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Hi Dannci,

I would like to use the same sidebar on all pages so that I only have to maintain one. I went into single.php and changed teh dymanic sidebar to “Homepage”. Any idea why it would break my footer? The “Homepage” sidebar works perfectly on the homepage, but breaks my footer on single post pages. I have not touched the register_sidebar functions in the functions.php file, and the line of code for registering the Homepage sidebar is the exact same as the code for Sidebar sidebar. I also deactivated all of my widgets to make sure that was not the issue.

Thanks, Jennifer

Hey Dannci, Thank you so much for your reply. That was the only change I’d made, so that is why I’m confused. The code should be the exact same, but my footer breaks with only that change. Thank you again!

Hello, check some of your text widget (I assume ‘Fab Link Love’) in ‘Homepage sidebar’ It seems that div is not closed. Thank you

Oh my gosh, that was it. I didn’t think that was the problem because it wasn’t breaking my home page footer. than you so much!

Hi Dannci , Looking forward to see an update with woo commerce integration Thanks

Hi, is there an easy way to add custom CSS in the Admin so I don’t have to go in and edit the code in individual pages? Can you show a screenshot of that?


Hello, in Appearance > Editor can be css code added to the style.css file (at the bottom) – it is better to unclude code directly into stylsheet. Thank you

Also looks like the twitter widget is not loading in your demo. Have you updated the theme to support Twitters latest API change?

Thank you for this…

Twitter “turned off” their 1.0 API and thats why widget doesn’t work. Now it is more complicated to set twitter feed:

- Install and activate this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/recent-tweets-widget/installation/ - Visit https://dev.twitter.com/apps , sign in with your account, click on Create a new application and create your own keys in case you don’t have already, - Fill all your widget (*Recent Tweets) settings


I bought this theme for a colleague of mine and although she is for the most part happy with it, there is this weird problem that arose after using the theme for a couple of days.

Any new image that gets uploaded and attached to a post using the featured image function of WordPress ends up getting cropped. Images uploaded a couple of days ago attach fine, but any new upload gets messed up. I tried giving images the exact resolution of images that worked a few days ago but that too just ended up getting cropped. I have no clue what’s causing this, any ideas?

Hello Dannci,

Thanks for taking a look at the page. All the images in question were uploaded after this theme was applied – there were some older images that I just removed to only have the current ones online. I ran the plugin and tried both setting an already uploaded image as well as a newly uploaded, 686×967 image – both gave the same cropped image. Here’s an example, with that newly uploaded image:


hi, yes, it is default crop resolution (686×350px) – it is good.

If you want to change resolution (ratio) you can change it in functions.php > main-single thumb. Run mentioned plugin after change. THX

Thanks for the response Dannci,

I was under the impression that the cropping was not supposed to happen – my bad! I tweaked the function.php file and after running that plugin again, things are the way my colleague wants them to be, thanks a lot for your support!

Hi, I am very new to blogging and installing themes, but I’ve been told that some themes come with default content so you can get the blog set up as you see it on theme forest, then delete the stuff as you customise it. Do you have the default content???


From http://themeforest.net/downloads download ‘All files & Documentation’ .zip file. In this package is XML file.

Go to Tools > Import and there install ‘WordPress Importer’ plugin, then you can import XML file. XML file is bit bigger, sometimes needs to be imported more times.

Hey there… any updates for the theme?? :)

Here below some wishes: Customization of layout

social media integration preset style add some “cool” features (e.g. effects on image)

I don’t know exactly, but you probably do. Each theme needs updates. You didn’t never update it. :)

+ there is a little bug on the mansory home page VS sidebar content.

?? is 1.3 version available – so theme is updated more times

Yes? I didn’t never received the notification of the updates. Which are the new features on 1.3? I’m still on 1.1.1. Thanks a lot. R

Hi – I’m looking into purchasing this theme – it’s very nice! I was wondering if the responsive menu on phone could be minimized though? Not sure if that’s an option in the preferences. Right now, the menu takes up the first whole screen on the phone, and any new page that loads, the user will have to scroll past the menu – versus tucking it all into the “menu” icon that’s very popular, to maximize the amount of screen real estate.

(Sorry, I had to repost, because I for forgot to subscribe to updates to my comment.)

