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can you please lend some advice, the theme only shows half of the website in mobile version: mogevents.com and you cannot scroll over to see full website, is there something I can do?

hi, send us access to wp again on support@anpsthemes.com.

Hi! I would like to use only one image in top of some parts of the website but I just have the possibility to add 2 or 3.

Indeed, if I put only one picture in the header, this picture will move after a while (transition from the image to nothing).

Have you a hint for this?

Please update the theme, because that was a bug in one of our previous version. Yes just add one image and don’t put anything in the other fields and it should stay in place.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help with updating, we can just send you the one .js file to fix that problem :)

Hi, Hi, I bought your theme, it looks great! But i have some trouble with the sliders:

- the automatic shift between sliders does not work. I have it set to 100. I also tried 1000 or 2000. - the navigation arrows in the slider do not function as the demo site. I cannot scroll indefinetely throught the sliders. I have installed 3 slider items, so i can only click 2 times left, and to times right. - the navigation bullits below the slider don’t seem to work, only for a short time after a refresh. If you click them once they work, but the second time they do not respond. - In the documentation says that if you only fill in one slider item it automatically changes into a static slider. In my installation that does not seem to work. the navigation bullits below the slider are still visible.

Can you please help me? If you want I can send you the login and the url for the site. It’s currently under construction and only visible when logged in.

Hi, I bought and downloaded the theme two days ago. Version 1.0

Please do send us the info and we will check it out

Hi! Thanks for the quick response! I have emailed you all the info

It seems no matter what I enter for “Speed timeout” for the slider, it stays the same. The interval time does not change. can you help?


Could you contact us on support@anpsthemes.com. Thank you

Hi there was a little bug with last update, with slider speed setting, we are just updating, those of you that bought it or will buy it contact us on support@anpsthemes.com so we can send you the corrected file so you do not wait for approval process.

Sorry and thank you for your understanding.

The new update and support worked perfectly. Thanks for your great help!

Thank you! Was glad to help!

hi, what is the best way to update the theme? I don’t want to lose or mess up all the work I have done and am worried that if I do something wrong I will. Should I download the latest version and then reinstall it? I want to have the up to date version with the bug fixes.

hello, the only way to update the theme, is by reinstalling it. We have one update pending approval, so please don’t update till then.

We can still send you the new files before that, just contact us at support@anpsthemes.com.

How can I make the read more button (for the read more shortcode on the homepage) a different color? I’d like it to be a shade of blue, but I can’t find the image file anywhere in the theme folder. My site is noogablacklion.com


Also, is there a way to make the portfolio page images not link to a zoomed-in version of the pic, but instead the post that corresponds to it?

This can be done but not trough wordpress also the colors of buttons can be customized trough css since they are css build and not an image, contact us on support@anpsthemes.com and we can give you further information.


Can the Read More Content include an image or just text? I tried adding an image but it seems to break the layout on tablets. Just wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if I’m not using the theme as intended.

The read more wasn’t intended on having an image. It might work if, you set the image width to 100% and it should also resize on responsive.

But for anything more you will need to tweak the CSS to make it work.


I bought this template today I was not aware that the responsive html will not be included with this WP Theme. Is there a way I can get the exact same version converted in Responsive HTML . I dont want to use this on WordPress.


Hi, so sorry, but responsive html is not ready yet, there is just nonresponsive html on themeforest available.

About converting wp to html you can convert it but you need time and coding knowledge.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your theme but I have a quick question. I noticed in the slider you can have a video. Can I have that video the only slide and make it auto-play?

You cannot set it inside wp, but we will be glad to help you with it, just contact us on support@anpsthemes.com after/if you buy it.

Best regards

I would like to add a captcha into the contact form. But I can’t even figure out where the files related to the contact form are! Can you please point me in the right direction or let me know if you would be able to do a customization like that for a price?

Thank you, Lindsey

Thank you for purchasing our theme.

Please to contact us with this question on support@anpsthemes.com and we will help you.

Best regaards

Hi, Love this file – so cool.

1 question – I see the varied colour schemes but I am assuming that the whole site (Header, main content area, footer) could in theory all be the same one colour? Obviously we could modify the CSS if necessary was just wondering if it could be done within the theme option e.g. are there custom colour options or if the colour variation are fixed to the schemes?

Hope that makes sense – thanks!

P.s does the portfolio support video items?

Hi, theme supports just preseted colors. But you can customise it via css and sprites, psd sprite is included. Portfolio does not support video. But if you need any help, please do contact us on support@anpsthemes.com. Thank you.

I have a YouTube video I want to use in the slider, but when I enter the video URL I get an error.

How can I use a YouTube video instead of a vimeo video?


Thank you for purchasing our theme, please contact us with your problem on support@anpsthemes.com. Thank you.

can i have more than 3 sliders? i want to have 6 sliders in total. Thanx in advance :-)

Hi, sadly our theme only supports max 3 sliders. Best regards

First off – love the theme – great job! I am having an issue with the menu, it will not respond when shrunk down to iPhone (cell phone) size – as in nothing from the menu shows up or is in the menu selection.

Hello, thank you for purchasing our theme

About the issue: did you select the main menu in apperance -> menues in theme locatins?

For further support please contact us on support@anpsthemes.com.

Thank you

Hi! Got a big issue with my blog posts… For example, bold, italic and bullet lists doesn’t work. Have I done something wrong or is it the case for everyone here???

hi, please report this issue to support@anpsthemes.com and add in your version of the theme, we will gladly help you resolve your problems. Cheers

How can I change the speed of the slider in order to make the slides each stay for longer? The slide show is going a bit too fast for my liking. I have played around with some of the slider settings, but can’t seem to figure out which setting actually makes the slide show go slower.

Double post sorry

Well that’s strange because I have the Speed Timeout set to 15000 (which should be 15 seconds), but if you look at my site, each slide appears for only about 3 seconds, which would be 3000 ms.


It appears you do not have the latest version, the timeout problem was fixed a couple of updates ago.

Hi, I sent you an email asking for updated version of this theme since it is not working correctly in my iPhone.

I need it asap. Please help!

Hi, thank you for purchasing.

I sent you a reply.

Best regards