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Great Themes I checked all your themes and they look awesome and cool.

Thank you! Really means a lot! :)

Have both Full Width Pages AND sidebar pages on the one website at the same time, is this possible?

I answered your post in our support forum :)

Thanks. Really loving the theme. I’m looking forward to buying more copies for my future projects starting in the next couple of weeks. Are you likely to update the version again soon?

Yeah we’ll update both Bliss and Breeze when the Holidays are over, we have been very busy with family gatherings and such, a good problem I suppose :)

In the pullquote function, how do i add the source of the person who said the quote?

Hey brixxyx, that’s currently not available in the Bluthcodes, we saw this shortcode as more of an extract from the post itself, but it’s a valid request, I’ll add it to my to-do list actually and put it in an update :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi there, I am considering buying this this theme for a friends blog site. Can I create an archive section for posts, by category? Thanks Tim.

Hi, there’s a native functionality in WordPress that allows you to put a specific category in the menu and it’ll fetch all the posts from that particular category, is that what you mean?

We are also adding an archive page in the next update :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi Arnar, Thanks for getting back to me. I was more interested in the archives page. Glad to hear it’s coming in the next update. That’ll swing the purchase your way. BTW: love your theme. Cheers, Tim.

Thanks Tim :D


I just bought your theme. It looks great for me :). A quick question is I try to set the featured box but it does not show on the first page. I set the tags as “featured” and also created the category “featured” as well.

could you suggest me what can I do? thanks

Hey there,

It’s actually fetching the tag “featured”. Try and put a “featured” tag on a couple of posts and see if that doesn’t work :)

Best Regards, Arnar

This is an awesome theme! Very clean and easy to read, yet very dynamic with what you can do with it. One question: is there any plan to make the mobile menu more like the button with the slide over menu like in the other themes? If not, I’d like to add that as a feature request.

Hey, thanks for the complements! :)

Yeah, I really want to change the menu, but I’ll have to be very cautious so that I don’t mess up any menus that older customers have customized. I’ll add this in the next update :)

any video tutorial for this theme?

There really isn’t a need for a video tutorial for Bliss, it’s documented and the Theme Options pretty much explain themselves with descriptive fields on each option. If you would have any questions, you could always go to our support forum as well and we’ll answer them as soon as we can :)

Hi, I installed the theme at but for some reason the pagination isn’t showing.

Hmm, that’s odd. Do you have any plug-ins active? Jetpack’s infinity scrolling perhaps?

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi Arnar, no, I don’t have any plugins active besides the ones that are required for the theme to function. I tried installing Jetpack and enabling infinite scroll, but it doesn’t work either.

Have you tried reducing the article count on the front page to see if that works? Maybe this is a WordPress option or something you accidentally checked? I can’t possible think of what might cause this within our theme

Where on this theme can we upload an image for the favicon? Or do we need to bring in another plugin?

Thanks for your help

This is actually scheduled for the next update, I’m working on it right now :)

Where on this theme can we upload an image for the favicon? Or do we need to bring in another plugin?

Thanks for your help

This is actually scheduled for the next update, I’m working on it right now :)

hey there your theme is amazing i really love it thanks for making it im considering buying it next week… is this theme ready for wordpress 3.8 thanks :)

Do you have an url so I can take a look?

hey i fixed it i have one question how do i edit the meta tags add a tittle etc

If you want extensive SEO features I recommend you turn them off in Bliss and install something like the SEO plugin from Yoast, it’s got way more capabilities than what we put in the theme and more customization :)

Just remember to turn them off in Bliss to avoid a conflict.

Hello, This is a beautiful theme! I have two questions : 1 – how does the gallery type post work? It doesn’t always seem to function. 2 – is it possible to have a slider as a featured image? Thanks!

Hi, thank you first of all :)

1. Just make a new post and select a gallery type, when you do that you’ll see some options appear and there you can put the images in the slider. What problems are you having?

2. That’s exactly what the gallery does :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Is there anyway I can get rid of the header altogether on my site? I just want the mini Logo and the menu bar, no header at all. Is that possible?

