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Hello! I have a question – is it possible to adapt this theme in Russian language?

Thank you !

Yeah, there’s a language file included so you can translate it with ease, there are also instructions in the Documentation on how to achieve this :)
Best Regards, Arnar

Hi. Great Theme. I have a question. Is the site SEO optimized?

Hi, thank you. Yes it’s SEO optimized with the right meta tags and header tags, everything is in it’s place :)
Best Regards, Arnar

For future releases I’d like to be able to easily remove the large author and related sections below articles. It would also be nice to have point-and-click coloring for the theme (or at least a page in admin with hex codes). The colors are a bit all over the place (both in terms of editing the CSS as well as the actual choice of colors.)

Oh, and I noticed that I can’t just copy-paste the URL into the Video field, yet it says I can above the form—“VIDEO URL (OEMBED) OR EMBED CODE” (I tried URLs from both YouTube and Vimeo.) Is this a bug in the theme or… does it just not do that?

Overall, nice theme with just a few head-scratchers.

I managed to miss an entire page of settings that has the color and check-boxes I was looking for. That’s the problem with modifying themes late at night. ;)

I would be interested to hear if the video URL embed is working as it should, however.

Hi rdouthit!

If you put in an embedded code it should work, I’ll look into the problem you pointed out, it should be working but we may have overlooked this, thank you for notifying us! :)

Best Regards, Arnar

hi there i recently bought this theme and its great but my site is not showing properly on IE8. it’s not alligned properly and some text is cut out and i have also checked the theme itself on IE and there many problems on IE 8. Could you kindly advise on what to do thanks

Hi ayodeji85, we are having trouble debugging the theme for IE8 since we don’t have it installed. We do our best with the compatibility mode in IE10 but it just doesn’t work to it’s fullest, I’ll take a look at these problems and keep it updated for IE8, thank you for pointing this out!

Best Regards, Arnar

Hey, love this theme. I was checking it out the other day and everything was great. I just went to revisit the demo before I purchase, and there’s now a php error on the sidebar featured post at the top right of the preview. The error is:

Notice: Undefined index: order in /home/bluth/public_html/wordpress/bliss/wp-content/themes/bliss/inc/widgets/bl_featured_post.php on line 59

I’ll wait before I purchase. Thanks!

Hi, yeah I was messing around with the new update, I’m sorry, it’s been fixed ( the purchase zip is all good of course :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hello author,

You made a great theme, just i quick question how can i replace the viadeo icon with the deviantart icon!

I notice that you use fontello for the icons but i cant find where i should edit it! Could you please provide me with the information?

Hi, thanks for the kind words :)

You can find a list of available icons in Theme Options -> Pages & Posts, scroll a bit down and you’ll see you can modify the icons on each post format using the “Edit” button.

Best Regards, Arnar

Hello Arnar,

this is not what i meant, on the top right of the page you can add your social links like facebook, twitter and etc. I want to edit the “Viadeo” icon and replace it with the “DeviantArt” icon. From the Pages & Posts is not possible. I think that i have to edit it somewhere inside the code.

If you point me to the correct file i think that i will be able to change it!

Thank you!

Ah sorry for the misunderstanding, the icon is located in header.php around line: 264 :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi nice looking theme few pre sales Questions.

1. Can i change the with of sidebar and content area, if yes how?

2. i saw 4 places of ad banner in you demo (1)above header (2) below header (3) below content (4) in side bar

can i put ads in between blog posts list and post footer ?

how many ads sidebar can have?

3. can change the color of sticky menu bar background color and transparency.

Yeah, if you look at our Theme Features page you’ll see the Advertising positions, these are also available for shortcodes or HTML. So you could use a slider plugin that uses shortcodes and implement that in those areas as well :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Thanks for quick reply, what i understand, I have to create a page and use shortcodes or HTML in it to create custom look of blog,

Can i show latest posts from different categories on one page, like Articles, Tutorials and Tips and display them in Grid or Blog list using Shortcodes and HTML?

Is there any plans to add Visual Page builder in feature

The advertising positions are fixed so you could for example, show it only on your front page if you’d like that.

The latest post question, I actually updated our Bluthcodes plug-in with the option to get post lists by category, you could style it with our child theme if you wanted a grid layout for example, and you could of course use the native functionality of WordPress and display posts only from one category ( using our grid layout or normal layout ).

