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Very clean theme. Good luck!

Thank you!

Great Looking Theme :)

Thanks, we appreciate it :)

tumblr style in wordpress. very good.

gotta love it!

Nice one! #purchased :)

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Congratulations Wow, Awesome work, Good Luck bro :)

Thank you!

Nice minimalist style :-)
Good luck with the sales!

will you release an rtl version ?

The new update is in, but I noticed a problem with the logo in the header just before I could cancel the update request, so I fixed it and sent in another one. Bliss v.1.02 is running in the live preview and you can see the RTL functionality by using the customizer in the left.

Bliss v1.02 is now the active download here on ThemeForest, stay safe in Egypt asalah!

Sorry I was busy last days, now I was ready to purchase it and I found your another blogging theme which satisfy my needs, I will purchase it now but I ask you please to add the tweets and facebook status posts to that theme (Keilir)

Wow dude! This theme is amazing. Minimal design with really good combination. Congratulations!

1 Question: This template has the option of feactured posts? It would be very useful. Certainly will be the cherry on the cake.

Hey meroviggiO, thanks for the kind words!

I’m not quite sure what you mean, there’s an option to add a sticky post like in the preview, which is always displayed at the top in the blog. Do you mean a widget perhaps? That’s certainly not a bad idea, I’ll look into that even if that’s not what you meant :)!

Oh sorry, my english is not the best ;). To not post a link of another template here, send me an email and i’‘l send you back a image about what i’m talking:

Just sent you an email :)

Hello, I could not make the photo appear in the author post

Hi nubiasouza, are you having trouble with the author widget? If you mean the author image, then wordpress uses images from Gravatar, you should make an account there, upload an image and use the same e-mail in your profile on your Wordpress page to make it appear beneath your posts.

Please let me know if this fixes your problem

Hello, i have a few question to the Theme Customization.

- If i check the checkbox “Check this to make your own color theme” there are no option to change the colors of the Theme, only Fonts are there.

- The “Continue reading…” Font and Background is white… if you Enable posts excerpt (post summary)

Widgets: - Widget, Bluth Tabs; Is it possible to set a No. of Tags to show - Widget, Bluth Instagram: Is it possible that the Widget is showing 2 pictures in Chrome / Mac? Safarie works fine!

Documentation - A List of the Fontello Icons should be cool in the documentation


Hi Guys! Thanks for the great support!

I found severals new things sorry! (Tested on to different Mac`s: Chrome/ FF / Opera / Safari)

—1: Dropdown Navigation – No function!!! – a: No dropdown – b: Not clickable – c: I am using Categories for the Menu the only Menu that is Clickable is a “Page” and without Sub-Menu

—2: The Fonts preview works fine! - a: Is there a Option to change the Fontsize anywhere? - b: Is there no option to change the Color of Body / Headline / Link / Hover?

—3: Widget, Bluth Author: Can not upload Author & Coverpicture the Button don´t react so i can´t upoad a picture! Just make a textfield and get out of the javascript ;) so there will not be a problem to take a path in there now i can´t do anything…

—4: Widget, Bluth Tabs: - a: Is it possible to sort the Tags “How many times a Tag was used?” - b: Is there a way to control if the article picture or the Post-icon is shown? Because it shows only the one picture of 5 Aricles but everything is the same!

—5: Related Aricles: Is there a Option where you can change the picture that will appear on hover? Or to disable the hover and only show the aricle pictures? It is not interesting if there is the same author to see alway the same face ;) and i don´t understand why on the last aricle the article picture is showend. It would be great to have option how many related aricles will be showed and which picture there will be used but now everything is thoroughly mixed ( Post Icons / Post Picture / Author Picture) Sorry for the confusing point but somehow it does not work properly yet!

—6: Wordpress Gallery: There a option that the pictures will open in a lightbox? There are no Advanced Link Settings section put “lightbox” in the CSS Class input field

—7: Is there a way to disable the Blog-Description without delete it in the main config of wordpress?

—8: Is there a Favicon option?

Featured Widget is great! Thank you for the Fontello documentation list! Thx!

Hey zuparino!

1. I can’t manifest this problem, could you give me a link to your webpage so I can identify it, this works on my side.

2. Currently there isn’t an option to change the font size, I’ll include this in a later update, along with color customization for the color of body and links. I actually fixed a bug in the version that is coming out later today (v1.1.1) that allows you to change the Post Header Font Color.

3. Yeah this is also fixed in v1.11 that’s coming out later today, there was a javascript error in the widget page that’s neutralizing this feature, so that has been fixed with v1.1.1 :)

4. a) I’m not really sure, I’ll check on this and release it in later updates if I can access this information without going into too many database queries. b) I’m not sure what you mean, it would be great if you could show me the link to your website so I can see this (you can e-mail it to me, if you don’t want to put it here), it should always show the article’s image if it’s available, if there is no article then the fallback is the post-icon.

