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The social media icons I’m referring to are the sharing ones below each post.

The error I’m getting is (* is the omitted part):

Notice: Undefined variable: field_tags in include() (line 24 of /home/**/public_html/sites/all/themes/blocks-drupal/templates/node.tpl.php).

I use the blog module as opposed to the article module. When I posted a test page using “articles”, it worked just fine, however it’s not working with the blog entries module. :/

Go ahead and use the contact form to get in touch, these item comments are not the most efficient way of handling support.


Note: this bug has been resolved (does not impact use of theme at all) and will be included in an update this week.

Hi there, I really like the look of the theme but before I buy, do you know if it would be compatible with the Drupal Recruiter Distribution? Thanks

Hi, thanks for the comment.

As with most Drupal distros I am assuming that this one comes with a default theme that is designed specifically for the distribution. I recently helped a customer do a bit of integration between Blocks and the Commerce Kickstart distro which involved some custom CSS and may end up needing a custom template.

I assume the same can be said about the Recruiter distro. So in short, Blocks may not be 100% compatible out of the box but we can certainly help you with the integration as we did with the other customer I mentioned.

I want to disable the hover-effect on the main menu and hide the foundicons on the Blocks theme, http://refaktor.co/blocks-demo/ But i cant figure out how to do that? Anyone knows?

Hello, thank you for your purchase. Will you please register for our support forum (http://refaktor.co/support) and contact us via our author page with your forum username for posting approval? We prefer to handle support away from the item comments as it is not a very efficient way to help you.


Hi, I have bought this but cannot seem to figure how to change the twitter username on the feed? Kind regards

Hi there, thank you for the purchase. I’m assuming you’re talking about the default Twitter feed in the footer. Check out the Widgets section of the documentation (inside the documentation folder inside the theme) for an explanation of the Twitter widget. You can either copy the markup in the example to a custom block to use in that block region or you can open up /includes/footer.php and edit line 50 to change the username. I would suggest using a block but either way will work.

Hi – excellent thanks very much for your help and keep up the great work this theme is excellent! :)

You’re very welcome. If you like the theme please consider rating it from your downloads tab!

Hey, this looks like a fantastic theme, wondering if: 1. Can make it pink 2. I am new to drupal is it easy to lean and use?

Thank you for the nice comment.

1. Yes the theme comes with a “default” color stylesheet that has all the classes and IDs related to the color scheme where you can do a simple replace all of the default color and hover color with the shades of pink you would like to use. We could then tell you how to call your new custom style sheet in the theme.

2. Like any CMS there is a bit of a learning curve if you’ve never used it before. That being said there are a ton of great resources out there to help get you started if you’re new to Drupal. I would highly recommend installing it locally or on a sub-directory of an existing live site you have and play around with it and see if you think it’s a good fit for your website. There are a lot of great modules (plugins if you are familiar with WordPress) that can help you do almost anything with your site.

Once you get the hang of it Drupal is extremely powerful and flexible.

Hey, this looks like a fantastic theme, wondering if: 1. Can make it pink 2. I am new to drupal is it easy to lean and use?

My apologies – one other question, for the Slider is there a specific set of image sizes needed? As for example, in slider 1 I added 3 different images but they do not stretch full size / they appear smaller than they are and look lost in a very wide slider window?

Kind regards,

No problem at all. In the future please refer your support questions to our forum as it is our preferred way of answering customer questions: http://refaktor.co/support (after you register use the contact form on our author page to contact us for posting access).

Use the demo as a good example of the sizes of images you should use (the slider.css file inside the /css/sliders folder is optimized for those images). The images used are included with the theme inside the /images/slider folder so you can use those as a reference. You can use different size images, but you will have to make the adjustments to the slider.css file to accomodate those sizes.

If you need further help go ahead and register for the forum and we can help you get your slider looking great with the images you want. Thanks for your business, we greatly appreciate it.

Sounds a plan thankyou I will register also! :) PS Rated 5 stars! :)

Great just use the following contact form to send us your forum username for posting access: http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from

Also thank you very much for the rating!

