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Just installed the theme but was wondering how to you set the homepage to be that tiled mosiac layout? Mine is just one standard long list.


yo need to set ‘Homepage’ template as frontpage. Process is described in documentation.

Thank you

Hi! I’ve just downloaded theme, but installation couldn’t be completed because “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” – where can I get stylesheet?


you need to unzip downloaded main file fist. Theme package to install (blogdrops.zip) is in it.

Thank you

Hi, i just want to know if it is possible to completely remove the “Featured Image” at the top of the single post page? Regards, desniqs

Hi, this is the example post (still on old theme since i am not yet done migrating) http://www.geekpeek.net/openvpn-server-on-centos/

As you can see, i want the

text to be highlighted so it is clear this is the command line command. I hope i gave you enough info.

Thanks in advance, Mitch


add following into style.css

pre {
    background: #eee;
    border: 1px solid #DDDDDD;
    margin: 15px 0;
    overflow: auto;
    padding: 1em;
    font-family:"Courier New", Courier, monospace;

Thanks, works perfectly!

Hi I have just bought this and install is on my wordpress site. My site works, but when i go to Wp-Admin, and login i god this message

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Envato_Protected_API in /var/www/miniprojektor.dk/public_html/wp-content/themes/blogdrops/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 13

Regarts Mads


try to delete all between lines 3 – 24 in functions.php file.

Thank you

Hi, I should have checked this before purchase but forgot so will ask now anyway. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to enter custom css. Could you consider adding this in an update so that any modifications made aren’t written over in upgrades please. Alternatively, can a child theme be used? I tried adding one but it didn’t work. Kris


yes, them is ‘child theme’ ready: https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

you can also use style-custom.css in Appearance > Editor

Thank you


Hi Dannci,

Great theme, well done.

I am a designer so have limited code knowledge, however, I have rolled out a few different themes.

My issues are:

1. I want the site to be static with just a few pages of content. Am I able to link a post to a standard page? This is so I can have a post on the homepage that links to a main menu item.

2. On the homepage I want the following. – One image/post in the main banner – Three different posts in the carousel that link to main menu pages – Just one banner in the sidebar that links to a main menu page Is this possible?

If you can solve this for me, I will be a happy camper!

Regards David


no, you cannot link from classic posts to pages, posts can be linked to pots only. You can select featured categories for slider and carousel in Admin panel > Sliders & Featured …

Thank you

Hi Dannci,

A styling question – how can I change the colour of the menu links without changing the body links?

Thanks Kris

Thanks, I have changed the links and hover but am still stuck on the active link. I can’t seem to change it’s colour.

Also, how do I change the height on the single post image. I tried using functions.php but it didn’t change.

Cheers Kris


1. do you mean ‘current’?

#main-nav > li.current-cat a, 
#main-nav > li.current_page_item a,
li.current-cat a{color: #990000 !important;}

2. in functions.php change 2nd value in

add_image_size('main-single', 686, 350, true);

after change regenerate old thumbs: http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Thanks again Dannci – that has worked. The reason I couldn’t get the change in functions.php to work originally was because I hadn’t reloaded the image.

Hi, any idea why when I click on my site on “get more posts” only the first ones keep appearing and appearing? My website’s URL is: http://snob.mx/

Thanks ;)


check your permalink settings and/or plugins (if used), because “next link” http://snob.mx/page/2 automatically generated by standard next_posts_link() goes to to homepage again.


Hello, is it possible to remove the “Themnific Styling” in a child theme? I don’t want the styles in my page but want to insert them in the child css

Hi, functions.php in child theme shouldn’t be copy of parents functions.php. It should be plain – only to add new functions.

No sorry, popular posts widget is not available.

I know now but it still does not work… Only when I comment add_action(‘themnific_head’,’themnific_custom_styling’); in theme-actions in the theme it works. When I don’t comment this and I put your code in functions.php of the child the styling is still there… Zo I have it commented right now but I don’t like this solution because I have to do this agan if there is an update…

Hmm, I’m sorry, I cannot test it now… I can look into later.

I’ve got an issue with gallerys on the homepage. When I look at my homepage my gallery posts look fine. I attached 2 pictures to the post and I get the option of paging through the gallery. When I click on “More posts” and scroll down to another gallery post it shows only a blank space where the gallery should be… If I look at the code the images are there… And when I click on read more the gallery works on the post page…. Strange. Any ideas?

