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Bought it and loving it. Just two things:

The picture of the author in a post isn’t working. (So not the widget, but the Author you can change in Theme Options).

How do I change the font? I know I can do that in Theme Options, but I can’t change the font automatically and see what I’m changing through a preview. Maybe you could make some kind of preview, because now I’m just hoping the font comes out nicely. I just changed it to Helvetica, but maybe there would be a better option out there I don’t know off. Do you get what I’m trying to explain. Not my first language :-)

Also I can’t get the Video or Audio page right. It goes over the title/text. Standard is working just fine.

Have you tried uploading the image again? Or a different image? If it’s corrupt then it may be a problem with your wordpress installation because we are using the native WordPress uploader. Can you post a link to your webpage so I can see this? If you don’t want to post it here you can send it to me at

The custom color functionality is broken in the current v.1.02 because of a simple javascript error, but I just uploaded a v.1.1 with tons of fixes and a bunch of adds, I recommend you update to the newest version and then go to Theme Options -> Colors & Fonts and check the “Custom Color Theme” option, then you can customize your own color theme :)

The new version v1.1 has the option to change the “Search..” text language in the header.

I’m not sure what your problem is with the Video and Audio page, again it would really help to get a link to your page to see it in action :)

Best Regards Arnar

V1.1 is awesome! Awesome suppert too :-D

Hi, love the theme!

When set post to “image” once viewing the post, the image is still clickable, however, it wont open large when clicked.

any way to allow for the image to open large once clicked? thanks.

Many thanks! that will be a great feature. I would recommend to have a “Tick” box option in the post to chose if the image should open as lightbox or link should be disabled.

Yeah, we’ll definitely do that! Thanks for a great idea :)

Hey quintessamedia!

We just added the new v.1.1 update in and it has the lightbox feature you requested! Really hope you like it :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Cannot begin to tell you how much I love this Theme. Being able to embed fb and twitter posts so easily in 1.1 is excellent. Will post the link here once the page is officially up and running…

I am thrilled to hear! We are very excited about the new Twitter and Facebook status abilities as well and can’t wait to show them off in the demo! ;)

Jesus… You guys really nailed it on the head… Incredible work. As I go along the setup of the theme everything is done right. Easy instructions, options, and just incredible design. GREAT JOB!!! All the features I look for.

Thank you so much! Really happy that you love it! :)

Just emailed you. Thanks!

2 Quick questions: How do I upload the picture in my widgets?? The upload button isn’t clickable.

What’s the img size of the picture behind the profile picture under the posts. The long rectangle?


PS, tried to make a ticket for this but wasnt emailing me a log in.

The v1.11 update is live! I realized why that code above produces an error, it’s because the comma’s here on ThemeForest aren’t the same as the ones I’m writing, so it was crashing the javascript. Good to know for future support that we can’t write code here on the comment that works ;)

Tried version 1.11 and it still wont work. Can I email you my login?

Yes you can e-mail us at I’ll check it out right now!

Hi, it is a great theme. I have one question: the theme comes with only one image background and how can I get other picture backgrounds in the demo? I really love them. Thanks

I got them. No worries.

Well done! ;)

The Author Widget doesn’t allow me to upload the author picture. The buttons are clickable, but not actually allowing users to upload.

Hey raystone, I’ve actually fixed this, I’m going to release a v1.11 update today that includes the fix, sorry for the inconvenience :)

The v1.11 release is live right now with a fix to this problem :)

Hi Arnar,

“Well, I tried switching out the code but now my widgets are not draggable nor can I open them. I switched the code back and they still didn’t work. I’m not sure what I did. I just switched out that code.”

I also have this problem….My widgets are not draggable after changing code…

Hey interactivestudio, try putting in the “old” file from the theme zip again and you should be able to revert the problem. I’m in full steam to release the v1.11 update that fixes the problem, I’ll let you know!

The v1.11 release has been uploaded and is live on TF right now, it fixes this problem :)

Can’t see the sidebar on posts…Please help me with this issue.

Hmm.. it looks like you’re getting a 400 Bad Request error from Google Ads, it could be that it is crashing the JS, try disabling the HTML widget you’re using for Google ads and see if that works.

Ok, so the problem it’s when we deactivate the sticky header.There isn’t loadind a part of the javascript(JQUERY), more specifically the nav line function and so on.That’s a bug I suppose.Hope it helps!

Ah! Found it and fixed it, thank you for pointing this out, if you e-mail us at I can send you the corrected file. I’ll release it with the next update as well

I have a feature requests…

Could you put some sort of thumbs up feature? Like MOZ’s blog?



Hey Alex

I’ll add this to the theme in a later update, I’ll probably use a plug-in and style it to fit the theme, so you wouldn’t lose all of the data if you decide to switch themes, and could possibly use it with other themes as well, so I’ll let you know as soon as I’m more familiar with the concept :)

Best Regards, Arnar


I love your theme but I have a question : is it possible to feature a video on top of the right sidebar instead of a post ? (or to feature a video post)

Thanks !


Great ! Any idea of a release date ? :)

Best regards

We just released an update, so it’ll probably be sometime in the next week :)

Hey bonakor, just wanted to let you know that now the Featured Box shows the video if it’s a video post, also I added the option to display multiple featured posts within a slider in the same box :)
Best Regards, Arnar

Hi again,

I have positioned a revslider on the homepage of your theme which works brilliantly. I have set it to display on the “Frontpage” only and everything looks good! :bigsmile:

One thing however, is there anyway to only get it to display on the first “frontpage”? At the moment if I click through to second, third or forth archive pages it also displays here.

Cheers for the help.


