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I really wish you would answer the issues here or at least on a forum somewhere… If you would have answered the question above regarding the ability to add default slider text it would have been a big help. So can you please tell me how to make it so I dont have to add the slider text every time I post. It would be fine if it were me but the client finds it frustrating.

Sadly there is no way for this, since it was not intended for this manor and there is no simple way.

For further issues please contact us on support@anpsthemes.com

I had no problems with the theme. But I have not found where to change the title of “Our Blog” found in the blog section.

Hello, just change the name of the page that is assigned as the Blog page.

Hello! Is there any possibility to have a Toogle funcionality on this theme? I want to have a vertical list of items, wich content should only been visible when you select the title… I only find “Content with menu” shortcode, which show content on 4 tabs maximum. I have 11 content items to show. :( Thank you.

Hello, sorry we did not add what you are looking for in the theme (accordion).

I don’t know if we are going to update the theme with that functionality, but I’ll get back to you if we decide to add it. Are you in a hurry to get it?

Hey there, my client bought the theme, but she didn’t know that some typography will be missing such as bullet points and paragraphs, what can I do to add that. Another thing is how can I increase the amount of slider options from 3 to 8? This is a case of emergency.

Hey there, my client bought the theme, but she didn’t know that some typography will be missing such as bullet points and paragraphs, what can I do to add that. Another thing is how can I increase the amount of slider options from 3 to 8? This is a case of emergency.

Hello, our slider only supports 3 slides, as it was created only for this theme and only with three options in mind.

For the typography: we added bullet point only to wrappers and paragraphs work fine, but you need to add them via HTML. Many users used TinyMCE advanced to solve this issue.

Sorry but can you explain how they did it?

As far as I know, they only installed a plugin called TinyMCE Advanced: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tinymce-advanced/.

Nice design! Im going to buy this one and check if its noobproof!

thanks for the slider my next question is why do i see this Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in message:../../../../wp-includes/post.php on line 3601.

Please send a link to your site to support@anpsthemes.com, also please provide your WordPress information so I can see what is causing the error.

I reinstalled wordpress & theme and the warning is gone. I think its because i tried to delete the time & date stamp from a wordpress file.

Hey! Thanks for the great theme! Finished with the initial development but I’m trying to figure out how to edit the title template in the browser. Works fine on the home page but on the separate pages the title of the page runs together with the title of the site. How can I add another vertical bar between those titles?

here it is on the About page

You can change it in the WordPress General settings, also you can hard code it at the top of the header.php file.

Yes, I just couldn’t figure out how to code the vertical line in the header.php file. But the All in One SEO plugin took care of the issue. Thanks!

Hi. I am wondering how to format my text in a blog post. Even though I might have hard returns or quoted text when I publish the post none of those items remain and I end up with just one giant paragraph. Am I doing something wrong?

Hello, Blocked uses our old layout system, so the paragraphs are only added via HTML.

The easiest solution is to install a plugin called TinyMCE Advanced: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tinymce-advanced/

Thank you!

I’ve started from dummy content and I’m wondering, where I can modify the rollover images for the services icons within the theme. I’ve figured out the “featured image” function in the post, but not the rollover. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

You need to add two images in the Feature images (upload them via the post edit / add page so they are linked to the post) and then select one as the Feature image. The one not selected will be the hover one.

I hope this helps.

Can you please Help!!? In the blog page http://www.lirikadavis.com/1/ we cant see the rest of articles. when we try to click to the next page does not shows the other blog entries?? Please help Also if we like to add more entries for different pages below the bar like wellness Faith or Shqip we cant do it. how to expand this pages by entering more articles and they can show?? Please help- very appreciative for your work time and comments

Thanks so much Lea

Hello, do you have the newest version of our theme, as we changed / fixed quite a lot on our blog page? The newest version is v1.2.

For further assistance, please contact us on support@anpsthemes.com, so we can help you much faster and more efficiently.

Hello, I have sent you several emails since january 31st, but received no response from you so far. Pls contact me a.s.a.p. as it is very urgent. Thank you very much in advance.

that is good news! looking forward to hear from you today!

