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Hi there,

Completely against the trend of the last few years, I would like to be able to implement this theme WITHOUT the responsive elements turned on, so that it is a basic, old fashioned, fixed width theme.

How is this achieved with this particular theme? Do I need to fiddle with the CSS for that, or is there a backend checkbox to turn it off.



I don’t think that’s possible with the framework the theme is using (Foundation 3). It may be by going and changing some stuff in the stylesheet but the framework wasn’t designed that way so I’m not sure how it would work.

Hi there,

I don’t know if this appears in previous comments, but the main navigation is behaving oddly in Chrome (windows and Mac), I’ve not checked other browsers.

In some situations the hover areas which appear under the nav buttons are remaining in place after the mouse has moved focus away. Often all the menu items at the top therefore appear with large black rectangles under them.

Is this something that you know about? Is there a fix on the way?

That is very odd, you are the first person to ever notice that but you are right. It seems to happen only after you initiate the dropdown and then when the slider changes slides. Very odd indeed.

We are currently working on version 2.0 of the theme so I am noting this to be fixed with that update (due out in the next couple of weeks). Thank you so much for bringing it up.

Also I wanted to say that we will be pushing a preliminary update by tomorrow to fix the Twitter widget which broke with the new API change. If there’s an easy fix for the menu we will have that in there as well.

- is there any version will release can support the arabic language (Direction : RTL ) ?

thanks for the hard work , please keep me in touch when the version release

In your TF downloads tab check off the box to be notified by email when we release an update so you will know right away :)

oki ^^

Hi there, I need help getting the “jQuery OneByOne Slider Plugin” to work on my front page. Does it manually have to be installed? If so, how? I enabled “image slider” in the front page settings and the slider still seems to be non-existent. I am new to drupal and seeing this excellent theme gave me the final push to switch from boring wordpress.

I received your email, you did not need to leave a comment as well.

Just want to write that the support for this theme is the best I have ever experienced. As a new Drupal users, I was reluctant to purchase a theme at first, but refaktor is very responsive and I really enjoy this theme!!! 5 stars!

Thank you for your purchase and for your kind words, we truly appreciate your business :)

Sorry to keep bugging you pre-purchase, but I’ve bought quite a few Drupal themes from Themeforest before and have had some nasty experiences with them.

My main concern is that I want to know that it will work out of the box with the usual set of modules such as views, and that whatever content views creates, your theme will respond responsively.

I’d prefer not to have to add additional classes for all of this to work.

Also, I want to know what (if any) custom modules does your theme use. For example did you create the portfolio with something like views-isotope or did you create a module to do that?

Basically, in your theme, what is done with contributed modules and what is done with custom modules that I would have to work out myself before I could really get to use the theme?

Thanks so much.


No worries, we’re here to answer your questions and I will do my best to answer them for you.

I certainly understand your concerns, and I think it all really comes down to what you consider the “usual” set of modules. What you see on the demo of the theme is largely powered by Views. The portfolio, for example, is not using the Views-Isotope module like you mentioned but our own implementation powered by Views. The Tiles use a content type with some custom fields and the node content is called in a View block.

The only custom module that has been included is the Mega Slider module (http://codecanyon.net/item/mega-slider/4313171) which is what powers the new slider on the front page.

We’ve done our best to make the theme as “organic” as possible using only standard modules and templating practices. If you have questions about specific modules other than Views please let me know.

MD slider: cannot add link in text. The following error occurs:

Notice: Undefined variable: output in md_slider_generate_layer_link_css() (line 241 of ../sites/all/modules/md_slider/includes/md_slider.utils.inc).

Any idea?

Please give me your username for posting access (as I stated in my previous instructions). Thank you.


Ok great I just gave you forum access.

Hi, is it possible to test the theme locally before it goes live. I mean on a local domain like mysite.local instead of mysite.com.

The reality being that the domain to be used by my project won’t be available before a couple of days but I’d like to work on the site and have it ready by then.


Sure there are plenty of options for local/sandbox development. If you are on Windows there is WAMP(http://www.wampserver.com/en/) or XAMPP(http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html). If you are on a Mac there is MAMP(http://www.mamp.info/en/index.html) or also XAMPP(http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-macosx.html).

You can also use a site like getpantheon.com if you do not wish to install anything on your computer. Pantheon allows you to have a couple free sandbox environments with full FTP access which is really useful for doing some testing on the fly. Although I’m not 100% sure you can export the site database with a free account so you may want to check that out first.

Hi, Great Theme! :)

Can you kindly add the RTL support asap.

That is certainly something we can look into.

First of all, fantastic theme. Good work on this. I am considering your theme for my non profit website. For us, login module and forms are very important. Your theme demo doesn’t show any of those. Can i know how they will look, or will be supported with your theme? I am sorry if my question is too naive, this is going to be my first ever drupal theme purchase.

Hello again,

I just answered your question on one of our other items :) If you’re asking about the basic user login form then that can be seen at http://refaktorthemes.com/blocks-demo/user as well as by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the top left header which opens up the user login form in a modal window.

Hi , I like very much your theme. It is built in drupal. Is it possible to have this theme without drupal (just html ,css,js)?

No there is no static HTML version of this design unfortunately, just the Drupal version.

Hi, i have created my user account in the support forum. Kindly provide me the password so that i could create a topic for my issue. My user id “christlim”.

Please contact us via http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from while logged into the account you purchased with. Thanks.

Just installed this theme. :-) Looks great!! ~5 Stars~ Thanks for all your help refaktor!!

Thank you for your business and kind words :)

Hi, great theme I have a few issues.

On the front page “Who we are” block breaks on mobile skyscraper view.

And I have found the theme hangs on Chrome, it there a known setting to improve this ?


By skyscraper view I’m assuming you mean portrait view? I just took a look and it seems to work fine to me. Check out http://www.responsinator.com/?url=www.qlabs.ca

This is a great theme. I am considering it for my non profit website. Is it possible for you to give links to any live website using your theme? It’d really help me in taking a decision. Also, i have found the demo to be quite slow (especially on chrome). Is there any way to improve it?

Is this a Drupal Theme or an Drupal Install Profile? I am not interested in starting my web app from the beginning!

There is both a standalone version of the theme for use on existing installs and the full demo content if you want to go that route instead.

I Want to replicate the Recent Projects Block with my own block for a different content type. How do i achieve this?? I tried cloning the view, Adding tpl file in /node but still it didnt work

Please refer to our forums for support – http://refaktorthemes.com/support This recent thread in particular should be of interest to you http://refaktorthemes.com/support/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=780

great theme! I’m very happy with the purchase. and good support, nice documentation. thanks!

Purchased this theme and currently using it on a live D7 website. In general, I am quite pleased with the theme’s styling and features.

I encountered a few disappointments regarding the theme’s compatability with IE8 (Mega Slider background and drop down menus).

Great theme as long as not targeting IE8 users.

Hi there,

is possible to make this template for joomla? thank you.

I’m sorry we only do Drupal development.

Hello, I have purchased your theme and I am wondering if you can add a 500px icon to the css? Is It possible to use something like class=”social foundicon-500px”

Thanks a lot

You can actually just set a font size for the icon class in the section you’re looking to do that with. For example .header-icons i {font-size: 25px;} could be added to the user CSS option in the theme settings.

Also for future support please refer to our forums – http://refaktorthemes.com/support