PS. I contacted you a five days ago about a bug when using manual excerpts and you corrected it for me by modify the code within single.php. However, that bug still persists for audio and video posts. It is easily rectified using the same code for the original fix. Just thought you might want to know so you could correct it for single-audio.php and single-video.php also.

Thanks again for a great theme!

Hey again, Dave!

This is definitely a valid point, I’ll take a look at it! Thanks!

PS. Doh! I didn’t realize this, I’ll fix it right now and put it in the next update, thanks a lot for the pointers! ;)

Is it possible to have the author’s name in each of his posts linking to a page with all his posts? live preview doesn’t show it. Thanks.

That’s good to know, the author box is good enough :). One more question: is it possible to display the social media icons on the posts on the front page? I’m between bliss and keilir (loving bluth), but keilir is much better detailed on Features.

Yeah that’s actually an option you can pick, you can even put those bad boys on a page if you’d like. I know the features aren’t detailed enough, we are focusing on the updates right now and juggling that with the demo page content. I’ll probably update the demo page a bit with a more detailed list of features when the new update is out :)

Hey andr3braga, just wanted to let you know that the option you suggested to have an authors name in each of his posts linking to a page with all his posts has been implemented in v2.0 :)
Best Regards,

hi, BluthCompany, thankyou very much for the good Template! one question, what is the font used for logo BLISS?

thanks a lot

Hi, the font is called Moderna.

Body font size and space between lines are too big for me. It’s possible to change it using admin panel and having a good result? Thanks.

Hi, You can paste the following css in the custom css tab of the theme options to alter the font-size and line-height for the posts.

.entry-content p{
 font-size: 16px;
line-height: 1.75;

Very nice theme first of all! :)

I have a question about the icons below a post how do i change the color of it? The share buttons.


Hi SilverAqua, thanks!

Currently there isn’t an option for doing so but you could put this in the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options panel to change it:

footer.entry-meta ul a{ color: red; }

Hope this helps :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Ah thank you so much, that will do! I really enjoy the theme, keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot! Really glad you like it, if there’s anything else just ask :)

Hello !

Is it possible to have “Category A” displaying posts in 2 columns and “Category B” displaying posts in 1 colum?

For example:

I would like to show my frontpage in 2 column mode:
And category listing in single column mode:

I just released an update for v2.0, I’ll take a look at this for the next update :)

Thanks! :-)

Hi, any plan on make it RETINA ready? Thanks

Yeah, we are actually looking in to this right now, I’ll keep you posted on updates regarding RETINA support :)

Hi ! Just bought the theme. I love it. I tried using an image for the background, but I would like to know the size of the image to use because right now the theme is squashing the image instead of scaling it. I settled on (temporarily) using a pattern instead.

Also, sometimes a post icon will overlap with the post title. Is there something that I can do (if anything) to prevent that (for example, look here

Also, why isn’t the video type of blog post not working properly ? (example:

P.S. : I’m also very interested in having a retina ready version of this theme :) I have a Macbook Pro Retina.

Thank you much :)

First of all, I commend you for your excellent customers support. That’s how you keep a living fanbase.

1. So is there a size I should use for my image so it gets to be shown correctly as background image or is this dependent on the user’s screen size/resolution ? I’m using Photoshop and Pixelmator so cropping and resizing images isn’t an arcane science for me :)


3.Now fixed with your explanations. Thank you :)

4. That’s great !

5. I hadn’t been using a source name or a source url, indeed. I now know that the name of the source will be shown as the author of the quote. Cool. But, might I suggest that if the user doesn’t input a source url, that the post shouldn’t have a link ? Just a box with the text ? Because I don’t always want to link the quote with a previous blog post.

With that being said, I’m hard at work on translation the english .po file to French. If you want it, I can send it to you so you can pack it in a future update.

Thanks! We do our best :)

1. I guess you should make it pretty large ( 1600×1200 ) if it’s not a blurry photo or anything ( if it’s blurry you can get away with making it smaller ). Just watch out that it doesn’t exceed 500kb in your export ( I recommend “Save for Web” and turn the quality down ), otherwise it’s going to take a while to load and people visiting your webpage probably don’t appreciate those extra loading times ( I know I’m ruthless when it comes to that ). While writing this I actually found a great way for the background-image to appear without damaging it for older browsers, I won’t bore you with details but you can put this code in the Theme Options -> Custom CSS and it should be fine, I’ve already added this to the new version of the theme :)

  position: fixed;
  z-index: -1;
  top: -50%; 
  left: -50%; 
  width: 200%; 
  height: 200%;
.bl_background img{
  position: absolute; 
  top: 0; 
  left: 0; 
  right: 0; 
  bottom: 0; 
  margin: auto; 
  min-width: 50%;
  min-height: 50%;

5. Thank you for explaining that issue for me, I am sincerely grateful it was a dreadful problem! I’m going to do exactly what you suggested :)

We would looove a French .po file with the theme, you can e-mail us at! Thank you so much! :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Thank you for the informations. I’ll send you the .po file once it’s done. I’ll also wait for the next update to use an image as background because after browsing the web for a bit, it seems indeed that the size of the image is dependent on the screen resolution of visitors. Hence the need for proper scaling. (

Thank you for this excellent theme. I love it and the admin panel is fantastic too. The only thing I would like to change right now is the height of the images in blog posts – they are all cropped to a 16×9(ish?) format rather than the original 3×2 of the actual photo. Is there an easy way to change this?

Hey, I added this in the new v2.0 update if you haven’t already noticed. So your images should now appear as they are if you check the appropriate option in the Theme Options :)

Best Regards,

Hey Arnar – thank you! That is fantastic. Really appreciate it.

No problem, let me know if there’s anything else :)