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My client has purchased this theme for me to develop for them, hence no ‘purchased’ badge. I just want to add a RevSlider to the homepage. There doesn’t appear to be an archive or category page to add it to other than the header, which clearly will add it to all pages and posts.

Where is the post archive / category page to edit?

If it’s a shortcode then you can use the Adspace to place the shortcode and choose where you want to display it.
Let me know if that helps :)
Best Regards, Arnar


When do you think the new update will come out? I am looking to purchase soon and would love to have the featured slider before the most recent posts.

Appreciate the feedback!

thanks a lot! any timeframe though? sorry for all the questions

Hey justin, I updated the theme yesterday and this feature is implemented, so I just put a widget area above the content ( the blog ), when you drag the Bluth Featured Posts Slider in that area it will scale up and look great :)

Thanks for the pointer, I hope this satisfies you :)

wow you guys are the best, i will purchase tonight!

Hi. thanks for great theme. it’s working well. I have just two question.:)

1. Can I change the header color of right sided facebook widget? I tried at the ‘color and fonts’ tab, all widgets are changed except for the facebook widget… still facebook’s blue color..

2. i think the space between the social sharing buttons and author box of each posts. Can i make it shorter?

thank you for your kindness. :)

FOR 2nd question: I just have noticed ‘the space’ was prev./next post tab. sorry. just hope you to tell me about the q.1. :)

Hey there cherhy

This is how you target the facebook header

.bl_likebox .widget-head{}

It’s a stuck color, but you can change it this way :) You might want to add a background-image: none; there too, because of the background image that’s currently there.

Best Regards, Arnar

How do I change the color of the post type icon?, If I pick a different color the post icon color is still blue.

There are choices to change the colors of all the post icons in Theme Options -> Post & Pages, do they not work for you? Might it be cached?

Have you changed the correct option? There are special options for each post format, you can find them in your wordpress admin panel under Appearance -> Theme Options -> Posts & Pages. If you scroll down on that page until you see “Audio Post Color”. That’s the color you need to change to change the color of the audio posts for example.

Hey guys!

First of all, the theme is PERFECT. Seems like you guys thought of every single detail a blogger might want to have.

Here is my question: Since I have quite a few youtube videos/soundcloud iframes on the homepage, the website takes a good 5-10 seconds to load. How can I change the pagination from 10 posts down to 5-6? Also, what plugin would you recommend to help speed up the website?

Thanks a lot guys and great work!

P.S. 2 things I think would be cool to have in future updates: - Rating so we can know what posts are most popular. - Ad space on the sidebar.

Hey there, that’s a default WordPress setting, go to Settings -> Reading and there you’ll see the Blog pages show at most, alter that number and it’ll change.

I’d recommend W3-Total-Cache to speed up the website, we’re using that right now and it’s working great, you’ll have to read a bit about how it works to get the most of it, but it works like a charm once you get a bit familiar with it :)

We probably won’t implement a rating plug-in because of the nature of the theme, but we might support a plugin in the future

I’ve actually just added support for Google Adsense in the newest version, check it out! It’s really easy to use as well

Best Regards, Arnar

I just bought the theme, but i can’t’ install it because it says missing style sheet, how can i fix this?

thanks, can you send me the blue header image you have in the demo to my email please? justin.pham @ thx!

thank you!

Hi, I tried to get rid of the highlight on links within posts. I was able to do that but not the text is white (which looks blank). How do I change the text color for links to black?


Add this to your Theme Options -> Custom CSS

article.type-post p a{ color: #333333 }

Great! Thanks!

However, now there’s extra spacing (where the highlight used to be). How do I change that?

Here’s the link in case you need a visual.

Ah, sorry. Try this:

article.type-post p a{ 
  padding: 0; 
  margin: 0;
  color: #333333 

I’d love to see an html version of this one!

Yeah we’ve been wondering about converting some of our themes to HTML versions. If we’ll do that I’ll let you know.

Hi! very nice theme ! But there are some “widget” problems: A) Bluth Featured Post display only 1 post (slide works, but it’s only the same post is displaying).

B) Bluth Tabs don’t display featured image inside the round.

Another thing: an alert box tells me that CF Post Format is not installed and it is installed.

Thank you for your help. Best regards. Mathieu

Hi Arnar. Thank you for your quick reply. Yes sure, thare more than one posts with the same tag. I installed Bliss theme on an another URL and WP and the problem is the same.

Ah, my bad, I’ll fix this in the next update, in the meantime you can go to the bliss/inc/widgets/bl_featured_post.php and in line ~ 29 change this line:

'numberposts' => empty($instance['slider']) ? 1 : 10,

to exactly this:

'numberposts' => 10,

That should fix it :)

YES ! 1 problem resolved ! thank you very much. Let me know when you’ll fix the other bug. No stress :-)

Pre-sale questions: Is it SEO optimized or we need to DIY it? Any recommend SEO plugin that will work well with this theme?


