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Hello I have spent the past two days working on this site and have been unable to successfully get it up and running with the sample files. I was able to get a working site up with just the theme itself but now I am completely unable to get going on the full site. I searched the support forum and could not find any help.

It appears I successfully created the MySQL database and uploaded the full sample site – at least the front page. Beyond that each page appears broke. I also cannot log in at all under the sample name or any other name.

Can I get some guidance?

The site url is www.ottawaarenafund.com



Thank you for your purchase, we appreciate your business.

I just checked your domain and it looks like it’s back to the default installer. Go ahead and contact us via the contact form on our author page and we’ll help you with some 1 on 1 guidance.


Very nice work! I love metro style!

Thank you very much!

Hello. Thanks for this great design. Finally, a ThemeForest Drupal theme that just works on an existing D7 site! Short question : why did you include foundation css files within blocks_preprocess_html and not in the .info standard file ? Again, thanks for this great theme.

OK, good idea! Maybe you should add a line about that in docs, cause I created a subtheme, and lost one hour trying to understand why most css were inherited perfectly well, but not the foundation framework. It’s just an idea, because again, this Drupal theme works very well with my D7 (old) install

Oh no I’m terribly sorry about that! I will make a note right now and we will note that in the documentation for the next update.

Good luck with your subtheme. If you run into issues and need support please sign up for our forum: http://refaktor.co/support and then either follow up here with your username or contact us via our author page for posting access.

Don’t be sorry, there’s no problem. Ok, thanks for the tip

Great Theme and one of the best looking ones out there. Keep up the great work.

I have a few problems. Since I cannot upload images here, I have uploaded them on google. Here is a link – https://plus.google.com/photos/114410576461526857390/albums/5841207293678932497?authkey=CKWb1e-jzc3nnwE

error1.jpg : After I log in ad admin, the icons in the menu double up and the contact menu goes into the second row. error2.jpg: Admin panel tells me there is an update. But also lists the error message I have shown in the image error3.jpg: This shows up in the footer when logged in.

When I am not logged in, the site looks OK to me.

Appreciate your guidance.



Great, I am all set. Fantastic Theme, superb Support! Thanks again.

Thank you so much for the kind words, we really appreciate it. If you have a minute and if you haven’t already would you also consider rating the theme from your downloads tab? Thanks for your consideration and for your business.

Sure, done. :)

This is my first ever Drupal site and theme and I am floored with how amazing it is! Really great job! I can’t imaging learning Drupal with a more user-friendly theme to get me started. Well done!!

Thank you very much for the kind words and also for your business. Much obliged!

Still having a few issues and wondering if anyone else is having these issues? My images at the top of my articles disappear when moused over and also still cannot get clean urls to work. Can anyone lend a hand?

Please do not use the item comments for support, that is what the forum is for. Did you receive my latest email I have offered to personally take a shot at solving the Clean URL issue for you. Please read and respond to the email and leave support questions to the forum. Thank you.

just replied in the forum..

Hello, I am trying to put another theme as admin theme but blocks is still there… Is there any trick ?


Not that I’m aware of, a few customers have mentioned that they have done this without issue. Do me a favor and register for our support forum (http://refaktorthemes.com/support) and reply here with your forum username for posting access. The forum is our preferred place to handle support and I’d be more than happy to help you troubleshoot on the forum. Thanks.

Hi , I would like to buy the BLOCKS. Would like to know how much can I configure the theme first? Could you tell me where can I find the documents?


Hello there,

Blocks includes a complete set of theme options that let you configure things like SEO settings, set up your front page (slider images, enabling/disabling the different sections, etc), design options (background, layouts, an area for adding your own CSS) and much more. The theme is very configurable out of the box, and for even more sophisticated customizations we have a dedicated support forum where you can ask questions and get advice.

What documents are you wanting to see?

I am looking for configuation document, which show what kinds of option the BLOCKS have.

Thanks for your prompt reply.


I replied to your other comment yesterday, did I not answer it sufficiently? There are general options which allow you to configure things like SEO options and breadcrumbs, the front page options which let you enable/disable and configure all the sections on the front page (some of which are block regions for total flexibility), layout options which let you decide between sidebar and full width page templates and boxed version wide layout, design options which let you pick your color schemes, background images for the slider and body background if you use boxed layout, and a custom CSS option where you can enter your own CSS code, and finally typography where you can select the font you like to use.

There is a photo on the item description which shows you how the options are organized. If you have a question about a specific option or set of options you are wanting it to have I can answer.

