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Hi I’m trying to make a few tweaks/changes to the design and i’ve got stuck. I would like to be able to do the following:

1) blue lines on left of background – not sure where those are 2) can’t seem to find the orange button/rollovers that I haven’t managed to get rid of 3) is it easy enough to add an image into the background instead of the flat red?

the URL is www.itsallaboutthe.co.uk thanks in advance



1. The blue line appears, because when you edited the sprite image, you made the blue box too big and the shadow is loading a part of it.

See pic for more info: http://oi50.tinypic.com/msyqzs.jpg

2. If you mean hover for the buttons, they are done in CSS:


3. You just need to replace the color with an image:

body, html {
background: #fe0000;

thanks for the quick reply. I assumed i broke the back lol. the sprites confuse me lol :)

We wanted to creat Blocked all via CSS, but there were to many paints for all those effects (shadows, gradients, etc.) and browser FTP count fell to low when you scrolled, so we created a sprite image instead. Sorry about that, sprites are kinda weird for me too :D

Is there a way to make the slider for text only taller?

Add this to your custom.css file and change the height value:

.slider-small, .slider-small .slider-inner {
    height: 173px;

Hi, I would like to use a different main wrapper background for each one of my pages in the website. So far I have located the background in the style.css file:

.main-wrapper-main {

background: #F7F7F7;
background-image: url('http://opensolution.gr/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/background11.png');

And I would like to add lines of code for each page seperately with a different background. Is that possible?

my website is located at opensolution.gr

Hi, we asked you before, could you please post here from account whit which you purchased this theme or contact us from our profile contact form so we get the confirmation that you purchased this theme.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards

Hello, i purchased your theme and I have a couple of questions:

1. my website is bilingual (english/greek). I have used the polylang plugin in order to translate the content and everything worked fine. Yet I would like to know if it is possible to translate the three blocks in the first page because right now they only redirect in the greek (original) content.

2. I would like to use a different main wrapper background in each page.

The code in style.css is:

.main-wrapper-main {

background: #F7F7F7;
background-image: url('http://opensolution.gr/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/background11.png');

Is there a way to add some code for each page seperately?

The address is opensolution.gr

thank you in advance, alice

1. This will require you to change some code. I’m not sure which translation plugin you are using so I can’t send you the exact code, but you will have to go to blocked/header.php and find the cubes by searching for <!- first cube ->, <!- second cube -> and <!- third cube ->.

Then inside of it you will have to change the PHP part to suit your translation plugin.

2. You can add your code in the blocked/header.php in the <style></style> tags and change it via PHP.

Hello, thank you for the reply. Regarding the first question, as I said, the plugin that I am using is polylang. Could you please be a little more specific about what code should I add?

Right now, with the polylang plugin, I can see an option for translating each page separately, which works perfectly. Also, in my widgets panel, after installing the polylang plugin, I am given the option to display each widget in one or more of my selected languages. However, in the theme options -> first page blocks -> there is an option for only one title, url and icon for each block. What I would like to know is if I could add some code in order to add a different url,title and icon for each language seperately.

(I have currently disabled the language switcher in my website for my client and have enabled only the default language).

Hello, sorry for not answering you sooner, but I have no experience with the mentioned plugin and I cannot offer support on a third party plugins.

Hello again, I would really like to know if these issues can be resolved. Excuse me for contacting you via the wrong account before, I would appreciate it if you could answer to me in this account.

alice opensolution.gr

Sorry for not answering you sooner. I just wrote a response to your first comment.

The default contact form was working in my development site but now that I have switched to live there is no email being sent. I’m really not sure even what email address it is going to because I don’t remember setting it up. Any ideas?

Hello, to set the email, go to Appearance – Blocked options – Theme options – Email.

Make sure that your server has the function mail() set in the php.ini file.

Good night. I’m making a website for a furniture store. I do not know how to make them look portfolio for product images. Can you help me?

Can you please send us more details about what you would like to achieve to support@anpsthemes.com.

Help: I’m working with a dev on the theme. The admin panels on the server installed theme look different. I am missing the “slider image with text” controls for styling the text. The entire bottom part of menuing in the text entry window are missing…Other dev has theme installed locally as well as remote server copy. I am working on remote server copy with no local install. How can we fix this? We need two people working at same time to meet deadline!!!

Sorry I am not exactly sure what is wrong. You did create two admin users? Please send a screenshot / link / WordPress login information to support@anpsthemes.com.

