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Hi there. I love the theme, it looks great. Unfortunately, after using it for a while now I’ve encountered a weird bug or error that is occurring on my website revolving around searches.

Basically, the search engine bugs out when you type in certain terms, and there’s no apparent rhyme or reason to the bug. Here’s an example link from the site: As you can see, from the start posts are bleeding over each other and overlapping. The problem goes all the way to the bottom of the page just above the footer, where the overlapping even covers up the pagination.

I use the layout in masonry format and certain searches do work properly. I know nothing about code, but I suspect the issue may be caused by the post formatting. Your theme allows me to embed a Soundcloud track or a video that is listenable/viewable from the main page without entering the post. There are also standard posts…however, over the 3+ years of my blog I’ve used a few layouts, and every one utilized different formats. It seems like any post made before swapping to your theme is bugging out, for starters. It may be more than that, or not that at all, but that’s how it seems at any rate.

Hopefully you can help!

I have an idea, this is most definitely the masonry layout, it looks like it’s not finishing it’s layout. So. The first thing that comes to my mind is that we could trigger the layout load on the masonry objects at the very end.

I have a new theme javascript file for you, could you sign up to our support forum and make a new thread about this, and I’ll reply with a link to the new file. I tested it and it does trigger the layout, but I’m not experiencing the problem so I can’t be sure unless you be my tester :)

That sounds great. I hope it works as well.

I’m signed up to the support forum and the thread is up there, so toss up the code when you get a chance. Thanks!


Just want to ask if this is compatible with the latest Bootstrap version and what is the Bootstrap version being used?

Hoping for a quick response.

Cheers, Mark

Hi, no Bliss is actually Bootstrap 2. Our newer themes, Bliss & Vivid have the latest Bootstrap 3

So you have a new Bliss theme that has Bootstrap 3?

Ahh sorry my mistake, I meant Breeze and Vivid ;)


Whats the shortcode for adding a contact form? thanks! Great theme!


We don’t have a shortcode for adding a contact form, we recommend Contact Form 7 for all your Contact Form needs.


really have problems to meke the Facebook widget start working. Exactly how do i create an id?

The Facebook Likebox accepts an URL to your likepage, is that what you are referring to?


Recently I moved to a different hosting company and now when viewing the website from a retina device the pictures don’t show. My website is

Is there a way to turn of the retina function?


I answered this in the support forums

Hi Arnar,

Thanks for your great theme. I have a quick question about feature slider. Do you have any plan to update the slider to be auto-slide for this theme? Or what should I do to change the code for adding auto script?

I think it’s too static for me.

Thanks bank

Hi, terribly sorry for the late reply, we don’t hang around here too much so for a much faster reply I suggest you use our support forum.

You can go to bliss/assets/js/theme.min.js and in line ~ 302 change manualAdvance from true to false

Hi, I just got the theme and I really like it! I just have no idea where to access the shortcodes when I am putting together my posts. Can you help me out? Thanks!

You need to install bluthcodes to access the shortcodes, it’s in the plugins directory that came within the zip file you downloaded.

Hi are you going to introduce woocommerce integration?

I’m having a hard time trying to integrate bliss with a simple items catalog, using woocommerce, as you can see here

I don’t know how to remove the archive column which appears below the catalog and that cannot be found anywhere in wordpress backend

Hi, did you find out how to remove it? I can’t see it anywhere on that page.

yes I did remove the unwanted column, but I still have to figure out how to make the normal column appear

It would be useful to have full woocommerce integration by default on the theme

Hi, is there any Google Maps shortcode?


No we don’t have a google maps plugin, I recommend you search for a plugin that does this, I believe there are many available :)


I am considering purchasing this theme. I have two questions:

1) Is it possible to create pages in this theme and set them to not display in the top menu? For example, if I wanted to link to a “resources” page from another page but not have “resources” display in top nav.

2) Is it possible to disable comments for certain pages and not others? For example, can I turn off comments on my “about” page? Or is it possible to disable comments on all non-post pages?

Thanks for your help.


Hey Emily, sorry for the late reply!

