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This is an amazing theme indeed and I would be using this theme on my blog. I love the fonts that’s bundled. I wanted to know which font is used to make the “bliss” logo. It’s really nice.


Hi, the font used in the logo is called Moderna, Thanks :)

Hi, Very good theme ! I want to buy this theme but I do have few questions.

Is it possible to add a custom html widget in the sidebar like you have in the Keilir theme where it says Advertising and image .( Medium rectangle 300×250) ?

Is it possible to add a “Blog Categories” widget with sub-categories with a drop-down functionality, for example If I click a category then a drop-down menu will expand and see the sub-categories ?

Is it possible to add “Recent tweets” widget inside the sidebar and also inside the footer area ?

Does it have a ” theme options” similar with your other theme, Keilir (I’m more interested in the Posts & Pages section ) ?

Is is possible to add in the footer area more than one row , for example to have on the first row 2 widgets and in the second row to have another 2 widgets ?

Is it plugins, widgets friendly ? If so, I will immediately buy it, Keilir seems a little bit more robust but I want this one because it has the 2 columns blog layout option.

Thank you !

Hi outboxvision!

1. Yeah there’s a HTML widget that you can put in, it has the same options that Keilir has.

2. That’s a good idea, I’m going to add that to my to-do list!

3. There are so many twitter plug-ins out there that we decided that it would be best to let people use ones they are familiar with, would you still like to request one from us? We can provide, we just thought it was an unnecessary extra step, that’s all :)

4. Yeah, here’s an image of the Posts & Pages section. We are going to update the demo page with these information when we finish the new update

5. Currently there is only room for 4 widgets in the footer, but we were considering doing something about that, we’ll figure something out without disrupting the current layout for previous buyers :)

6. Yeah, we built Bliss to be in love with widgets, we’ve also been trying our best to meet some plug-ins half way if there are any collisions between the two, many of those have already been fixed and if anything else shows up, we’d love to know about it so we can work in harmony with yet another plug-in :)

Thanks for you interest in Bliss and Keilir! :) Hope this helps Best Regards, Arnar


Really beautiful and clean theme. I’m really close to purshasing but before I do I have one question.

The header, is it customizable? Specifically the size of it. We really like to use our self made header, but it’s a bit bigger in size than the area which is used fore “bliss Simplicity is Bliss!”.

If you cant costumize it, is there a area open below this where you can place a header? Maby a space for advertasing that you can use?

It would be really awesome to see a picture as an example.

Thanks in advance. We really, REALLY, like this theme but we really lika our header as well :)


Hey Hornstrom, I actually just put in an update to ThemeForest and it’s waiting for approval. It was such a significant change that we titled it Bliss v2.0, it includes two types of headers. The one that’s in the demo page right now, and another one that centers the logo and takes out height restrictions for it, so it can be as large as you’d like it.

We also put in an option to enable background-images in the header, which is turning out great. I’m working on updating the demo page right now to show off the new features.

There’s actually an option to add an ad space at the very top of the header right now (above it) also below the header, so it’s above the content but below the header. I’ll also add images of this today in the demo page if I have time :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hey Arnar.

Wow, that sounds really awesome. Perfect!

Thanks for the quick respons, I’m looking forward to v2.0! Purshase incoming :)


No problem! If you need anything you can visit our brand spankin’ new support forums and we’ll answer your questions as fast as we can! :)

how can i post adsense for mobile and adsense for desktop?

Hi Qwais, there’s a field in Theme Options -> Ads where you can input your adsense code/image/shortcode etc. :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Bliss v2.0

Hi, I have read in another post that Bliss v2.0 has been uploaded to themeforest?

Basically, like others on this page, I would like to have a larger logo and centred in this theme.

I was wondering if I purchased v1.2 in the meantime, do I still get to download v2.0 free of charge when it becomes available? Or should I wait?



My query was: Wordpress is recommending I install CF Post Formats plugin. Ive installed but the message is still there. And when I try to install again, it errors saying there is already a folder with that name. Do I need to do anything regarding this plugin to remove the wordpress message? thank you

Hi again Jordan, you can find your purchase code in your downloads page here on themeforest. Press the “Download” button next to Bliss and there you’ll see a “License Certificate & Purchase Code” dropdown, and there it is :)

Regarding your question. We are implementing a plug-in in Bliss which seems to be working incorrectly in your case. If you already installed the CF Post Formats plugin you needn’t worry about this, you can just press dismiss on the alert and it shouldn’t appear again :)
Hope this helps.
Best Regards, Arnar

Hi can you add infinite scroll to this theme?