The theme looks fantastic, but unfortunately after purchasing it, nearly all of the layout of the homepage is accomplished with hard template overrides. Shame on you. You’ve basically taken a nice CMS and turned into a static website. The demo “Our Team” is a perfect example, theme override on node 6, page-node-6.tpl.php, with hardcoded text for each team member right in the template file. On top of that, the front page is overridden with an include called includes/front-page.php with, you guess it, the same text for the bios duplicated over there. Very sloppy. Don’t waste your time with this theme.

It looks nice, but these things should have been accomplished with block text, or views.

If I have to rip the site apart and rebuild it to make it manageable, why would I buy it in the first place?

I suppose it all comes down to a matter of personal preference. Personally I’ve always preferred to use templates when possible because I find it offers the highest level of control. You make a good point though, there are probably a lot of people that prefer to use Views and Blocks and while nothing prevents them from doing so with the theme, maybe that would be more appropriate for the included demo install.

We are working on an update for the theme so we will take all of this into consideration. If you would like to discuss this further or if there’s something we can do to make you happier with your purchase please get in touch using the contact form on our author page http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from The last thing we want is an unsatisfied customer.


I just wanted to follow up and let you know that after considering your suggestions we decided that it made more sense to make the custom demo content you mentioned database driven. The update should hopefully be live here on themeforest by the end of the day, but if you would like the new theme folder and sql file go ahead and contact us and we’ll send them to you. http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from

Thank you for taking the time to comment, we appreciate your feedback and help in improving the theme.

I appreciate it. Thanks. Sorry for my initial rough tone.

Please advise as to any documentation for changing foundation icons on the menu bar of the site. I have gone to the support forum and signed up but I can’t post a question. Please advise. Patrick

Hello there,

Thank you for the purchase, we appreciate your business. To get posting access you needed to contact us via the contact form on our author page to verify the purchase but seeing as you used the same username as your TF name I just gave you posting access.

You can find the documentation in the /documentation folder inside the theme files. To change the menu icons you just need to edit the /js/blocks.js file starting at line 131. Each icon corresponds with the appropriate menu item class (menu_1, menu_2 etc).

The full list of the Foundation icons can be found here: http://www.zurb.com/playground/foundation-icons and if you have follow up questions go ahead and post in the forum and we’ll be glad to help.

I am big believer in design… Especially human centric design. HCD plays a big role in acceptance of user. I have purchased over 7 Drupal themes from Themeforest. I am so glad that I saw Blocks, which I believe the first one that is based on ZURB Foundation in Drupal. ZURB folks are already reputed in building design friendly foundation and this theme provides beautiful touch friend design. I am also using Organic Group in my design – which is very beautifully designed by this theme. Particularly what I am most impressed about ability to support this theme, not just for their internal defects but also support for extended use for our need. Thanks BLOCKs for supporting all my some silly, some simple and complex… I can’t wait to meet all the need and go live.. Looking to see even more innovative themes from you!

Thanks BLOCKS for supporting our wonderful design.

Thank you so much for the kind words. We really appreciate your business and you’ve made it very easy for us to help you in the forums. Great customer :)

Hi, refaktor,

I like the new block-based setup, so thanks for that update.

I’ve got an issue where lightboxes aren’t displaying when a user is logged in. For instance, on the front page, when you click on one of the “Who we are” magnifying glasses, the screen dims, but nothing appears. Click again (as though you’re outside the lightbox) and the empty lightbox disappears. The same happens with the pop-out in the “recent posts” and “recent projects”. All three of those lightboxes work fine when no user is logged in.

The above happens on both an existing site with additional modules and a fresh install using your demo database.

Another issue is that the popular “admin_menu” module isn’t working properly. It seems to be taking CSS from the site and I end up with multiple “main menu” buttons in every drop-down menu. I’d appreciate it if you could have a look at this issue, as the admin menu is an extremely handy module.

Many thanks

Thank you for the purchase, we really appreciate your business. I got your request for forum access and already responded about these issues but I will here as well so other people can see.

We were made aware of the modal issue while logged in over the weekend and are working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will also take a look at the admin_menu module and see about making the theme CSS more specific.

Thank you again for your business and for your patience while we work on these issues.

Check your email, I just sent you a version with a fix to test out.

Just to update for others, Brad sent me an updated theme which fixed the lightbox issue, so hopefully that will be included in a theme update here soon. :)

Admin_Menu is proving as buggy as usual, but the stable release works better with Blocks and is usable (another theme refused to work at all with the stable release, but perfectly with the dev release).