Hello, can you send me a link of mentioned page? Thank you

I sent you a message

Was the issue of posts on the homepage overlapping the right sidebar solved? I’m having the same trouble that others have had. When I remove the ad in my sidebar, the problem persists, so it has nothing to do with the ad.

Interestingly, when I resize my browser to a smaller size (no refresh), the sidebar wraps to the left side, then I make the browser wide again (again, no refresh), then the post no longer overlaps the sidebar.


Yes, it is about ads. Ads are loaded later, when masonry layout is already created and then increase sidebar height.

Ad fixed height for #adSidebar id so there will be place for ad block in sidebar.


Hey, sorry, I mentioned in my previous message that when I remove the ad, the problem is still there. Thank you.

Hi, Pinterest widget is loaded later than page layout – add fixed height for this widget too.


I just bought blogdrops theme. I installed it fine, (no error message or anything else), but there’s absolutely no styling loaded… Links blue, etc.. I tried locally, and online, i tried to upload in the folder theme manually, nothing is working..

Please help me!


Hello and thank you for purchase!

In ‘Blogdrops’ admin panel hit ‘Save All Changes’ button to set default style settings.

Thank you

Hi, I bought the theme a few days ago and I have a problem with the footer. In the single post page, the footer doesn’t take the whole width of the screen so the result is a bit weird. I’ve tried to fix it on my own but haven’t been able.


Thanks for your quick reply. It’s http://mutantadri.esy.es/blog2/wordpress/, i just made it publish so you can see it, I’m still working on it. It happens in individual post pages e.g. http://mutantadri.esy.es/blog2/wordpress/?p=16


Facebook widget is not set properly – it is suited for FB pages: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/

paste FB page URL into widget or remove this widget.


ouch thanks a lot! I wouldn’t have figured out myself

Hi! Thanks for your theme, i love it. Im having an issue with sharing. Anytime I hit the facebook share button for a post with a video then it looks fine. However, when I try to share a post with an image or anything else then the facebook excerpt gets all screwed up. It duplicates the title, adds author, adds date, etc. I dont want those this. Try hitting the share button for this post and you will see what I mean.


Thanks for all your help, I really do appreciate it.

Link to invisible image: http://noozpop.com/ancestry-dominates-state-guess-one-runs-50

Link to stripped link: http://noozpop.com/heres-why-every-challenger-should-be-well-prepared-before-approaching-hillary-clinton-2016

The word “original” has a link to the original youtube video. The entire word (“original”) gets stripped along with the [hyper]link.


you your style.css is added custom code

.entry p a {
    display: none;

there is the problem – remove this code.


Dude, you’re a genius! thank you!

Hi, great work with. I translated the po file but I am having issues with “ago” text from “published X days ago” as it won’t get translated. Could you help help me with that please? Thx!

Hey sorry I’ve got a second issue. At the homepage (it’s http://blog.smartdar.com) you can see that for some posts, when looking at the post extract, the end of the extract finishes with “[&hellip…”. How can I get rid of it? Thx again!


1. I’m not sure now – it is used standard translate string: http://prntscr.com/3mo9sp if you want to you can translate file manually. It is …/includes/post-types/medpost.php file.

2. in functions.php replace

function trim_excerpt($text) {
  return rtrim($text,'[...]');


function trim_excerpt($text) {
     $text = str_replace('[', '', $text);
     $text = str_replace(']', '', $text);
     return $text;

- this change will be in theme update too.


Hi, I disabled both homepage sliders; however, my sidebar was on the right, and after disabling the sliders, it has shifted to the left.

Another thing I did by mistake at the same time was “Disable homepage widgets” (thinking this meant sliders), and then reenabled homepage widgets. Could that have shifted it to the left?

Any idea on how I can get it on the right again? Thank you!

Actually, the sidebar is on the left because I disabled the sliders. I just tested by enabling them again. Any idea how I can have no sliders, yet a sidebar on the right? Thank you!


sorry, it is not possible to have sliders disabled and sidebar on right. All elements (sliders, sidebar and posts) are part of masonry layout and order is from left to right.

One more question. Is there any way that I can code the popular function into the slider? I’d love to show my most popular posts into either top slider. Thank you!

You can add

into new WP_Query string (in …includes\sliders\flexslider.php; line 3)

posts in slider will be ordered via comments count.

