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Hi ..

My Google Adsense ads are not showing up. Can you please help me with the same. I tried adding the code both in a text widget + the ads widget of the theme…No luck.

Seems like there is a javascript issue – because the widget DOES OCCUPY THE SPACE for the ad banner.


Hello, there is no reason why ad is not displayed – is this code generated properly?

Of course the code is generated properly. As I said, the ad blocks are working perfectly elsewhere.

I really need the adsense ads. If you need access to the site, I can provide you the same.

Please contact me on – raaj(at)raajtram.com.


Having an issue with responsive on here – on netbook displays of the home page, the space between the main column and the sidebar seems to be wider, pushing the sidebar off the edge. Doesn’t seem to be happening with your live preview site, so I wonder if I’ve done something to cause this? Advice appreciated! The issue can be seen in this screenshot (http://pics.jmay.es/ApNC). Blog url is www.musingsfromsussex.com

Hello, try to regenerate images – your screen doesn’t work. Thanks

Hi Dannci,

I think there’s a bug in your theme. If I browse with Chrome on my Android smartphone I can’t use the secondary menu, it seems that you click straight trough the items.

Sorry for my bad English.

I mean the drop down menu

I have no access to this mobile ‘combo’ – so menu is not showed or menu item cannot be clicked

The menu shows up, but the items can’t be clicked.You click through the menu on the underlayered item. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/69/screenshot2013040513232.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/820/screenshot2013040513233.png/ If you press long on the item you get this screen: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/16/screenshot2013040513243.png/, so you click through the drop down.

Also the menu font doesn’t work, as you can see on the images. Hope you can help =)


I really like your theme. I installed and setup the theme using Chrome, everything works well with Chrome or IE or Firefox, but when I view the site with Safari, the homepage contents will appear for a second and after that only the background remain on the screen, hope you can help ! Link to my site: http://goo.gl/lZVR2


Hi, please ignore my previous message, I found the error was due to Cloudflare setting, it works now after disable it. Thanks!

OK, thanks


I like this theme alot, but I need to know, before purchasing it, if we can use page navi instead of inifinite load more posts script.

Is there an option for it? If yes I’ll buy it. thanks

Hello and thank you for your interest! Blog template ( http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/13/blog-2/ ) comes with pagination – for mansory layout is only infinite script available. Thank you.

Hi Daanci,

This theme is awesome. My client just bought it and me and my client is very happy. Its very easy to install.


No, I’m thankful :)

Hi Daanci,

Everything is working fine as it was supposed to except the homepage. It is showing only 1 post at one time. How can I fix that time.

Please see the following link:

Thanks, Zain

Hi Dancci,

I figured it out. Without any doubt it was one of easiest theme to install but I prefer you to make a better documentation.

I went in my admin panel>>>Settings>>>Reading>>>Number of Posts

Thanks, Zain

Thanks, is there anything special to add?

Hello, The theme is great!

I have a query: I want to put a download link in this section: http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/13/tag/cards/ Where it says: “The boat was now all but jammed between” What I can do?

Thank you.

Sorry but I don’t understand…

Hi. When I view my posts on an iphone the images inserted in the posts do not shrink. Everything else seems to work except the images go out the screen. Please help. Thank you

Hello, yes this iPhone bug will be fixed in new version – soon. Thank you

Hi. I have 3 questions:

1.is it possible to resize in responsive mode the images into the right widget sidebar and in footer widget? actually the images doesn’t resized on iphone and ipad.

2. is it possible to resize also a frame? i have a frame, but when i go on ipad it doesn’t resize.

3. Is there the possibility to turn off the responsive mode?

Thank you.

Hello, 1. – 2. can you send me link of your pages (please send me this via email – address is in docs)
3. sorry this is not possible.


Awesome theme, all setup fine with no issues :) Quick one, what’s the font you used in the logo? Really works well..


Thank you very much – logo font is Code

Having issues with the infinite scrolling. When I reach the bottom of the home page and click “More Posts” it just loads the same set again. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks!

Can you send me (via email) link of your website? Thanks

Hello, we just bought your lovely theme. We’ll let you know when we need your support, keep up the good work!

Thank you very much! :)
Happy blogging…

Hello, is it possible to make it so the posts on the homepage are only shown in 2 columns (so they don’t drop below the sidebar).

I’m using an Ad Rotator widget and some of the Ads are objects (flash) and other things and the posts are going up into the sidebar as if the ads are not there (so it overlaps them).


Hello, two column layout is not possible, sorry. But you can turn off Sidebar in admin menu – (Disable Homepage widget area)

Actually I did a bit more investigation to my previous post. If I put the “Themefic – Twitter Stream” onto my homepage sidebar, the 3rd post that moves to the right side overlaps the sidebar because of that widget. I assume it’s something to do with the masonry plugin thinking it’s a smaller height than it actually is, thus setting the “top:” css value to less than what it should be.

Hello, can you send me a link of your website? Thanks

http://twenclosure.com/ – if you look at the homepage, on the right hand side one of the post overlaps the sidebar. It sometimes doesn’t do it, but most of the time does (just refresh).

Okay last post, annoying I can’t edit the others.

On all browsers I’ve tested (Chrome, FF, IE) there is a bug with the ‘Homepage’ sidebar using the Homepage template. Whatever widget I put in there (your own ones), if I have 3 or more posts, one of them is supposed to drop below the sidebar. However sometimes, randomly, when I refresh the page that post on the right overlaps (goes up) the sidebar, covering up some content. Here is a screen shot, on one refresh it’s wrong (left pic), and the next time I refresh it’s fine (right side). Any ideas on this one? The masonry plugin isn’t one i’m familiar with either :/


It is because your 3nd party conetnt (ads) is loading after page load – when mansory layout (absolute position) is loaded and paced.

Right nice one, will have to try and think what to do!

Hello Dannci, I’m affraid, i’m going to need your support now. I have upload my logo as you can see at www.akuperempuan.com but it won’t stay align with the navigation menu. Can you tell me how to put it in the same line with navigation menus? Thanks, btw it’s a great theme!

Hello, openl style.css find ’.nav’ class and chage first 0 to eg. 20px.
Responsivity fix (images) are available. Thanks

Thanks to point me the direction and wow, there’s an update. Can I just replace the old ones with the new one?

it is enough to replace mobile.css

I have a few questions about the template:

1. My site its not responsive on iphone/ipod (it’s about the images)... Could you help me please?

2. On iPhone Mode… It’s possible to remove the photos of each post?

3. On iPhone Mode… It’s possible remove and / or some items from the menu bar?

Thank You very much and great design!


Hello and thanks,
1. this easy fix will be available soon, in new version.
2. all photos or featured photos – sorry, can you explain bit more?
3. sorry this is not possible