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Hello Dannci – I just purchased your theme and it’s working great. But for some reason the navigation in the header is showing below the title of the blog (I am not using a logo). I did a fresh install and had the same problem. Any ideas?

Hello, theme is optimized to use image logo – but send me a link, I will look at it! Thank you and sorry for delay…

Hi, love the Theme and was just wondering if its possible to add a header Ad as well besides just the 125×125 and 300×250 Ads you already seem to have a widget for .

Thanks in advance.

I am sorry, but without coding is not possible to add widgets into header. Thanks

hi dann, I would like to remove the first 4 post on my homepage not the slider part. is this possible or can you recommend a plugin for this?

Hello,posts can be excluded from loop.

hi dann, 2 points.
1) The auto-resize image tool in theme doesn’t work, do you know how it could be happen?How can I set a default size for the thumbnails on the archive posts page?
2) Ho can I show more post in the archive posts page?

1. Image cropping works. Maybe you have old thumbnails (from previous theme), you can use this: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ 2. In Settings > Reading sent your value

Hello! Nice theme! =) Could u please tell me how to make appearence of other blog pages ( for example at DESIGN) like HOME PAGE. I wanna make list of posts like thumbler view. Understood? jurnal-mysli.ru

Hello, it is not possible to have mansory layout in archives. Sorry

It’s a pity =(

I’m on the brink of buying this theme. Any way I can take a peek what the theme options look like? Can fonts be easily edited? Also, I’m not really fond of how the related posts look. Can it be easily changed or would it require tinkering with the code?


Hello and thank you for your interest!
You, you can easily change fonts in admin panel.
And I think that you will be able to change related posts easily too.
Thank you very much!

How do I get the images to resize properly? Do I have to manually resize the image? If so, what size does the images need to be? take a look at www.selfstoragemagnet.com

Yes, you have small images.
Images with resolution 700×430 will be enough!

The image is 730×478 and is not enough. Here is the image: http://selfstoragemagnet.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/94114057.jpg

Here is your image at my demo site: http://i.imm.io/ZsiT.png – Are you sure that you’ve regenerated images?

Hi Dannci,

Like your theme!

I have some questions…

1. How do remove the extra image on the top of each blog post? http://aranuicruises.com/blog/aranui-3/ 2. The images in the slider are inconsistent and does not fill up the media section of the slider completely. How do you adjust them automatically? http://aranuicruises.com/blog/

3. Just curious, how do you adjust navigation to float right? (I am comfortable adjusting the CSS, just point to me where it is)

4. How do I use the same side bar for both on homepage and all the blog pages?

Appreciate your help…

Hello and thank you!
1. I cannot reach you website but if I understand – in single-s-right.php file detete thumbnail code,
2. use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/
3. find ’.nav’ class in style.css and change float rule,
4. Ad the same widgets for both widget areas.

Just removed the htaccess, you should be able to view the site now

Thanks for the respond

My email is tonysofun@gmail.com Please email me for the pw.

Hi Please help with the following issue. When I click on my gallery images it says that they cannot load and I need to check the path http://designer-capital.com/?p=103#!prettyPhoto

Also I am still having a problem with the footer of some pages. http://designer-capital.com/?author=1 even after reloading the theme.

Thanks so much

[gallery columns=”4” ids=”149,157,156,155,154,153,152,151”] ?

my email is tacita.mcevoy@gmail.com Thanks!

Sended + gallery code should be
[gallery columns=”4” link="file" ids=”149,157,156,155,154,153,152,151”]


I have just installed the WMPL plugin and want to localize the theme. When I choose ‘Translate using .mo files’ and ‘Automatically load the theme’s .mo file using ‘load_theme_textdomain’’ it asks for textdomain value.

I’ve learned that it’s something to be found in the theme, but where? Can you help?


Only to be clear, I’m working on a bilingual blog and on the main site (wonderlandings.com – looks awful right now, but never mind) I want the theme to be in English, but on the Swedish version (wonderlandings.com/sv) I want it to be in Swedish.

Would your suggestion (which I don’t really understand, but that says more about me than you :-)) fix that?

If you give me login info – to my email. I can look at it. Thanks

Just sent you the e-mail. Thanks for your support.

Hi Dannci,
My renewed website is finally on line : bit.ly/Pmljar .
Thanks a lot for supporting, your theme is great.
Are you planning any upgrades?



