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On my site (http://www.noogablacklion.com), I have two questions… At the bottom footer where the connect buttons were, I replaced it with a logo, but it’s not centered or properly in the box. How can I fix that? Also, on the portfolio pages, I’d like only one big photo instead of having the five with four along the side. How can I change that? (http://www.noogablacklion.com/some-project-title-goes-here-10/)


Oh, and one more thing. I made the homepage slider full-sized images, but the text doesn’t show up now, even though it’s set to media and text. How can I make it so that the text shows up on top of the images in the slider?

Thank you!


You will need to add some custom CSS to your custom.css file. Send us your WordPress information to support@anpsthemes.com and we will make those changes for you or if you want to do it yourself, at least let’s continue this conversation there, so we don’t paste code and other stuff here and mess the comments. :)

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I purchased this item last week but the slider is not working very well.

When I define two items in the slider, I can not scroll to the next item. When I define three items, then I can only scroll to two items and not infinite (so it just works one time left arrow and one time right arrow).

When I turn on the responsive option, then there is a dropdown menu on small screens (e.g. iphone) but the dropdown is empty. I have defined the main menu in the menu area of wordpress. It works on all screen resolutions but not when the menu is a dropdown.

Thanks for any help

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

Could you please send this issue to support@anpsthemes.com and provide as acces to your wp theme, this would be the quickest way to fix/check your problems.

Thank you

Hello, we have bought the Blocked Wordpress Theme, set up a Site and it is working well, except for one Issue. We put up a Media and Text Slider on the Startpage. When you get on the Page it is not Sliding at all. If you Click the Button to Slide it to the Right, nothing happens. If you Click to let it Slide to the left its fading out and Slide #2 is fading in. Then Slide #3 is sliding in automatically. It returns then to Slide #1 and nothing happens anymore. It is configured as Media and text Sliders with only a Picture in it. No Text or px left px right included. Trying different Values in the Slider Options didn’t help at all. Any suggestions? Also we have like Ös and Äs in Germany. Where can I find the Cufon Fonts to give it new Fonts? Any help will be apreciated. Best regards W. Hensler

Hello, I just replied to your email :)

Hi, sorry guys but I don’t understand how to use “services” shortcodes, when I create a “services” tag, just displays “services”...how can I create a services like appears here http://www.astudio.si/preview/blockedwp/services/ Thanks in advance


You create a new post, select the Services category, you write the post Title for the company/service name, you then enter in the content editor:

Then add a featured image and it should work. This is now one of the services, now just call the services shortcode on a page you want them to be displayed.

See link here on how it should look: http://astudio.si/preview/services.png

I hope this helps.

Thanks, I already created one, but I can’t make the “featured image” appear, I upload as a “featured image” but nothing happens

Did you click add to post button when you uploaded the image, so it appeared in the bottom right corner, under the categories?

Also please send us your WordPress information to support@anpsthemes.com and we will see where the problem is.

Hey! I’ve emailed you four times in the last three weeks and haven’t heard back from you. Perhaps my emails went to your spam folder. Can you please reply to me via email? Thank you!

Hello, I replied to your email the same time you wrote on here and did not get an answer. I’m just following up, so I know if you got my email and want to fix you problem as soon as possible.

Thanks! I did get it and will email you back soon!

Great, actually i don’t know what went wrong we did check email and we did reply some time ago already, so weird or what :)

Send you email with urgent questions. Hope You respond as soon as possible! Thank you.

Hi, got it, well get back to you asap. Best regards

Hi, anyway that at the end of a blog post the copy “Read More” could be changed to “Make a Comment” or “Comments” ?

Send us your WordPress information and the translated words to support@anpsthemes.com and we will do it for you :)

Thx to Anps for their excellent support. I’ve just rated the them as 5 stars!

Thank you :)

Still waiting for you answer. Best regards.

Sorry about that, we must have missed your mail, will check and answer asap.

Hello-there is an option to have a video in the slider, but no matter if I put a youtube video link or a vimeo video link, the vimeo player always comes up and says “sorry, there was a problem loading this video.” Do the slider videos have to be vimeo videos and if so how do I get them to work? If I use the shortcode that doesn’t work at all, and if I put the full link in the video url area it doesn’t work either…

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

You have to use just the code for example for vimeo: 56025064 for youtube: qxfTQjH8n4M


Thanks, I figured it out after I sent this, but it still didn’t work with just the youtube code, but it worked with vimeo code.

I’m having issues viewing it on mobile. It is responsive, and I can choose the different menu items, but if I used shortcode, such as the “read more”, I can’t view any of that text on mobile, just the titles, and no images show on the slider, just text.

Hello, sorry for the long wait, can you send us your WordPress information (site URL, username, password) to support@anpsthemes.com, so we can see what is causing the problem with the Youtube player and the mobile issues (we aren’t exactly sure what you mean).

I sent another email to you regarding my issue with the site not showing properly on any mobile device. I am having the same issue I see a user on this forum had 2 months ago. I don’t want the theme to be responsive I just want it to view the desktop version on all devices. The mobile version doesnt work correctly and even if I disable responsive the site still doesnt look like the desktop version.

IMSLFMADE User message from 2 months ago….did you find a solution to this users problem…perhaps this would fix my issue as well….

can you please lend some advice, the theme only shows half of the website in mobile version: mogevents.com and you cannot scroll over to see full website, is there something I can do?

Thanks for your assistance

Check your email.

Thank you!!! Problem solved! I appreciate your help:) Have a great New Year.

No problem! Happy new year to you too!