Dear Sir,

I am not a computer guy. I am not sure whether I can install the BLOCKS by myself. So I need to read the configuration document first; and determine whether I am able to do it. I also want to know whether I can have 4 – 5 photos in the slider. Whether the photo/slider can be spread across the full wide of the screen. Whether I can have left column menu for navigation. How does it looks like if I have more sub-menu (say 10) in the drop down. I suppose all these can be answered by reading the document provided by you.


If you really want to read the documentation first please contact us here and I’ll send it to you: http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from

Is there a way to add BACK and FORWARD BUTTONS in the portfolio enlargements/blowups? That way the user can click through them rather than closing the window to enlarge another thumbnail.

That’s interesting you brought that up we are actually currently looking into a replacement for the lightbox plugin we are currently using (and that is one of the features we are looking to have). Not sure when that update will be out but I’m assuming sometime next week.

Hi again. Thanks for the fast response. That’s great news. Cheers!

i have bought this theme..can i have some video tutorials for this particular theme.

i have bought this theme..can i have some video tutorials for this particular theme.i am confused with many things like portfolio etc..


Unfortunately we don’t have any video tutorials but you can register for our support forum where you can ask as many questions as you like. You can register at http://refaktorthemes.com/forum and then reply here with your username for posting access.

Thank you for your purchase and we look forward to helping you on the forums.

Hello. Out of the box, Blocks doesnt work on D7 fresh new install on local Wamp Win7. I cannot post new thread in the forum, though I’m logged in. Could you help me please?


Thank you for the purchase. Sorry you’re having trouble but if you give me your forum username I will get you posting access right away and you can post your support question on the forum.

Thank you for this quick answer ! My username is artatum. CU

Alright I just got you access. Go ahead and post your question in the forums and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can. Thanks again for your purchase, we really appreciate your business.

Is the theme responsive? I loaded the demo on smart phone and it doesn’t seem to be.

Is there a way to see it working in responsive mode?



Hello there,

Yes the theme is 100% responsive, see: http://www.responsinator.com/?url=refaktorthemes.com%2Fblocks-demo

Hello I buy your drupal templates and install as I indicate in the doc, but here I accuiel page, but when I have a concern click here the demo site http://extranet . organisation.com gl /

I used the demo version and install the full file and settings.php default.settings.php the installation procedure is run but here it works not thank you for your help

Thank you for your purchase, we appreciate your business.

I’m sorry but that link you posted doesn’t appear to be correct. Please register for our support forum (http://refaktorthemes.com/support) and reply here with your username for posting access. Once you have access please post a detailed question with your issue and your site URL on the forums and we will be able to help you.

Also just a follow up. We received your email as well but the reply bounced back to us.

HELLO I buy themedrupal block is great, I made a complete installation with the installation of the database, I have install the file setting.php demo site here and install it on my server   http://extranet.gl-organisation.com/ and I do not worry because when I click on a link here is the error (The server Encountered internal error or misconfiguration year and was Unable to Complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform em webadmin@kundenserver.de of the time the error occurred, and anything you might Have done that may Have Caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was Encountered while trying to use ErrorDocument to handle the year request.)

I know if it is level. htaccess

can you tell me where I missed the installation thank you very much

A couple things to double check:

1. Make sure you put the correct DB information in the settings.php file.

2. Check the .htaccess file for any errors.

My guess is there’s an error in the settings.php file. If everything looks correct and you are still having issues please post in the forum for additional support (these item comments are not ideal for troubleshooting). Thanks.

I registered on the forum with username progluti and I can not have you posted my message, I have posted even when on ThemeForest thank you for your help I have mid url site demo install on my server

Yes per my instructions in the previous comment you needed to reply with your username for posting access which I just gave you now.

Hi Sir, I’m didn’t try it yet but one important question, does it support RTL languages? translation out of the box or I have to manually tweak it. Thanks

At this time it doesn’t, we’re planning better translation support for our next update though. If you need help register for our forums (http://refaktorthemes.com/support) and reply here with your username for posting access. Thanks.


I am not an expert in drupal and would appreciate some help. I installed the template but I can not configure it in sections of “frontpage”, “Design”, “Typography” is blank.


Go ahead and get in touch with us via http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from

Also before you do that please register for our support forum at http://refaktorthemes.com/support and include your forum username in the email so we can get you posting access. Thanks.

Great theme, my first from themeforest! My client was hoping for a more low-key slider, and at first tried to dive into the code myself… but wait, what is this? An actually helpful help-forum? Who’da thunk it!

I’ll be a returning customer. I have my eye on the Montreal theme next.

Thanks guys!

Thanks for the kind words! I’m really glad the forum was able to help you and don’t hesitate to use it as much as you need!