I’ll add it to my to-do list, that’s a great idea, thanks raultho :)

Hey raultho, I found an infinite-scroll plugin that works great with Bliss, you can get it here.
To implement it, install it, activate it and then go to Settings -> Infinite Scroll and put this in the fields:

Content Selector: #content
Navigation Selector: .pagination
Next Selector: .pagination > a:last-child

Everything should work fine after that, you can also customize how the loading bar looks like and other options within the plug-in :)

Hope this helps!
Best Regards, Arnar

Hi, I’ve just purchased the Bliss theme and am now testing it before activating it on my blog. However, I’m having difficulties in changing the font sizes. Even though I’ve uploaded a custom_style.css and have edited the font size of the body font and entry.content, the font size is still displayed as 18 px. How do I change that? Thanks!

Hey natazzie, I answered your question on our support forum :)

Best Regards


1. How ‘editable’ is this theme? I prefer Facebook Like Button with total no. of Likes displayes as well as Retweet button with total no. of Retweets received. Can you include that in your next update?

2. Have u check with Pingdom Tools & GTMetrix and fully optimize the theme with speed optimization settings in mind?

3. I’m a blogger and I write a lot. Which do you recommend? Bliss or Keilir? Both looks equally good.

Regards, Ariff

Hi Ariff!

1. We made a conscious decision to not implement this in our themes, because there are so many plug-ins that do this. Maybe I’ll do this in a later update though, but there’s a lot on our to-do list. I’ll put it on there and implement it when the times comes :)

2. We have not, but I will, this sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion :)

3. I’d say you would have to choose yourself hehe, Keilir is about to run it’s course and has been updated to extremes, so that will probably be toning down a bit. But Bliss will keep going for some time now. Although we won’t ignore any requests that come in for Keilir.
Again, I’m not sure how to answer this and I won’t push you in any direction. I’m going to update the demo page with the Theme Options panel later today so you can see what options are available in Bliss if that helps :)

Best Regards,

Just purchased the theme! Everything looks perfect! Still tweaking it before publishing it on my blog! Thanks a lot!

Great! Let us know if you need any assistance :)

Firstly, great theme!

Just one small thing though, when you ‘middle’ click to bring up the free-scroll option in Chrome; you can scroll outside the parameters of the theme. For example; I can scroll too far right.

Can you please look in to this and provide a fix soon, thanks!


Hi sletts02, thanks :)

This has actually been fixed and will be implemented in the next update. Thanks for pointing this out :)

Best Regards

Your theme is so simple to use that even some like me, who doesn’t know a single line of code, can use it. Thank you.

Hi again BryantCarpio

This was actually fixed in the latest ( v2.01 ) update. If you update your theme to the latest update it’ll be fixed :)
Best Regards, Arnar

Thanks! I love the new mobile site, menu looks better. Simply Amazing what you have done with this theme.

Great, thanks for the kinds words! :)

Hey guys your support forum – is down??

Yes, there was some trouble with the server but we got it back up and running


Congratulations for this amazing theme to begin with.

Issue: Our problem is related to display of codes, for instance if you check this link, the following code doesn’t display at all in the post:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/tooltipster.min.css" />
    <script src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.tooltipster.min.js"></script>

Suggestion: It would be nice if you add widget support for G+ Pages as it was done with both Facebook and Twitter.

Kind regards,

Alex de Borba

PS: We registered and attempted to post this on your forums but it kept returning the following: Oops! An unexpected error has occurred.

Hi Alex,

I’m updating the bluthcodes right now so that this will work, it looks like the pre tag isn’t encoding the html correctly so I’ll just put this in the shortcode plug-in and fix it from there.

The G+ widget its a great idea, I also heard they started allowing embedded G+ posts, I’ve already put that on my to-do list as well :)
About the forum, we reviewed the error log and it was because of the html you were inputting it seems, we’ll fix this as well :)

Best Regards, Arnar


I love your theme but i’m facing some problems here… First the horizontal scroll that appear in all browsers. Second, the instagram slider widget dont work. We click but the image dont change… Third the image effect opacity no mouse hover dont work in post list, just in post page…

I’ve disabled all my plugins, but nothing.