Yeah sure, add this to your Theme Options -> Custom CSS:

.top-banner{ display: none; }

Best regards, Arnar

for some reason this theme crashes all my browsers on my ipad… chrome, safari, opera… when it loads the theme demo.

works fine on android…

Yeah that’s just because iPads really don’t work well with iframes and fixed elements, it’s just because of the top frame that it crashes, I’ll put a mobile query for future viewers, thanks for the heads up! :)

Also yeah you can change the height with some CSS, I’ve already put in a fix and it will be applied in the next update. In the meantime you can put in this CSS if you have this problem:

#bl_likebox > iframe {
    height: 540px !important;

We won’t be abandoning Bliss any time soon, it’s honestly too popular for us to just up and leave it. We’ll keep updating and fixing it for some time :)

that’s comforting words, purchased

Great! If you have any questions feel free to make a topic on our support forums :)

Hi just a quick question – how do I align the top navigation to center instead of left? Possible?

Incredible work on this btw.

Thanks first of all :)

Try putting this in your Theme Options -> Custom CSS

#masthead .bluth-navigation .container {
    text-align: center;
.navbar {
    display: inline-block;
    float: none;

This will mess up your search though, you should disable it if you want to use this fix. If you want any more customization I’m afraid you’re going to have to hire a freelancer or try and mess with it yourself :)

This is a great theme for Trouge trends ( – Come and visit to see how we used this amazing theme.

Also, Is there any way to add featured images to video posts?

Nice, well done with your website!

In the new update you can choose a custom thumbnail for each post

Thanks! And thats great news :)


I really like the look of this theme, but I’m looking for a theme that also has a secondary menu option. Is this possible with this theme?

Just giving it a shot because this theme is so nice and would like to use it.


Hmm, no unfortunately we don’t have one of those. Would that be a Wishlist support function?

Ok, thanks for your quick reply. I’ll be using this theme for a different customer, it’s so good :)

Great, look forward to another purchase from you sbnuman! :)


I’ve bought this theme and am loving it. I do have a question though. The Facebook share option beneath a post is very slow to load and it won’t show the featured pictured used for the post, only pictures from the side bar. Furthermore, is it only possible to have a share button? I would rather have a like button, or both.



Hi sorry, for a better response time I suggest you head on over to our Support forum, we’re much more active over there.

The first question is a question you should direct to the plugin author, I can’t give you any answers regarding this unfortunately.

The second one is something I’ve fixed in the upcoming update but in the meantime you can add this to your Theme Options -> Custom CSS

#content .entry-content a.more-link:hover{
     color: #E58A53

The code worked!. I’ll go to your forum for future questions.


Great! No problem :)

Hi, I saw your theme and I love it, but I have a question: in the author page (, is possible to post a customized cover (not avatar) for every user (every user can decide their own cover)?

I’m sorry for my bad English, congratulations for the theme,


It’s coming in an update but in the mean time you could do this with a simple CSS rule in the Custom CSS field of the theme options.

Just replace the username in the rule ”.author-username” with the username of the author and the url for the image.

.author-daxterprogrammer .author-meta .author-header {
  background-image: url("") !important;

Thank you very mutch!

No problem! :)

I want to use video as my “featured image”...

it asks me to put in Video Url (Oembed) or Embed Code..

can you show me the code you used on your themeforest demo as it keeps the aspect ratio of the video without adding black bars. the one that is in the demo, does not work as it should.

This is the code that we’re using on the demo site:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I’m a bit confused though, it should be aligning the aspect ratio correctly.

seems it was an issue with local development… i deployed it live and it works fine…

would like to suggest adding newsletter api support for Aweber and GetResponse as well as the 3 major brands are aweber, getresponse and mailchimp.

I would like to have a border-radius of 5 on the posts boxes… do i need to create a ticket on the support forum? it seems a bit too square for me.

last question, does this theme support ubermenu?

rated 5 stars

Hi, sorry for the late reply for a quicker responce, I recommend you sign up for our support forums.

I’ll look into the other newletter api’s, but I can’t promise you anything right now. I’ll put it on our to-do list though.

Try adding this to Theme Options -> Custom CSS

.box{ border-radius: 5px; }

If that doesn’t work then I recommend you create a ticket on our support forum for a faster reply as well :)