How difficult is to change the fonts? I see that you included different formats for the Bebas (and by the way that font doesn’t support spanish characters as á, é, and so on)... I even found the way to generate the eot, woff and svg from a ttf but the process is kind of long. Do you have a better way? I’m thinking to use some google font plugin to replace, have you experience in doing so? Thx a lot

Please disregard previous message; I manage to use some plugin and override your font with css ;)

What it’s puzzling me is http://awesomescreenshot.com/0fcs83vf7 there you can see that it appears the title of the page (inicio) and down “comments are closed”... is jetpack plugin related to this problem?

Great that you managed to change the font, sorry for not responding to you quicker. The closed comments message is shown because you disable the comments, but is strange that it is shown on that spot. Please send us your WordPress information to support@anpsthemes.com, so I’ll remove that message and also look at what is causing the other one, it just might be jetpack.

no problem. I’ve just sent you an email with access details. I’m using jetpack’s custom css editor to change menu colors

any news on this?

A few of issues I would like to resolve:

1.) Banners Sliders – If you only include one ( text or text and image ) it’s suppose to be static, but it appears that if you click anywhere in the content area it start the scrolling ( 2 blanks ) 2.) Recent Posts and Popular Posts widgets – These are not working as expected. We are seeing more then the number of items specificed to show ( 3 is set ) and it looks like the formatting is off in Firefox. 3.) A way to set a default banner/slider.

Running the theme on WP 3.5 and testing using Firefox 18.0


And another issue is the quote icon for the sidebar in the blog…It’s up in the slider? http://www.lindaedgecombe.com/blog/

Oh and the navigation arrows for the Quotes widget are displayed at the bottom of the page?

Is this the latest version Version: 1.2.5? This is what I get when downloading and it seems buggy…. I have resolved the quote placement ( some styles were missing and I grab them from your demo).

Also a bug around the popular posts… it was showing everything, not just 3 as I had set in the widget… I also fixed this in widgets.php

Dear Author,

The menu just doesn’t show up sub menus (dummy content).

Checkit on http://www.miguelcalmon.com/v2013

Hello, I have the same version of Chrome and it works. See screenshot http://i49.tinypic.com/2e0uv82.jpg.

Are you on an Android device or have a touch screen monitor or something? We added so that the touch screen devices need to click (like the iOS feature).

Please go to our demo site and see if it works here: http://www.astudio.si/preview/blockedwp/.

How about your Chrome plugins?

Ok. I could not reproduce this problem on another computer with the same version of google chrome. Probably is a bad-cache problem. Thanks!

Hi, First of all; great theme! looks and works awesome! Maybe you can help me with these two small questions?

I am not a great html wizard but i noticed that in the main content a return (using
or   ) does not always act like a return. Normally in all the sites I build this works fine. I used a blank image of 1 px high x content with, that did the trick for now. Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe you have some tips regarding this problem?

I have seen previous questions about using more sliders than the maximum of 3 sliders on a page. Is there a possibility you are going to add this function in the future?

Thanks! :)

Hello, the first return method we used for Blocked was not the best choice, but we did not update, because the new one would totally change the layout for those who already have set their content.

Just make sure you wrap your content in paragraphs and wrappers we provided and it should still work fine :)

The slider was custom made and was built to only support 3 sliders. There are no plans so far for updating it, but we will keep an open mind and maybe update it (if we do update it, we will probably replace our slider with WooSlider).

thanks for the quick response!

It’s a beautifull theme indeed.

Consider using BebasNeue instead of BebasRegular on next version. BebasNeue support latin characters.

I’m having some problems with the pofolio’s publications. How does it work exactly? I mean, how to insert images in a post so the post shows up like this: http://themeforest.net/item/blocked-responsive-multipurpose-theme/full_screen_preview/3057879

Thanks for the info about Bebas font!

Set up filter categories:

Go to Posts ? Categories and add a subcategory to Portfolio by selecting Portoflio as the parent, like shown below:

Adding portfolio items is the same as adding a Blog item:

Add Post name, Post content ( separate the main content and the post summary with the More Tag and make sure the summary is short ), set up slider options and select the portfolio category ( is you are setting up the filter you also need to select a subcategory ).

When adding a Featured image you can also add up to 3 images besides the Featured image to show on the portfolio single page by just adding them besides the Featured image

But, when I add more images they appear on the “Image Displayer” AND Bellow it.


Please contact us on support@anpsthemes.com and send us your WordPress information and we will check it out.

I have not seen this asked. I recently purchased this and wordpress 3.5 has been out a little while and I’ve been playing around with things and I’m having some various issues, and before I dig deeper into them I wanted to ask if this has been updated for wordpress 3.5 or if it already works fine in 3.5

Hello, as we checked, the theme works fine with WordPress 3.5, also no reports from our users about any issues regarding the WordPress version.

Send the issues to support@anpsthemes.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

ok, thanks, that answers my question. I just wanted to make sure before I double checked things on my end. I just didn’t see mention of 3.5 in the comments here or on the main page so I wanted to make sure.

I’m using the Blocked – Recent posts widget and I set the “number of posts to show” to 5 but more than 5 recent posts appear, all of the posts in the set category actually, no matter what I set the number too.

Please send your wp access on support@anpsthemes.com if its possible and please provide which version of blocked are you running. Thank you

Thanks. I sent an email through themeforest to your profile. I’m also using the latest version of Blocked as I just downloaded it last week. I see someone else in the comments had this issue too. I’m guessing this fix will be implemented in a future update too.

We will get back to you with a fix as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.