Dobrý den, podobné téma už nejaký cas hledám. Je jednoduché a cisté. Také je výborné, že má i šablonu pro Full-Width stránku (tam potrebuji dostat kalendár http://wpshindig.com/events/ ).

a) Bude mi prosím ve Vašem tématu fungovat tento plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/ ? + uvažuji také i o dalších rozšíreních pro tento Event plugin: Events Calendar PRO, Community Events a Facebook Events (všechny tyto moduly jsou od stejných tvurcu)?

b) Je možné nejak preferovat (docasne pripevnit vybraný(é) príspevek(y)) na horní pozici v rámci jednotlivých kategorií http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/13/category/our-lifestyle/ (napriklad)? bb) Pokud ano, jde tento horní príspevek ve výpisu na stránce nejak graficky zvýraznit (odlišit)?

c) Bylo by prosím nejak možné rozšírit tohle téma o eshop http://capethemes.com/demo/01/shop/ (když je z Vaší dílny)? cc) Nebo jsem jako uživatel schopen si ho tam pomocí pluginu v nejaké klidne skromnejší verzi jen na pár produktu doplnit?

d) Jak se bude graficky chovat menu, když bych tam mel napríklad 12 odkazu? dd) Budou se rovnat do druhého rádku?

e) Ve FireFoxu: Ctrl+Shift+M – pri menších rozlišeních není logo klikací (pro prípad, když bych chtel zrušit textový odkaz Home), je to jen náhled, ale nevím jestli to opravdu na malých prístrojích není aktivní.

f) Preložím téma snadno, nebudu muset cásti textu hledat i v kódu?

g) Ješte mám jednu kosmetickou poznámku. Dole v paticce v levém krajním sloupci je text zarovnán hodne až ke kraji (není zarovnaný s horním krajem loga). Na tabletu je tak text až ke kraji displeje.

Tohle je taky parádní téma: http://capethemes.com/demo/columns/category/lifestyle/ Líbí se mi to menu na dva rádky (škoda jen že je zarolovávací). Snad jen bych nevyužil ten prostrední sloupec na stránce.

Omlouvám se za obšírnost dotazu a spatne kodovani textu tady.

Dík za rychlou odpoved.

a) Jedno tema už jsem koupil a špatne se v nem kalendár zobrazoval, tak se ptám radši predem.

b) Šlo by to rešit napriklad: http://wordpress.org/plugins/sticky-post/ nebo http://wordpress.org/plugins/sticky-posts-in-category/ ?

d) Kdyz bych zvetsil plochu loga: http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/13/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/blogdrops-logo.png z 198px × 27px na 198px × 54px zaradilo by se menu vedle loga a ne pod nej?

dd) A šlo by pak pro mobilní zarízení používat zase tu puvodní velikost loga?

h) Zvetsit ikonky i s tim cervenym rohovym podkladem by slo? Je to asi delane fontem?

ch) Urcite bych pouzival tuhle stranku: http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/13/blog-2/ Ty horni preferovane prispevky (velké rotujici okno a pruh mensich pod nim) je mozne si urcit libovolne co budou obsahovat a jde je i uplne skrýt?

chch) Dal mi jde o to, az se na titulce budou zobrazovat události zarazene do kalendare (z toho Event pluginu), tak jestli je také pujde zaradit na tahle preferovana mista?

i) Do mista pro reklamni banner jde vlozit i system AdSence? Jina reklamni pozice v sablone nez ta ve postrannim sloupci neni?

Dobry den,

b. any, myslím, že hej,

d. nerozumiem… ak je menu moc siroké (viac poloziek) bude pod logom. V tomto pripade velkost loga nehrá rolu

h. ano, ikonky sa daju sa zvacsit

ch. ano, dajú sa vypnut a dá sa zvolit ktorá kategoria bude zobrazená

chch. ak sa da zobrazit kalendar pomocou php kodu da sa to upravit

i. myslite v ‘sidebar’-e? ano widget môze zobrazovat adsesne

I am considering buying this theme but for me it is crucial to resize the header – my logo is bigger than the one from the preview. Is there any easy way to resize the header?

Hello and thank you for your interest!

Yes, you can use bigger image. Maybe will be necessary to remove “fixed” functionality for header, ‘cos if header will be too big, big space will be covered.


Hi there presales question.

Is this theme compatible with WP 3.9?

thanks ±frank

Hello Frank,

yes, theme is wp 3.9+ compatible.

Thank you