Have to thank Brad as he put in a lot of work looking into these issues yesterday.

Top notch support. :D


How can i chnage the lightbox properties on portfolio page. Can i change the imagestyle?


Thank you for the purchase. The lightbox is powered by Slimbox2 which uses the jQuery easing animations. If you open up /js/slimbox2.js you can edit the easing type. The file is minified but if you search for easing within the file you’ll find the resizeEasing:”swing” attribute. Replace swing with the easing type of your choice, you can test out all of them and find one you like here: http://matthewlein.com/experiments/easing.html

is easy to translate to Spanish?

I’ve never worked with drupal, I’m new to programming, I installed opencart sites, I guess the installation is similar,

just install the theme and modules, adjust values ??and ready right?

Hi, I’ve given you forum access. Please just contact us via the contact form on our author page as these item comments are no place for support. http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from

Also just as a point of reference to you or other customers, any time an error occurs that is not found inside the theme folder itself (/sites/all/themes/theme-name/path/to/file) chances are the error is related to a module or Drupal itself. Any time an error occurs that does not point back to the theme you should change to a default theme (Garland or Bartik) and see if the error persists.

We’re more than happy to help you try and troubleshoot core or module related issues, but I just wanted to point that out.

thanks, I publish my problem in forum

hello this question is out of curiosity with this theme using drupal, how many pages indexed in google? (approximately)


I’m sorry but I don’t understand the question, can you try asking again?

Hello everyone. Just a quick note to everyone who has taken the time to leave a rating. First of all we thank you very much for doing so as ratings are very helpful. If anyone feels that the theme deserves less than 5 stars (which is completely fine as you have every right to your opinion) please do us a favor and let us know what you don’t like about the theme or what caused you issues.

We take customer feedback very seriously and we do our best to help customers with any issue they may have. We always welcome constructive feedback and criticism so don’t be shy!

Once again a huge thank you to our customers for your business and to those who have taken the time to rate the theme. We greatly appreciate it.


I have a big problem with this theme. I need to use custom pages, for example to show offers, discounts, etc. I use panels to do this. But I dont see in your template any custom pages, only front page, blog page and portfolio page. How can I set up diferents pages?


Thank you for your purchase. Don’t worry we will work with you to get the theme working how you want. I received for email so I will reply to that. Thanks.


I purchased this fantastic template and It works really fine. Anyway I have a small issue: I would like to show in my pages the title of my fields. For example: I have the content type ‘Products’. This content type has a field called ‘Color’ but in the display of this content I can’t see the title ‘Color’ above the piece of content. How can I show it in my site?

Best Regards,


Thank you for your purchase. For future support questions please register for our forum http://refaktor.co/support and then contact us with your forum username for posting access http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from

Visit the Manage Display menu for the Portfolio content type (/admin/structure/types/manage/portfolio-item/display) and make sure your custom field is not hidden.

I registered for your forum and I contacted us for posting access. :)

Got your email and you’re all set now :)

Hello, Im very interested on buying this theme but before I would like more info if possible. Do you provide the live preview source code? (or at least the modules used for…) Because I am very interested to get inspired by It for my D7 website. Thanks

Hello, thanks for the comment. Yes we provide both the complete demo install (modules, images, SQL file) as well as the theme just by itself for people that want to use it on an existing install. Everything you see on the demo is provided.

Thanks for this beautiful template ! Everything works (if you know Drupal a liitle bit…) and the support is very good and fast !

Thank you for your business and for the kind words. We really appreciate it!

Hi refaktor,

great theme…!!! def. a option for me… but two questions before:

1) is this compatible with 2 (or more) languages? (same page with translation function f.e. i18n etc.)

2) is there a gallery page…. or something useable for a gallery (10-20 galleries with ~ 10-50 images each)

Would be great to read from you

Greetz from germany Ralf

Hello Raif,

1) We have a customer who is currently working with a translation module and we are actively working with him to fix a couple areas in the theme that are currently not directly translatable. We should have full support for this in the next update.

2) There is no specific gallery template for this theme but we are more than happy to work with you in our support forum to get something set up to your liking. We’ve helped many customers do some cool custom stuff with our themes.

Thx refaktor for the fast response… i´ll look forward for the next release (languages) and then i´ll help take a look for the gallery stuff ;)

Greetings Ralf