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Pertamax, Welcome to themeforest, great job..

Good Luck with sales

thank you gan … may the sales be with you too :)

Great job broth,.

thank you very much brotha :)

Good luck with sales, cak!

Thank you Mr Zanzad :)

Very nice! Good luck :)

Thanks louiejie :) really appreciate it

Very useful template for musicians indeed. Good luck buddy :)

Thank you CanYigit, that’s very nice of you to say :)

I wish to look at it, but I am immediately redirected to an advertiser instead. Maybe you should do something about this (i.e. change your hosting)?

Thanks billyf, i look forward to change hosting, as for now i’m sorry that you are being redirect to advertise page

hi billyf, i have change the address of preview file, please check it out :

have a nice day

URL instantly blocked asharmful/phishing.

sorry for the old address carl0z, i have change the address of preview file, please check it out :

have a nice day

yes, it the old file herrbutzie, i have change the address of preview file, please check it out :

have a nice day

is it possible to have drop down menu in this template?

yes, it is possible … but if you use bootstrap drop down menu, you have to click instead of hover

otherwise, use independent dropdown jquery script

installing the theme????

work in progress for wordpress template :)

This theme looks perfect. Good luck :)

thank you nmmateam :)

I really enjoy your theme, can you tell me how it would be possible to use the blog function with a regular web template? How would I implement a blog backend for it?

hi choorel, thank you yes it it possible. The template for blog is in blog.php and blod-detail.php, to implement it you just need to change the static text into your programming code for the blog.

FYI , i’m currently working on wordpress version of this theme. Hope i can get this done as soon as possible, stay in touch :)

Budiadiliansyah, any chance I could get some help on modifying this template? Some of the “callback” stuff is really stumping me. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Brent The Blue News

hi bluenews, how can i help you ? you contact me to my email :

Cool Theme, can i just use html/css/js files separately without any php files ? Thanks

Hi Nullic, sorry for the long reply sure you can :)

Hi, I’m interested in buy your template. I did test to my iphone but not function. Could you explain me what happend?

Hi, I’m interested in buy your template. I did test to my iphone but not function. Could you explain me what happend?

Hi Isimancas, OK, i’ll see what seems to be problem in this template

Hi lsimancas, what version of your iphone browser ? i’m looking at the template in safari 5.1 browser and it is working ( just need few fix :D ), hope you can upgrade to the latest version of browser

A Wordpress version of this would be AMAZING!

cathedra, the wordpress version still in development mode :)


Internet explorer 10 breaks the gallery section on your template. There is no way to click and enlarge them anymore. Do you have a fix for IE10?

Hi d9cody, i’m using the default bootstrap thumbnail and modal box for gallery section and merchandise section. Can you send me the snapshot of the broken gallery? Thank you

Budiadiliansyah and I were able to fix this. If you have this issue go to and download the latest version of the twitter bootstrap files (mainly bootstrap-transition.js) and this will work in IE10.

Thank you d9cody for posting :)

Hi, this looks great. Couple questions plse. 1. Is it possible to have the main header links stay in one place, ie at top of page all time, instead of sliding up and away? 2. Is it poss to add a ‘captcha’ type item to your contact form to make more secure? Or… cld you do for me as a ‘newbie’ sort of to this. Fyi, on home page/s when clicking on ‘view our gallery’ the image does not appear, only if selecting the left right arrows only – this is when previewing as per phone size. Many thanks. :)

Hi JenChi, i’ll try to answer your questions :

1. sure you can. change <header> with <header class=”jumbotron subhead” id=”overview”>, and change <nav> to <nav class=”subnav”>. the minor adjustment is to change the header links position to be more centered rather than far left

2. Yes, you can add capthca. but i don’t apply programming code into contact form, so you need to add the code yourself

yes, “view our gallery” link is not going anywhere because i only put code : view our gallery, in order to navigate to gallery page, just use this code : view our gallery

Hope this answers help you :-)

sorry, what i mean is from this : view our <a href=””>gallery</a> to this view our <a href=”gallery.php”>gallery</a>

The Bootstrap version you are using isn’t fully compatible with IE10. Predominantly you lose the Tabbed content. To fix this you will need to update to the latest version of Bootstrap or remove transition effects (fade).

Hi relianceit, thank you for your input. I really appreciate it :)