We do not have any plans to add a Visual Page builder, we felt it didn’t suit the category of a personal blog, we provide a variety of options to customize the theme in other ways ( images, colors, layouts, options etc. )

Hope this helps :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Thanks so much for all your help. I’m loving this theme, and support has been above and beyond what anyone should normally expect. You guys are the best!

Thanks, that means a lot to us! Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Does it work with Jogoshop?

I installed Jigoshop and tried it out, it works but there are some stylings that need to be done, I’m actually going to add this to my to-do list, it would be a cool feature to have in Bliss, thanks for the idea!

Best Regards, Arnar

Hello Is there a font “Lato” Cyrillic? I would like to install the template on the Russian site.

Hi, You can choose from 500+ fonts using the font changer on the Theme Options page. The font “Lato” does not have Cyrillic but you could use “Open Sans” which is very similar.

Quick question.. why is it repeating my website title in the tab? Love the theme by the way.

Have a look here –

Hmm, that’s odd. It’s displaying the description of the theme in the tab title. What’s in your description area?

Oh, and I love what you’ve done with the theme, colors and fonts are great! :)

1. Can u add “LOVE A Post” like
2. Can i turn off all your sharing and use my own digg digg sharing plugin ?

1. We probably won’t do that although we’d love the functionality, the reason we don’t feel comfortable with it is because we’d have to do it with a plug-in, so users could take the information to other themes if they decide to switch ( I’d be pissed off with my theme developer if I would lose information on switch ). We’ve talked about this here at Bluth and came to the conclusion that there are a plethora of plug-ins already out there that provide this functionality, have you tried installing one and seeing how it works with the theme?

2. Yes, there’s an option in our Theme Options to turn off all sharing buttons, so you could implement your own without the distractions of ours :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi, I recently bought this beautiful. Yet, I find that it loads very slowly. My site is I have uninstalled several plugins to make it faster. Have you any advice to make it faster?

Kind regards, Irene

Hi PixelPrinses!

I suggest you reduce the count of your posts on the front page ( to maybe 6-7 ). A small change but it makes a bit of a difference.

You can also install the plug-in W3 Total Cache. After you’ve set it up, go to Performance ( in the admin menu to the left ) then General Settings and enable Page Cache with Disk: Enhance option below. Also enable the Database Cache.

If this doesn’t work, I suggest you try another hosting provider as that is often the case for slow websites ( or upgrade your plan ) :)

Hope this helps

Best Regards, Arnar

My featured post image gets distorted no matter what I do, and all my regular post images get distorted when I enable cropping. What is going on?

Hey kulamoku, try installing this plug-in and run it. You probably just need to regenerate the thumbnails to make it work.

Let me know if that helps :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi, what font is used for the logo image file at the top?

Hi, the font used in the logo is called Moderna :)

Hello! When i tried to pay for this theme, i got this:

Your purchase of Bliss | Personal Minimalist Wordpress Blog Theme was unable to be processed by PayPal. Please try using a different credit card, or we also support Skrill deposits.

I never had any problems with my paypal account, i always buy things online. I really need to buy this theme, how can we arrange a payment?

Your welcome, thanks for purchasing :)

I’m already asking questions! haha here we go: How can I remove featured image in every post?

Hi, may I ask why you want to do that?
If you are migrating from an older theme you can regenerate the thumbnails so they look good in your new theme. However if you still need to do this you might want to find a plugin that you can use to bulk edit posts and remove the featured image from each and every post.

The theme supports “photomosaic for WordPress”?

Hey wflipe, I’m unable to test it right now, but there shouldn’t be any problems at all. The Jetpack gallery works great and so should this. If you happen to run into any problems then by all means put it in our support forum and we’ll answer as quickly as we possibly can! :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Before buying this theme, I have a quick question: most of my posts will be Galleries. I like the featured quality the images have (with the previous/next arrows) and the fact I can click on the image and enlarge it. Nevertheless, it only enlarges one image. I was expecting a lightbox gallery to open up, where I could navigate trough the enlarged photos by clicking on previous/next arrows or using the keyboard arrows. Is that a problem with the demo or it doesn’t include it in the template? Can it be added on?


That’s actually a very good pointer, I hadn’t thought of this. I’ll add this to my to-do list and put it in an update! Thanks for the idea! :)

Best Regards, Arnar

I was wondering if this theme was compatible with the woo-commerce plugin.

It should work, but we haven’t styled it to fit the theme, so it probably won’t look like part of the theme.

Best Regards, Arnar

WoW! Amazing Theme! :shocked:

Thank you! Means a lot to us! :)

Best Regards, Arnar