5. I can add an option to disable the hover, but it should always be pulling in the featured image of the article and if there is no featured image then it displays the authors avatar. I could make it an option to disable the hover if there is no featured image, so the same face won’t be showing up all the time ;) And I can also add the option to define the number of related posts that’s no problem, but I’ll add that in v1.1.2 probably since I’m in a hurry to get the important fixes out :)

6. After I read this comment I added the feature, images from the Gallery will now open in lightbox if they are not linked to the attachment page. This will be available in the next (v1.11) update :)

7. I just added this feature and it’ll be available later today in v1.11! :)

8. I will release a favicon option in the update after today’s (v1.12)

Thank you for this detailed list, you have been extremely helpful in making Bliss a better theme, we really appreciate it! :)

Bliss v1.11 is out, you can get it right now :)

Hi, Is it possible to add a big slider or fixed foto at the top?

Yes, you can do that no problem, we put a space between the content and the header for ads, sliders or images. You can copy the slider shortcode or upload an image in the field and it’ll show up at the top :)

An excellent job. Good luck dude!

Thanks a lot! :)

Wonderful theme. I feel like I’m gonna take it for my blog for sure. Just got a couple of pre-sale questions if you don’t mind

a. does it have an image.php file to display attachments? I need that for commenting on single image files and to show exif data

b. does it support self hosted video and audio? is there an example of a read more button?

c. can a filter be applied to the featured images and galleries so they are in greyscale until hovered by the mouse? I think it is web-kit filter.

d. can pages have comments form?

e. can I remove author box in posts / related posts / next and previous post box?

f. can I change the accent color? make the bg a solid color? have a featured image for all kinds of posts?

g. last but not least, when I hover over the tags in the rightside bar, the social icons seem to “shiver”. is this part of the design or a bug?

Thanks in advance and I hope I haven’t asked for a lot.

best of regards,


I’ll just wait till the 1.1 is out. Thanks a lot. And I would love to be notified then as well.

kindest regards


Ok, great I’ll let you know :)

Hey Ali!

The new update (v1.1) is in! I didn’t find anything about adding image.php so I didn’t include it, I’m going to look better and test it better, there was some pressure on us to release this update so we had to take a decision to wait with some features to get out the important fixes. We also didn’t include the greyscale image-hover but that’s also still on the list, I would love that in my Theme-Options ;) We did however add page comments and you can now remove the author box, related posts and the next/previous post box as you recommended.

Hope you are okay with this, and I really hope you stay tuned because we are in for some really cool stuff with Bliss :)

Good job…. Good luck with sales

Thanks ThemeRox! :)


First of all, good job! ;)

I would like to buy your theme but my iPhone and my iPad have both problems to open your Preview page. I tried different browsers but it is still not working. Is that a problem overall or did I something wrong? Other pages are working without a problem.


And, could you fix it?

Hi again, this seems to be a javascript problem, we are testing it on an iPad right now and trying to figure out what’s causing the crash. I’ll let you know as soon as we fix it.

I figured out the first problem though and I have already fixed it, it’ll be available in the next update, I can’t promise that number two will be in v1.1 because we’re trying to release it as soon as we can and this requires some investigation, but as soon as I’m done updating it to v1.1 I will fix this and release a minor update, but I’ll try to take a look at this before I put in the v1.1 update :)

Many thanks for pointing this out, we take this very seriously!

Best Regards, Arnar

Hey Cosmorist!

I’m pretty confident we found the culprit and have fixed the problem, we released a v.1.1 update just now and it has the fix, I noticed the bug and fixed it and now I can browse in a few iPads I tested.

You can test it at the demo page. Hope it solves this problem, and I’d love it if you could report back as well :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Absolutely amazing! Fantastic theme. Great Job!

Thanks a bunch! Happy you like it, if there’s anything you need, just let us know! We are happy to help. :)

Good looking theme. I’m considering a purchase for the refresh of my food blog. Few questions…(Do you have a demo of the admin panel? If so, I can answer the following questions on my own).

1. Is the author widget completely customizable? Eg. is the picture taken from the users avatar?
2. Is the newsletter signup a shortcode? Can I place it in the sidebar or beneath a post?
3. Are there advertisement blocks built into the theme?
4. How are things like “you might also like” added below the post? Widgets? Can I add anything?



Hey Mike glad you like our theme!

We’ll be updating the demo page next week with an extensive preview of what you can customize in the theme, so for now I’ll answer your questions :)

1. The widget is completely customizable, you upload the author image yourself if you don’t want to use the same image, so more freedom.

2. The newsletter signup is just a widget for now, but that’s actually not a bad idea, I will look into how it could be best implemented as a shortcode. I will put this in a future update.

3. Yes, Bliss is ad supported, you can add html/shortcodes/custom images at various places throughout the theme.

4. The related posts are added relative to the tags in the post, you can add as many widgets as you like, are you asking if you can add anything to the related posts?

Best Regards Arnar


Nice theme but I seem to be having a few problems with manual excerpts. I have imported my existing blog of around 150 posts all of which have manual excerpts set. When I try to view them I get the “Continue Reading” link at the bottom of the excerpt as expected except that this is also displayed in Single Post view also… there is no way to view the full post??


Cheers Dave

Hi Dave!

Sorry for the late reply, I figured out the problem. I’ll fix it in the next update but in the meantime you can e-mail us at and I’ll send you the corrected file :)