.hmtl and send a message saying is not compatible. Please send us a compatible file for stampready of newsletter template.

Best regards

Have a look over the included documentation. It will help you upload the correct files.

Hi do we need a stampready account in order to use the builder?

You need a free StampReady account