We just sent you an email that contains the new version of Blocked that supports videos on the portfolio posts. If you did not receive our email, please send us an email to support@anpsthemes.com.

Hi, thx for the update. we ran into some problems with it though and sent you an email.


I would like to implement revolution slider (I purchased it)...

Any idea how to do this?


Do you plan to implement it in future versions?

Best regards, Harry

Hello, if you would like to use it in the content, then you could just call the revolution slider shortcodes to call it.

But if you wanted to add it to the header, then you would need to remove our slider in the header.php and then call the Revolution shortcodes there (you would need to call them by hand, a couple of PHP if statements) and maybe change some CSS to make it look like our slider (of course if that is what you wanted).

Thank you for your friendly and fast reply! Yes, I would like to use it to look like your slider. Regards, Harry

We could help you change it a bit, but if you wanted us to totally change it for you, then it would be a custom job (for which we request extra payment).

Contact us on support@anpsthemes.com if you are interested.

Just wanted to publicly thank you for the excellent support! I’m enjoying the theme and your help today as I worked through my own user errors! Thank you!!!

Thank you for you kind comment! It is much appreciated :)

Hello, I’m having the same problem that shows “comments closed” on my homepage, I sent you an email, plz check it. Thx in advance.

site: www.bernardobichara.com pass: ..bbichara

Please rename your Primary navigation to Main menu (under Appearance – Menus).

Thx, that solved it! I’m just waiting for the slider solution now :)

Hi, I shot you an email about 30 minutes ago regarding a different question but I have another one for you.

I am am trying to create a new page type similar to the “one page, no column” page type but in this page type I would like to have the sidebar.

Can you tell me what code piece of code I would have to add to the page to put the sidebar in the correct place? Thanks!

I have changed the “one page, one column” template, so that it is a replica of the page.php file.

At the top you will see where to put your content – I left the testing Lorem Ipsum text, so you will see if this is as you have requested.


I receive a fatal error when I open that link?

Right click on the link and select Save link as, so you download the PHP file.


First of all I recommend this theme which is very flexible and has many options. I have used it for a client’s website and I am very satisfied.

I have one question though: I have created the website in the basic language (greek) and the client would like the site to be double-lingual (both in greek and english).

Is there a possibility to do this with just one domain name (to duplicate the menu?) or do I need to add a subdomain and post english version content of the website there?

thank you in advance, Aliki S.


try a plugin like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/xili-language/ and it should work.

Also if you could please send any other support question from an account that purchased our theme.

Where can I change the size of the images inside the 3 blocks?

Add this to your custom.css file:

.cube-first .image, .cube-first .image-hover, .cube-middle .image, .cube-middle .image-hover, .cube-last .image, .cube-last .image-hover {
    width: 50px;
    height: 50px;

Hi Anps, I am having a problem with my blog posts. I created a quick video to show you the issues.


Also I am not sure if you received my recent email regarding auto playing the video.

By the way just wanted to say I love the theme and support. You’re the best!

Hello, you need to add a Blog category to the posts you want to show on the Blog page.

The theme uses posts for more than just the Blog so we decided that all posts for the Blog page must also include a category named Blog (you can still include others).

I hope this solves your issue.

Hi Anps,

I am having some issues with the styling on this template.

H1,H2,H3 just don’t make much sense.

Could you please help me on getting this fixed.


What would you like to do with H1, H2 and H3 elements? If you tell me exactly, I can send you the CSS needed for your changes.

Hi Anps,

We want to get the H1,H2, H3 to just change the font sizes, nothing else (I believe that H3 jumps a line up the way it is coded right now). We want them to work in a standard way, from bigger size to smaller size.

You can leave the sizes suggested on your original CSS but just change the new size order.

Hope our request is clear.

Thanks !!! a lot



you can change the H1, H2 and H3 values, by adding something like this (this is already added in our style.css file):

section h2 {
    margin: 30px 0 0 0;
    padding: 0;
    color: #2E2E2E;
    font-size: 21px;
    font-family: 'PT Sans', sans-serif;
        font-style: normal;
        font-weight: 400;
    float: left;
    clear: left;

You can change the h2 into h3 and then just change the font-size (you can leave the rest of the settings the same).