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couple of presale questions. csn i disable responsiveness? and can homepage be a continuous post after post? with sidebars on esch side? or is thst only withint a single post?

Is it compatible with WP 4.5?


irdeto Purchased

This theme seems to do extremely bad when it is run through google page speed insights. Specifically optimising CSS, images, etc. Will this ever be fixed?


theme option > visual > woocommerce

Product Accordions – enable

Accrordions tab not working

Chrome error message…

?Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function?

purchase code doesn’t seem to be valid…

I just purchased today and having trouble downloading. I actually found another one that is more my technical speed. Can you please refund my purchase. Here is my purchase info: 02bf84bd-c636-4696-99f4-a622b0aa4218 – 26 May 2016

Hi there,

I bought this theme last week and I’m absolutely loving it and all the possibilities it offers. Thank you so much.

Two questions:

1. On phones and tablets, is it possible for me to make the menu button scroll down with the reader?

2. My website is And if you take a look, we’ve got a navigation setup to make going through stories easier via a plguin. But we’re not finding it ideal.

Does Bliss recommend any specific plugins that make navigating through stories easier by one press of a button on the sides/bottom? Or do you have a plugin that you recommend that will work with swiping functionality?

Thanks so much!

I purchased and own the theme, what was the solution to this issue because I really want it too.