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Good color combinations and nice looking theme buddy. Good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much!

The new colors look very nice and fresh! Good luck with the WP version! :-)

Thank you very much budd!

...has personality… like it…

I noticed the video didn’t scale when I narrowed the browser (chrome)... will it take youtube, vimeo, Amazon S3, & self-hosted?

The video should be resizing, but we will check. Thank you for telling us.

So far we only added support for vimeo, but in the next update, which we plan to upload in a couple of days, we will add shortcodes for adding video, media in content and adding support for them in the slider.

Wow! Now that’s a nice looking theme. Great color combo, design and everything. Will be getting this one soon.

Thank you!

I notice the “slider on every page” – is there a way to enable/disable that per page?

Awesome work!

Unfortunately we did not add the possibility of no slider on a page, but if we see that there is some interest or if someone purcases and requests, then we will add the functionality in one of the updates.

look great , good luck with sales :)


nice theme, good luck with sales.

Thank you!


Thank you mate!

Awesome! Good color combinations! :)

Thank you very much!

Finally, something colorful :) . It looks great.
Good luck with sales :)


Glad you like it. Thank you!

Fantastic color work , wish you the best with this one :)

Thank you very much!

Nice work:) GLWS

Thank you!

Congrats with wordpress version! Skins are very nice! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much!

Nice work, man.
I like the new colors :)

Good luck with sales.

Thank you!

Great job although I also would like the slider option to have a way to enable/disable that per page? Is the slider that is used on the blog page and shortcode page the same just changing the height and can you have it showing different text or images on each page??


yes, the theme has 2 different types of sliders as you can see you can have different content on each page and you can choose the big media + text slider or just text for every page seperate. Saddly for now you can not turn the slider off all together but we will update this in couple of days.

Thank you.

Thank you!

Will you add support for 3rd level menu items. Right now any additional menu items after 2nd level don’t appear.

hi, we will see , probobly we will include it if there is enough interest for it. thank you for purchasing. cheers!

I have found a couple of issues maybe.

1). Menus are really good on a touch device, like iPad. If you have a sub menu under main menu, it appears quickly but advances to main menu level page and doesn’t allow user to select a sub menu item.

2). Blog archive is not functioning correctly. Archives for both September and August bring back exact same posts and so does individual category selections on the blog page bring back all post.

email me or provide me with a way to get you a direct link to check it out if you’d like, just don’t want to post a link here for a test site.

Hi, please contact us on support@anpsthemes.com and we can go from there, tho its 2:19 AM here and sunday :) so please be patient if i don’t answer straight away.

Thank you

very nice theme for my later project, but try checkit with http://validator.w3.org/ and cleanup code pls

Thank you for letting us know. We validated the site we uploaded to themeforest, but forgot to change our preview ( preview site has color picker, so we had to change some functions so it works as it does and we have to update them separately because of that ). So in short it is validated just not the preview.

Best regards.