It has basic SEO features like meta tags for social networks and of course the theme is semantic and well structured. SEO is not all about how the code is written but also the content itself.

If you want to dig deeper into SEO I recommend the Yoast SEO plugin. Just make sure to enable SEO plugin support in the theme options to hand over all SEO functionality to the plugin so there won’t be no conflicts.


I installed the widget MailChimp newsletter. But adds no emails in MailChimp list. The api key is correct.

thank you very much

Hi, I found the issue and fixed it.

As said before we’ll include this in the next release but if you want the fix now I can send you the fixed file via email, just drop me a line at

I have sent the email but not if you got them

Sorry, your email must have gotten buried, I sent it to you right now :)

What are the 4 widgets that Breeze has but excluded here? I’m torn between this one and Breeze.

I’m gonna leave this question open for Arnar my colleague to answer, he was in charge of development for this theme. It’s already 00:25, have to hit the hay. He’ll get back to you in the morning on this one :)

Hey there, Arnar here!

There are actually 14 widgets in Bliss as well, I just hadn’t gotten around to updating the description apparently, the widgets for both of them are:

Bluth Author
Bluth Categories
Bluth Featured Post
Bluth Flickr
Bluth Google ADS
Bluth Google+ Badge
Bluth HTML
Bluth ImageBox
Bluth Instagram
Bluth Likebox
Bluth Newsletter
Bluth Social Widget
Bluth Tabs
Bluth Tweets

I recently put the Google ADS widget up in Bliss as well, so that’s there.

There’ll be more updates coming for Breeze for sure, but Bliss will still be updated, just not as hasty :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Can you also have the “share social buttons” on the home page like you did with Breeze?

Yes, that’s also an option in Bliss :)

I love the theme very much. One thing though, is it possible to adjust the width of the widgets on the right hand side? I use adsense ads on my site and i want the width to be the same size as the ads are. Is that possible to do?


Ah I see, I’m actually trying to put in the update right now and that has a fix for this problem :)

how can i get the update? i mean, where do i download it from? thanks!

You can download it from your ThemeForest download page. Just replace the theme install with the new one, there won’t be any overwrites in your Theme Options and you won’t lose any settings :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Thank you for the big update on 2-12-13 really thumbs up to you whereas breeze theme is also a good theme can you tell these modifications to me >>> <<<

Whats new in update

I’m updating the changelog right now :)

Thx for the updates Hope next we see fixed widget option or fixed sidebar

Thank u again

A 5* theme

Feature request: Hide the date completely in a post.

Why: I’m wanting to create an evergreen content site and it would be nice to remove the date completely. Thanks.

I’ll add it to our to-do list :) Thanks!

hi I just bought and installed the theme. An odd thing happening: Some posts on the home page are wider than others and some have a huge gap between them.

2nd Issue, the suggested posts are blank with a messed up share area.

Also, is thee a way to turn off displaying the featured image at the top of a clicked post?

Site is

I might have already fixed this for the next update, it’s a masonry problem, I’m trying to put it in right now and I’m pretty confident that it’ll fix this issue.

Regarding the posts, you can add this CSS and it should remove the featured image from the single post view, add it in your Theme Options -> Custom CSS field

.single .entry-image img {
    display: none;

Let me know if that helps :)

Best Regards, Arnar

My wordpress not work, can’t post anything,

I try to post with 465 words, it cut and save to db only 50 words.

some body else help me

Does it only show 50 words when you click the post or are you talking about the excerpt?

You can control how many words are shown in the excerpt in the theme options or you can disable it all together and show the whole post.

If that doesn’t work try switching to another theme and if it’s still happening you know it’s an issue with WP or a server issue.

You can then try upgrading WP to 3.8 if you haven’t already. Let me know how it goes.

This theme is absolutely beautiful and you guys have been quick to answer both of my questions :)

If you’d be so kind as to answer one more question:

I’ve been able to change the typeface for blog posts by adding:

article.type-post p { color: #000000; font-family: arial; }

I know it has to be similar but how do I change it on all of the other pages?


Hi again :)

Try this

article p { color: #000000; font-family: arial; }

if that doesn’t work try this

article.type-page p { color: #000000; font-family: arial; }

Let me know if that works :)

Best Regards, Arnar


I’ve asked so many questions, sorry. But for my blog, is there a way to disable the link changing color of the title on the homepage when someone hovers over it?


No problem at all :)

Do you want a fixed color on your links you mean? You can add this to your Theme Options -> Custom CSS

article.type-post p a{ color: red; }

Just change the color to something you’d like.

Hope this helps, Arnar