Hello and thank you for your interest! But sorry, only this mobile menu style is available for Blogdrops theme. Thank you

Can you please reconsider making the mobile menu more like this: http://wpexplorer-demos.com/goodinc/

And can you also reconsider giving this theme an infinite scrolling option that doesn’t require you to click on a button for more posts?

These small changes would make a world of difference. Thank you.

Hello, thank you for notes. I will consider them. Thanks

Hi has anyone tested this with WP3.7.1?

it seems a bit out of date, but i like it.

thanks for any info.

Hello and thank you! Yes, theme is 3.7.1 compatible and works fine. Thanks

Hi :) i already ask you questions about your theme few months ago. But everything is ok now, thank you:) But they are something wrong with the mobile version.

my website : http://k-phenomen.com/ When i go with my mobile in my blog the home area does not show anythhing It’s show only the comment box …

Can I solve this problem ? what is the solution ?

you right i disable it. I did not know about that :(. thank you very much. now i hope blogdrops will work with mobile. I have to wait to see results ?

it’s working :) thank u for your help ^^

OK, I’m glad

HI Dannci,

Great theme that works well, just one quick question. Is it possible to make the links in my blog posts a different colour to the links for the titles on the homepage?

The only setting I can find is under ‘Primary Styling’, but this changes ALL links.

Thanks :)

Hello and thanks.

add eg. following code
.entry p a{ color: #F00 !important}
into style.css

Use own color. Thanks

Awesome, that worked perfectly! :)

Is it possible to shorten the snippet of text on each post preview on the homepage?

Hi, in ..includes\post-types\medpost.php file decrease ‘get_the_excerpt’ number. Do the same with video.php, gallery.php and audio.php files too

Hi! I’m trying to translate de search field. I’ve tried editing the searchform.php with no success.


Hello, in includes folder are uni-searchformhead.php and uni-searchform.php files. You can change wording there. ‘Search’ label is more times there. Thanks


Hi there, I want to have the header stay fixed…I DON’T want it to always stay on top…How can I make this happen please?

Hello, do you mean ‘not fixed’?

In style.css find #header and remove ‘position: fixed;’ and ‘top: 0;’

and remove top padding for ‘body’


Hi, what if I want to install breadcrumbs plugin? will this plugin ruined my site? can you tell me how to show bread crumbs? Thanks

Hello, your images are not big enough. You need to use at least 480×400px images in slider. Thank you

ow okay Dannci, thanks

Hi, Dannci, the slider and the Carousel not working for video post? Thanks Opps, sorry, i’ve missed the solution, thanks a lot

Hi there, How do I get only three footers at the bottom? Thanks

Hello, in …includes/uni-bottombox.php change all ‘threecol’ classes to ‘fourcol’. And use only 3 widgets sections. Thanks

How do I configure tabs for sidebar widget that is available…Thanks!

Hello, sorry, you cannot configure ‘Tabs widget’. It is “fexed” widget.

Hi there, How do I get the menu bar collapsed by default in mobile view like this – http://i.snag.gy/8F09o.jpg

Hello, I’m sorry, for this theme is not possible to achieve this. Sorry

Do you know any links where I can try to do custom coding on? I would really love to see this feature for this great theme..since expanded menu takes up much space on the screen…

Why is the video thumbnail automatically not generated for the bottom carousel right below the homepage slider? Thanks

Hello, video thumbs are not generated automatically. You need to use plugin for that: http://wordpress.org/plugins/video-thumbnails/

Save ‘tmnf_video’ or ‘themnific_video_embed’ into plugin settings (Custom Field field)

Hi there, I downloaded the plugin and also inputted those two into settings of that plugin. Both of them fail to display thumnail on – new.moisom.com (carosel in front)...What maybe the issue? I can see the thumbnail is downloaded when I go into the post but its not set as featured image though. When its set manually as featured image, it comes up but its not done automatically…

Hello, do not include both settings. Just try ‘tmnf_video’ or (when isn’t working) ‘themnific_video_embed’.

Video iframe code needs to be inserted in posts ‘Video field’ and post needs to be saved – then can be thumb generated.

Hi Great theme.

How can I create pages with different posts on them. Just like you demo page where you have ‘archive for x category’


category pages are created automatically. Create custom menu in Appearance > Menus and add categories items to this menu (you can select any category).

Thank you