I have the version 2.0

Thanks And great work


I’m not sure if i’ve already replyed but here is the url

I’ve disabled all the plugins, but enabled them again…

Thanks for your answer…

Hey, I found the problem, a weird one though since it only happens in a few cases. If you want I can e-mail you the correct file. Send me an email and I’ll reply to you with the fixed file :)
Best Regards,


Email sent… Thanks!

How do I customize the background colour? Under Theme Options > Background I chose “Solid Color”, but there’s nowhere to choose a color. Under Color & Fonts, I clicked Custom Color Theme, but again don’t know what to do next—how/where do I actually select colors for a custom colour theme (background, header, etc.)? I’m new at this.. help! Thanks so much!

Hi amanneroftravel

The Background Color is dependent on the Custom Color option so to do this you go to Theme Options -> Theme Options, press the Solid Color button and you’ll see a color picker appear below it. Choose your color.
After that you go to Colors & Fonts, and check the “Custom Color Theme” option, and it should work :)
Best Regards, Arnar


The “a featured post” area on the top right corner. Can I choose which post too show there? or how is the area working?


It’s pulling in the most recent posts tagged with the “featured” tag. You can also choose to have everything in a slider so it displays more than just the first post with the tag
Best Regards,

Hljómar frábærlega, ákveðið þema ég ætti að kaupa!

Hahah, takk fyrir!

I just downloaded the new version (2.01). When you fill a page with content a bar on top will apear (above the logo) with the text “Continue reading…” />”

How can I fix this?

Hmm.. I thought I fixed this already, are you using the “more” tag on the post or are you using the Theme Options more feature. Does this appear in the single post view?

Best Regards

Great theme, and thanks for including a child theme. When child theme is enabled, these options doesn’t work well. Selecting different checkboxes doesn’t bring up the respective options panel. (ie: colorpicker, pattern chooser)

ignore my previous comment, it’s still there. pattern selector doesn’t come up in child theme mode.

I’ve put this on my to-do list and will try to fix it for the next update, I’ll let you know :)
Best Regards, Arnar

Hey sahanlak, sorry for the late notification but this was fixed in the v2.1 update :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Loving the theme but I’m having a few problems.

First, every time the page first loads, all of the content boxes are outside of their top margins and hidden under the logo banner. The boxes come from under the banner after about 2 seconds, but it looks unprofessional and I’d like to be able to fix it if I can.

Second, the media in my blog doesn’t fit to proportions when viewed from mobile devices. The image logo and youtube videos stretch outside of the viewable screen. How do I fix this?

Lastly, the some of the posts have similar problems as my first complaint within themselves. What I mean is the first paragraphs, media player, etc are not shown under the post’s main picture, but on top of it, making the text unreadable and the media players unclickable. Unlike my first problem, this problem doesn’t end after 2 seconds. It remains that way.

Thank you for the help.

Yeah, there’s an option to disable the description in the header, it’s in Theme Options -> Header & Menu. It’s called Disable header description

To change the font color press the “Show/Hide Kitchen sink” icon to the far right in your WordPress text editor, and from there you’ll see the option to change the font color.

Hope this helps
Best Regards, Arnar

The font is still very silver-ish and skinny in the navigation area. I’m using a menu for it if that provides more information.

Also, I just downloaded the update. When you click boxes like the “Custom Color Theme” one, it doesn’t open up to provide the choices for a new color theme like the old one does. Nothing happens. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or just something I’m experiencing.

This should buff up your navigation text so it won’t be so extremely thin:

#masthead .bluth-navigation .navbar .nav > li > a{ font-weight: 400 }

I’m not able to manifest this bug you’re experiencing, are you using any plug-ins that might be breaking the javascript?

Quick question – what’s the shortcode to embed YouTube clips? I don’t want it as a feature, just inserted in my post.


To put a Youtube clip into WordPress it should be enough for you to just output the URL, it’s a native WP feature. If you want to make it a “Featured Video” like in the demo, then you must install CF-Post-Formats widget that’s included in the theme zip and from there, insert a video in the “Video” post format :)
WordPress uses avatars from, so to change it you should sign up on their website with the e-mail you are using on you blog and upload an image.

Best Regards, Arnar

Hey mate!

You’re right, if I use the link it works great! However, the video player size is too wide for the content area – any thoughts on how to fix that?

Cheers for the great after sales support.

Yeah we actually fixed this in the new v2.1 update! You can get it here on ThemeForest right now ( free of course ).

And no problem at all, we are here to help :)

Best Regards, Arnar