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Where can I edit the text for the ‘Read More’ on the homepage posts?

Hello, add some Tags (like post categories) for your posts – ‘related post’ feature is based on them. Thank you

Thanks very much! It’s a great theme! The ‘Read More’ and ‘ago’ on the homepage for the main posts has changed but for the items on the slider and in the sidebar widgets the text has not been changed, do you know where I can edit these please?

Edit ‘widget-featured.php’ in functions\widgets folder and ‘flexslider.php’ in includes\sliders folder

Hi. Can I lock the menu to the top as it covers a bit on the slider on an ipad. The videos are also cut off on ipad and iphone in the posts.

The strangest problem is that the posts under the slider are not displayed and pushed to the side when viewed on an iMac (Safari) but displays correctly on Firefox, windows explorer. http://designer-capital.com/

Please help

Hello, on your URL is not Blogdrops theme activated…

Also the videos don’t fit the height of the slider. Thanks

Hi there, My Website Won’t Display the Social ICOSN in the Footer, and my URL is Gareth Bolton |

I Want my URL to be just Gareth Bolton and not having the ”|” in it.

website url – http://www.garethbolton.com/


Hello, I’m looking at your webiste right now and you was able to resolve your issues. Do you have any questions?

Hi There, I Have Fixed that Problem with ”|” The Social ICONS in the Footer won’t show and another problem, my widgets won’t appear on a page only appear in the home page can is it possible to hide date and author info on a page only? Thanks

you can edit look for mobile devices in mobile.css file (styles folder) – look for madia queries ’@media….’ these are to manage screen resolutions.
Images should be 690×400px and more


Thank – you for replying back to me. Can i ask, Can you give me instructions on how to mobile.css ?


Gareth Bolton.

You can edit/adjust ‘mobile’ look in mobile.css. File is located in ‘styles’ folder.
For different screen sizes are different Media queries ’@media….’ in this file.

Thanks for a great theme. A couple of quick questions: 1. How can I add an author image. I added the ‘User Photo’ plugin, and added a photo – but it’s not appearing as the Avatar for my User, and 2. I am trying (as with the demo site) to add the categories as a drop down menu, but the Menu

The blog is: thebraithwaites.co.uk thanks.

Hello and thank you!
1. theme uses gravatars to show pictures – email can be set in Profile page,
2. question is missing but as I can see you was able to set dropdown categories menu…
Thank you

Thank you.

OK – sorted the photo, but now I am stuck with a homepage issue – where the widget menu is left aligned above the posts – so I sort of have one column on the homepage.

Hello, is homepage set properly? As documentation says? I’m asking because mansory script is not loaded… Tank you

Will email you! Thanks.

Will email you as below.

And the gallery I setup is not carrying the image through to the homepage from the Gallery page. Seems to me that the homepage isn’t quite setup right, but can’t find out what to fix.

Hello, can you send me (to my email) login info? I will look at it. Thanks


Does this template come with the option to install the demo content?

Thank you!

Yes, theme includes XML file to import (with demo content). Thank you

Thanks for the great theme! But I have a question: Is this possible that posts that are in the slider not duplicated below? Thanks!

Hello and thak you§
But sorry, this is not possible…

After I loaded my custom logo, menu appeared higher than I need. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37119478/menu_problem.jpg How can I lower it down a little bit? Thanks!

Thanks! Can I remove this dots https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37119478/gal_dots.png from gallery preview?

Hello, in style.css set .flex-control-nav{ display:none !important}


Hi dannci, i have an issue with the template. In the home page when i click on the button to load more post appears a message that says “no more posts to load”, that button calls the page/2 , that doesn´t works in the homepage, but in the page/2 works , it loads the page 3, but no in an infinite blog posts form, can you help me? Thanks a lot!

btw, the site is http://www.mujerypunto.cl

Hello, I can see tha t you are using Jetpack plugin – with this plugin comes infinite scrlling too. And there might be problem/conflict

Finally i discovered that is not jetpack making the problem with the “load more posts” button, is the wp Bannerize, when is activated the home doesn´t work, nobody else told you about this issue? it was very hard to find out :( it`ll be very helpful if you know something :(

Sorry, I don’t even know this plugin, and no complaints yet.. :/

Hi, Very nice theme! I am setting up a website with BlogDrops now, but I am having problem with the post format “Link”. It doesn’t redirect to the given link from the slider, carousel or posts listing in Blog page. The only place where it actually works is in the posts listing in bottom of home page. I checked on your demo as well, and the same problem is there.

Hope you can provide me a quick fix for this!


Hello, yes link post format works only in mansory laoyut.

Isn’t it possible to make it work in the other layouts as well?

Link functionality (and post formats in general) is more blog functionality. In magazine layouts (sliders etc.) is not possible to add post formats with specific behavior.

Hi, your theme is amazing!...How do I get my homepage to display in the same way as your Live Demo Page does? Beyond the Home Screen Carousel all of my posts just display in a big list


Hello, you need to set ‘Homepage’ as front page – the whole process is described (+ screens) in documentation. Thank you


Will WP 3.6 create problems with your custom styled POST FORMATS? http://wpmu.org/wordpress-kills-post-formats-ui-for-3-6-release/

Thanks for any comment.

Frank Nicol – Online Media Network..

Hello and thank you for interest!
It is better to wait for official release – but I don’t see problem now – ‘cos if this functionality will cover plugin it will be using same code. Thank you


I am having issues with the embedded videos on the iPad, when I play a video in the featured section, the posts within the featured section keep scrolling and I can hear the video being played but cannot see it.

It works fine on the desktop version just on the iPad and sometimes on a mac.



Hello, if you want to feature video in slider will be better to “turn off” auto slideshow – in ‘jquery.flexslider.start.js’ file set slideshow to false (line 7)

It works on everything but an iPad and iPhone though is that just an error?

Hello, I don’t know why, but I cannot load your website on my mobile…

Is there a plugin for this theme to automatically add a ‘Pin it’ to each photo?

Been fighting to get Infinite Scrolling working properly. With a little help from the folks over at WPEngine, turns out the standard Facebook plugin throws up some JavaScript errors that break Infinite Scrolling.

I’ve disabled that plugin and scrolling is fine now. Just thought the info might help others.



Thank you very much for this information.

Hi, I got your theme in and I am testing the site right now. However in the home pages the tall images are looking good. But in the post tall images are getting cut any way this can be solved? http://runwaytoretail.com/actress-nina-dobrev-in-comfy-in-junk-food/

hello, it is because your source image is too narrow – wordpress cannot cropp larger image than source – post image is 690px width. Thank you

I am interested in this theme for a blog that will have AsSense and other ads. Would you please let me know what options the theme has for ad placement on various page templates? Thank you.

Hello, you can add your ads into homepage sidebar and post sidebar ass well. Theme comes with ad widgets, but you can use text widgets for this purpose too. Thank you

Would I be able to put an add in a header at the top of the page and adds at the top and bottom of each post?

No, sorry this is not possible.