Here is screen shot from dev with local install and she was using remote install when she shot this: http://www.startupfactory.co/troubleShoot/adminpanel.jpg and my view is: http://www.startupfactory.co/troubleShoot/clip0009.jpg

Hello, aren’t the slider options located just below the content editor on the first image? (the grey box that is barely visible)


I’m interested in the theme, but not the PSD or Wordpress. Just the HTML files. If purchased, are you able to provide these?


hello, I bought your theme a few months and the portfolio function does not work. Please help me to set up because it bought the theme through features and when I install it does not work, I’m very frustrated.

I did all of these items, but it did not work. I am adding the items tab posts within the category portfolio and it does not appear on the correct page, also can not create a gallery of images that I mentioned above. The explanation given in the documentation do not match the template.

how do I solve this problem?

Hello, could you please send us an email to support@anpsthemes.com with your WordPress login information and we will check out what is the problem, as the theme should work as described above.

Hi, love the theme, but am having issue with demo content. Also posted on the forum. Thanks

Sorry for not responding sooner. We answered to all of our emails, please check you inbox.

We have bought the blocked theme for our website www.simplyhealthydiets.com. Recently we are having problems while posting the blog. List below shows the issues we are facing with this theme.

1. Images are not aligning properly when aligned left or right 2. Heading tags are not working as they should 3. Spacing issues; A lot of extra space is being added in between paragraphs 4. Block Quotes are also not working…

We have tried deactivating all plugins but that’s not helping.

Here’s the link to a blog post: http://simplyhealthydiets.com/eating-habits/


Hello, could you please contact us at support@anspthemes.com and provide us with your WordPress login access, so we can check why it is not working.

Sorry for having issues with our theme and I hope we can fix them quickly!

Hello anps,

I sent you an email on June 11th, regarding the portfolio filter which is not functioning anymore unfortunately. Could you pls have a look at my email and let me know if you can be of assistance? Thanks a lot!

Hello, sorry but we solved all the tickets form 11th, so could you please resend the email? (support@anpsthemes.com)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi I just purchased your theme. I love the theme, but after installing, and making changes they don’t take. Something as simple as changing the color of the them doesn’t work. I had to actually delete the theme and upload it again to change the color of the theme. But after re-installation, the changes still don’t save after pressing “Save All Changes”

Hello, sorry to hear that you are having issue with our theme. Blocked is our first WordPress theme and uses custom tables to save our settings. The problem is that servers sometimes don’t have all privileges and don’t install the tables on theme activation.

Please send us your WordPress login access to support@anpsthemes.com and we will set the tables for you (at least from the description I think this is what is causing the issues).

Thanks Anps for responding. I figured out the issue was with the clients Yahoo’s hosting server. I switched them to Bluehost, and if works fine.

Hi, I’ve purchased your template. Nice job!. – I have two questions. 1.) How can you replace the main slider image with a full sized image and still keep the text on top. The text seems to get hidden underneath. 2.) How do you add a background to the top half of the site?

1) Use this CSS:

.slider-images li {
    z-index: 1;

2) Only in the header part (where the boxes and sliders are)? Or exactly the top half?

Thanks Anps, and under the sliders, boxes and nav menu. Similar to the “Memory Gala” site. Thanks again. Your customer service is awesome.

Hello, I just noticed that I’m getting two syntax errors for .project-wrapper div undefined in the “wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.8.3” file. Do you have any idea what the error could be?

Is there a chance you could send us a link to your site so we can see the issue? We have not notice such an issue before, so we cannot tell you exactly what is causing the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, My site http://www.afirmacomunicacao.com.br/afirmacomunicacao.com.br/

When I post a gallery of photos with columns … On display is a photo below of one another and not side by side as it should be. How do I fix this?

Send us your WordPress login access to support@anpsthemes.com, so we can see why it is not working properly. Also please point us to the sub page that has the issue.

We did follow the link, but it was pointed to your index page.

Sorry, but with Blocked we did not add the gallery option. You can also create the gallery of images in the portfolio items trough the Featured image option.


Before buying your theme i’ve few questions :

-is it possible to add videos (from vimeo) on the slideshow ? -is it possible to use my own services icones ? (can i upload and replace it easily ?) -and is it possible to change the size and the number of these icones ?

Thanks a lot ! (And sorry for my english^^)


- our slideshow can be used as text only, text with images or videos (only from vimeo) with text

- they can be replaced easily

- if you mean the icons of the three blocks in the header, then sadly no, they are only designed for 3 blocks. But if you mean the company logos on the services page, then yes you can place them as many as you want.

I hope we have answered your questions. Feel free to contact us if you have anymore questions.