These are both native WordPress functions, so yeah you can do this :)

Bliss vs. Breeze vs. Vivid, what are the differences?

Wow, that’s a big question. Honestly we just try and tell people to go with what they feel suits them, we try to keep all of our themes up to date with the newest standards of course. Bliss has a bit of an older Bootstrap framework. Vivid is the most customizable, but Breeze is almost equally customizable but with a completely different menu options for example.

Best Regards, Arnar


First of all I would like to mention that its a great template. I will use it as my personal blog. However I want to remove navigation menu area. Can you please express me how can I do that?

Also I will only use tags for differentiating posts. I will not use category part. How can I remove category section in the post area. ( Between dates and comments )


Thank you.

Go to appearance > menus

and uncheck the main navigation field.

Go to theme options and put this code in custom css.

.post-meta ul li:nth-child(3), .post-meta ul li:nth-child(2) { display: none; }

If you need more help subscribe to our support forum

Hi ! Nice theme, I really like it. I just have a few questions : Is that possible to add an email subscription right under the menu ? And if so, is that easy to do ?

Also wondering : is it possible to remove (or mask) the search button ?

And last but not least : is it possible to customize the icons to make them suit the categories I want? I saw that there is pin, twitter logo, facebook logo… Can I choose whatever icon I want to appear in the head of the post ?

Thanks a lot ^^


Thank you.

1.If you find a plugin with a shortcode, you can put the shortcode in Ad spot #3, go to theme options > advertising and find Ad spot #3 – Above the content, and click on Shortcode or HTML code like Adsense and paste the shortcode there.

2. Go to theme options and choose header & menu, scroll down and you will find “Show search in header” Uncheck this to remove the search input from the header.

3. Yes you can choose what icon you want to display, in the header of the post.

Is there a way to make images circular similar to how they are done in Breeze?


Yes :)

How would you do it? I tried importing that post out of the demo content for breeze but that didn’t seem to work it was still a square image

Ah sorry, my bad, it isn’t in there. You can achieve the effect though by hovering over your image, pressing the edit button (the image icon) and going to Advanced Options and placing this code in the styles input:

border-radius: 500px!important;

Been using the theme for a while now and I am still happy with it. Just a question about the categories on top of a post. They are seperated by a comma and after the last categorie there is still a comma which looks weird. I would prefer the categories listed above the post without a comma in between. How can I change that?


Do you want the categories above the post title and the date and comment count below?

No, the categories, date and comment counts are fine where they are. I just want the commas that seperate the names of the categories removed. As there is also a comma at the end of the categories and it looks ugly…

I understand, if you email me at I’ll send you a fixed file that takes care of that last comma.

Hello, is there custom CSS code i can use to make the Social Media icons at the top right about 125% larger?



Go to theme options > custom css and put this code there

.post-format-badge i { font-size: 80px;

You can change the font-size :)

Hi! Your theme is very nice!

Do you plan to make a porfolio section?


Thank you.

No that´s a Breeze specific feature.


Fantastic theme! There’s only one question with regards to MailChimp Newsletter. I have multiple lists the user can signup for (whole country or specific cities) could you please include the option for the end user to select which lists they’d like to sign up with?

Thank you!


I will put this on to do list, but these feature requests are not a priority.

Hi BlueThemes,

I have explored all your themes and I really like them all especially vivid and Bliss. I am planning to buy Bliss but before I would like your feedback on following..

1) I see all your themes have About US/Contact page in their Demos but I cant find it in Bliss demo? Is it hidden or not the part of package?

2) Your theme is PERFECT fit for ‘Personal blogging’ category. Only thing it is missing is a ‘About Me (Resume)’ page which many other themes offer in the package. Do you guys have any plans for that!

Thank you.


1) It is not in the demo, but there is no problem for you to create about us/contact page in Bliss. We plan on adding official support for contact form 7 plugin in the near future.

2) We are working on updating demo content for Bliss.

Hi there I just purchased bliss.

How can I disable the featured images from showing on the homepage and on the opened single post?

Thank you for your help!


Go to theme options > custom css and paste this code in the field :)
.entry-image {
display: none;