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My theme is not able to display icons (social and others properly). website

Update the theme to the latest version and all of your problems will be fixed.

I’m having the following problem when checking the box:

“Check this to make your own color theme” to edit the theme colors nothing happens.

Thank you….

Hey, it’s in Bliss/inc/theme-options/js/theme-options.js – there are a few rules that are pointing to the theme option specifically for the theme there which you can change and it should work.


Not a problem! :)

what has happened with the fonts? they seem distorted or weak?

(yes i will sign up for the support forum despite i hate signing up)

sending private msg through profile

sending a new message through profile which is exactly the problem I, and several others have

I replied to your email pleiadene :)

how do I remove og tags.

Disable the SEO functionality in Theme Options -> Theme Options ( the bottom checkbox )

Would be helpful if you added github as part of your social icons. Everything else for this theme is perfect! Thank you.

Thank you. The Github icon is on my to-do list.

I saw that you updated v2.5 to add GitHub. However, its only on the social box, but not on the Appearance>Theme Options> Social. Please update with this micro fix! Also I noticed that the post date format does not reflect the setting on wordpress settings>general>date format. Thank you for your help!

You can actually add it yourself since we won’t be releasing an update this fast for Bliss, we like to have our updates with more content then hotfixes, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Go to bliss/header.php and in line ~ 266 add this line:

echo '<a target="_blank" href="**INSERT YOUR URL HERE**"><i class="icon-github-1" /></a>';

Just change the URL to the one you want to direct to and you should be all set.

Hi, I am on the market for a new theme. I recently left you a couple questions on Breeze but found my way to Bliss and I think I like it a bit more!

The only thing I would love if I downloaded Bliss would be, the more sophisticated mobile dropdown of Breeze. I really like the three lines for a menu as opposed to the standard simple dropdown bar. Would there be anyway if I downloaded Bliss to incorporate the dropdown menu bar of Breeze?

That has been on the to-do list for a while now, but we have deemed other things more important, I’ll put it at the top of the list and see what I can do for future releases :)

OK, thanks. I might just wind up going with Breeze if you think it’ll be a while.

I just put in an update that changes the button to a more aesthetically pleasing menu button, it’s still a dropdown, but it looks great on mobile because it’s a select box.

It was impossible to incorporate the exact Breeze menu, simply because we don’t like doing any significant changes when over 1.100 people have bought the theme as it is. I hope you understand :)

hello, pretty new to all this but when i attempted to install the theme it said the stylesheet was missing and failed to install..

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

thankyou for the quick reply, that took care of the issue, i have one more question tho and if theres a better way to contact you for support let me know. On my main page after adding new pages, the links do not appear under the header like they should, the new pages are all there but the “search bar area” where the links should be shows nothing?

answered my own question as far as the menu goes, thanks!

Great, let us know if there’s anything else :)


What’s new in the update?

Can you give us a changelog please?


I just put it in, you can see it in the description :)

Thanks so much for the Update! :) I love this theme.

You are extremely welcome! It’s a pleasure dealing with our awesome customers! :)


One user have problems to post in “status”. He not see the box “Facebook”, “Google+” and “Twitter”. I believe the problem is the type of account. He is “editor” and therefore can not see. Now when I go in as “Administrator” I can see perfectly. Would give this permission to it, without changing the account type? I can not allow a user to access other sections of the Wordpress. Can you help me?

I’m not sure why this is happening, I tried this and it works fine. Are you sure his permission is “Editor”?

Also there isn’t anything that is preventing other users from accessing this part of the back-end. Does he have a javascript error on his page?

Could you give me login details as an editor to your website so I can take a look? You can send me details to

Just review. Everything is ok. It may just be a bug, as what has happened sometimes not show the tabs of “CF Post Formats” only after refresh the page.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion.


Quick question:

How do I change the font color for the page numbers and “next page” text at the bottom of the blog? Right now it’s white text on a white background.

Here’s my site:

Thanks for your help :)


Hey there!

Put this into your Theme Options -> Custom CSS

.pagination > a{ color: #333333; }


Is it possible to make the font / spacing used on blog posts also apply to pages too? I would like everything to look the same in that regard.

Thanks for any advice.

Ah I see, put this into your Theme Options -> Custom CSS

.type-page .the-content > p{ line-height: 2; }

Just change the number “2” to the one you are using :)

Ah thank you very much for the quick response, managed to fix that :).

Can i ask one more quick question. At the bottom of my main blog page the page numbers to view previous pages to view older posts are no longer visable. I could be sure these were before i updated the theme however, am i missing something obvious here as i’ve been playing around with the settings trying to get them back.

Hmm, that’s strange. Could you give me a link to your website?

I just paid for your theme and when I tried to upload it in wordpress the the upload failed and this is the message that is displayed The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Thanks for your help

You are using the wrong zip file to upload, use and not :)

As suggested here

Great theme! Is there custom CSS code to change the size of the logo? I’m using the logo on the left header option but I’d like to make the logo bigger. Thank you!

Thank you! Is there a way to omit the circle author’s avatar that appears with each post?

Yeah there’s an option in Theme Options for that :)

Found it! Thank you

I think there’s an issue with the mediaelement.js on this theme…

tried to run 2.5 on several installs, dreamhost, wpengine, local host development… using the [audio] shortcode tag built into version v3.6…

when pressing the play button it displays “Download file”

how do you embed a mp3 audio file with bliss? not sound-cloud.

it works perfectly when using another theme or standard twentytvelwe… even tried to disable all non-bliss plugins.

sending you a private message through the profile

did you receive my email? i created a user so you could access my dashboard.

Hi again, I found the issue. We were using the media element player when WordPress didn’t use it properly (earlier versions) and now it’s interfering with it. So you can go to theme.min.js and in line ~ 330 where this line is: $('video,audio').mediaelementplayer(); you can just delete that. I’ll release the fix in the next update as well


Bought this theme last week and i love it!

Just one question: I want to use the featured image to appear in the featured widget and above the posts in the homepage, that’s no problem, but I don’t want it to appear above the single post when reading the post. How can I change this?


This should do it :)

.single .entry-image {
    display: none;



Ok..have been trying to find this out by myself for an hour now. Better to ask the question here.

I would like to change the margin around the headings, and also change the font size of the different headings. Where and how can I do that?

Thanks again1 Esther

Hmm, nothing happens with the headings using this. Isn’t it something with margin around h2, h3 etc?

Ok…found it.. h4 { padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px; }

Great job :)

I REALLY like this theme and was going to purchase…..BUT I need to know if this theme compatible with Internet Explorer 8. I don’t see it in the compatibility listing to the right.

Please let me know ASAP, I want to upload this today.


Hi, sorry for the late reply we respond much faster to emails and support.

Unfortunately we don’t provide IE8 support, it was listed like that, however we decided to stop supporting it.

Hi! Got your theme almost the way I want it at Just a question: how can I make the search/navbar a bit transparent (the color like it is now, but 50% transparant)? Same question for the header (where it says sterestherster and has the social links).


Put this in your Theme Options -> Custom CSS

header#masthead, .navbar-inverse .navbar-inner, .dropdown-menu, .widget-head{
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(188, 217, 186, 0.5);

It’s a bit more difficult to make the top header transparent as it will mix the colors with the green one so it won’t look right

Thanks! In the end I didn’t use it, because when scrolling I couldn’t read the menu anymore ;).

How do we set the profile pictures for users?

You need to set the profile image at, it’s a service owned by the same company that makes wordpress and is the default way to add avatar to WP sites.

Just make sure you use the same email that your users have on your site.