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Awesome theme dann, glws! ;)

Thank you.

Nice Layout, Nice Design, I like it!!!

Thank you.

Love the theme – is there any way to make the slider at the top full width and start the content and sidebar underneath?

Hello, it needs some coding but it is possible. Thank you

nice work.. good luck!


Nice work DANNCI. Nech sa ti dari!!!!

?akujem pekne :)

Great theme! Is it possible to lock the nav bar at the top as you scroll down?

Hello, I want to add this feautre in next update. (very soon) :)

I would buy this theme right now if it had a space above the navigation for a 728×90 ad.

much better answer, how about a center-justified 728×90 ad space between the nav and body that is hidden when screen size gets below ad width. I was gonna add it myself, but my coding skills are limited, it would be a great addition to the theme for those interested in advertising.

Also, I noticed that your 300×250 ad widgets get cut off on tablet-sized screen, have you checked this out?

Thanks for the ad bug! The 728×90 ad space code can be added into end of header.php file. Right after closing </header> tag.

HTML-only version?

Sorry, it is not available

Hi. Nice work ! I’ve just buy the theme and try to have the same home page as yours in demo. How can I configure to have article them with small red picture in left corner ?

Just reading the doc and found solution ! sorry ;)

Do you can choose wich post to show in home slider?

Yes, you can set featured categories for both homepage sliders (from theme admin panel).

Hi, did someone know how to justify text in homepage ? thanks

Hello, what do you mean? Headings, meta or info texts?

Is it possible to have category and sub-category pages mock the content section of the homepage?

If you want the look like this, all archives templates needs to re-code!

yes, I know. Just trying to figure out how difficult it would be and make sure that the code would be easily taken from index.php, or whereever, and placed into new category.php and other archive templates.

Hello, I think that there will be no problem to do this…

I have to insert a bigger logo and so I need to center the menu height with logo height. I need to change the size of the menu text too. +thanks

Thanks!. I do a few notes about responsiveness. When you reduce page width the featured images’ home posts doesn’t resize, but they begins to be cutted from the right. This is not goot at all (this is visible on iPad too). When the page width is very small (mobile phone) The homepage slider loses text, so it becomes nuseless. It’s possible to remove it just in very small width phone? thank you

Thank you for notice!
I am going to udpate theme, if you don’t want to wait add this code to your style.css
ul.medpost li.format-link img,
ul.medpost li.format-standard img,
ul.medpost li.format-image img,
ul.medpost li.format-gallery img{

Thanks it works great. Are you going to add post title in slider when the page width is small? Another suggestion is to create a dropdown menu for navigation menu when the page width is small (on mobile phone it would be a better choice instead of a long list that cover all screen)

I just purchased the theme and I love it. I can personalize pretty much everything, but I have no idea how to make it grid instead of blog homepage (post under post). I was trying to find it in the description but just can’t. And I’m really struggling with it. Help please!

Hello, you need to use Homepage template to get grid/mansory layout. More is in documentation – chapter 5. Homepage Setup


Great template, however it is not looking correct when using Safari. It looks fine on chrome and IE, however the right hand widgets get realigned to the left hand side below the sliders and then the rest of the site ends up looking weird. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening in safari?

Yes, I tested it on a macbook pro, running safari version Version 5.1.7, and the screen resolution of 1280×800. the web address is consign-couture.com. It looks great on all pc browsers, not so much on safari.

Try to regenerate thumbnails (from previous theme) – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

that worked, thank you

Hello i have and error.


The font CSS or anywhere isn´t work. Please help me!

Hello, you renamed theme folder, theme name and other framework things – that’s why theme doesn’t work.

Ok! i try it! but now slider and Homepage Carousel don´t works i reinstall completed theme. No rename, no changes.

Hello, I checked your website now – and it works without problem.

Hi – just downloaded it and it won’t install, Wordpress keeps saying it’s missing the stylesheet in the zip file…

Hello, you need to unzip downloaded file first. Theme to install is in it. Thanks

YayJulia – this happened to me with another theme I bought before. For me, the ZIP I downloaded contained the ZIP I needed to upload along with some other documentation. So, I had to unzip the themeforest download file in order to find the appropriate zip file to upload.

Yep, you’re right! Thank you