Hello and thank you!
Your website looks great :)
And if I’ll get some cool idea there will be update…


How do i change the ‘normal’ blogposts on my site to the ones in the live preview? http://www.wijnblog.nl/

Greetz, Mark

Hello, you need to use ‘Homepage’ template – more in docs. Thaks

Hello, I installed the theme and it looks like this right now: http://geeknator.com/

Do you have any sample import posts/pages, and why is theme looking like this right now?

Hello, you can select font you like in admin panel. Demo content can be imported in Tool > Import

What kind of font did you use on preview? Also there is no XML working file, there is only wlwmanifest.xml and it gives error message while uploading.

For headings is used Open Sans, for body Arial (14px), for footer Arial (12px). XML file in downloaded ZIP file (in root): http://preuro.tumblr.com/post/45845908059

Hi, I’m having serious problems with the images. When I look at the blog posts on iPhone or iPad, the images aren’t scaled, but cut from the right hand side.

I’ve looked at similar questions here, but haven’t found how to solve this.

I tried this but it didn’t help: ul.medpost li.format-link img, ul.medpost li.format-standard img, ul.medpost li.format-image img, ul.medpost li.format-gallery img{ width:100%; }

Do I have to remove anything from the style.css first?

2. When looking at a blog post in my iPhone, related posts and/or social icons looks messy.

3. On iPhone, my header logo doesn’t link back to home, however, the footer logo does.

I love the theme, so I really want it to work…


Hello, please contact me via email (my address is in documentation). And send me link of your website too. Thank you.

Downloaded and set up the theme, but noticed that the posts on the homepage in both my site AND in your live review show a ‘20%’ between each Category.

Here’s an example of it happening in your demo: http://d.pr/i/BSqu

The same is happening in my live site, which is how I noticed it: http://d.pr/i/XZiY

Please let me know how I can get rid of this. Thanks!

Hello, can you send me a link. I will check it with debugger! Thanks

It’s happening on your demo: http://themeforest.net/item/blogdrops-infinite-blogging-theme/full_screen_preview/3937660

It’s also happening on my live site: http://jmay.es/16cRgZv

Also, can you figure out why the live blog seems to be loading twice? It appears to begin loading, and then very quickly seems to reload completely.


Oh, thank you very much! This can be fixed in medpost.php on line 23 (...includes\post-types).
The second issue – there can be some kind of conflict with Jetpack (offers infinite scrolling too) or cache plugin.

Hi, I’ve purchased your theme recently, really nicely done. I got some issues with localization though- all went smoothly except translating the “ago” in “Posted xx days ago” as it doesn’t show up in the .po file. Can you help me out with it? Thanks in advance!

Hello, I sent an email to you. Thanks

Hi Dannci! I love the feel of this theme! I am currently looking for a theme similar to my current one www.Positivelifetips.com except I would like a sidebar. My only problem is that I ONLY post square images and nothing else and every theme I find either crops the images or zooms in on them. I want a theme that will showcase the entire square image throughout the theme. If this is something that can be done with this theme please let me know! Thank you!


Hello and thank you for your interest! But how big are your “source” images?

I use instagram to make my source images and they are 640×640. If that is too large is there a way for this theme to scale them down? to like 320×320 or 160×160 or something like that?

Thank you! Jhon

Hi, it is easy to edit funtions.php file to make square images – in the mansory layout on homepage – but in the single post is image width 686px…

Hi Dannci!

I really like your theme a lot. I’m really excited about it!

The posts on my homepage are loading in one column justified left. How do I make three columns of posts that span the entire width of the website like you have it on the preview/demo of BlogDrops?

Also, I have set a category for the homepage slider and nothing is showing up. These category posts have featured images and embedded images. Why isn’t anything showing up?

My site: http://rogersmithlife.com/ Your demo site: http://themeforest.net/item/blogdrops-infinite-blogging-theme/full_screen_preview/3937660

Thanks for taking time to answer my question. Best, Sam

Hello, on your site is not Blogdrops theme activated. Thanks

Hi Dannci, first of all the template is awesome!, thanks for such beautiful work. Now, i got a little problem with the template, below the header appears me this warning : Notice: Undefined variable: oldVariable in /home/oneeleve/public_html/wp-content/themes/blogdrops/functions/admin-fonts.php on line 13 , i read before and you say that in the new version of this template that problem it`s fixed, i downloaded the zip 3 days ago and still appears this. could you helpe me?

Thank you!

Hello, delete whole line 13 in that file – it is redundant code. Thanks