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Discussion on BlogInn - Bold Theme for Ghost

Discussion on BlogInn - Bold Theme for Ghost

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Hi. On the latest copy of your theme (and Ghost) I am missing the header images for pages/posts. Any ideas?

Hi there,

thank you for choosing the BlogInn Ghost theme. As for your question, do you mean featured images are missing in your blog post and pages? Can you give me a link to your site? If you don’t want to post it here, you can send it to hello[at]justgoodthemes.com .

Regards, Tomas

The site is melodiouscode.net, but I have reverted the theme to solve the issue for the moment. The images I refer to are the ones at the top of each post (such as the photo of a command key on a keyboard in the most recent post).

Worked it out; firefox seems to dislike the srcset when on a 4k screen.

Is there a simple way to re-generate, or replace the JS files to avoid using the Ranbow highlighter? I want to use Prism.js instead, as Rainbow doesn’t work well for my readers. Whtat’s the easiest way for me to completely remove Rainbow? I’ve already got it covered to add prism.js I just want to ensure clean-up of the old highlighter before I continue, thanks!

Hey, I’ve just noticed another issue with the latest theme. When I go to any tag, for example mycustomsite.com/tag/mytag/ it displays ALL posts, not just the ones with that specific tag.

It looks like an issue with the Tag page. This breaks tag clouds and navigation based on tags.

If I build a custom page which does a query for a specific tag, that works – so the Ghost setup is intact.

Hey there, I tested BlogInn 2.0.0 on the localhost with Ghost 3.27.0, and it works as expected. Could you please drop me the link to your site? If you don’t want to post it here, you could send it via email support[at]justgoodthemes.com.

Kind regards, Tomas

Sorry for the late reply. Apparently the latest version works now.

Hi, I bought your theme bloginn and have few question about it: - How can I modify menu items? - How can I translate “read more” buttons? - How can I put something in banner spot? - How can I modify About text on home page? Thanks Regards Artur

Thanks works perfectly :) But another question. I try to enable disqus comments and I have done everything by the book. I have my own disqus site etc.. But how can i enable it in your theme? I find file comments.hbs and there is something like disqus_shortname but where I can define this variable? In Admin? I cant find the place? In some config file?

ok no question – default.hbs is the answer :)

Any plans to upgrade this for Ghost 3? Really love this theme!

Yes, we will update all our themes to support Ghost v3.0.

Hi, is it Ghost 3.0 compatible?

Hey there, not yet. We are working on the theme updates and BlogInn is next in line. As we have quite a few themes, it takes time to update them all.

Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

Regards, Tomas

Waiting for Ghost 3.0 compatibility…

The theme has been updated. Thank you for your patience.

I purchased “BlogInn – Bold Theme for Ghost” and it appears it is not compatable with the current version of Ghost 3.*. Is there an update ? If not I would appreciate a refund. Thank you

Hi there, since there are quite a few changes the update will take longer than I expected. It should be ready by Thursday at the latest.

OK. Thank you for letting me know.

The theme has been updated. Thank you for your patience.

Hi. Can you help me with configuration of your theme? I have a problem with members. After enable this feature in ghost I see the subscribe button but after click at this I get 404. Can you tell me what i need to do to get work with it?

OK I found the problem – route.yaml was old from v1.5

Yes, you are right. You need to update the routes.yaml file.

Hi, I am completely new to ghost.org. First thing I did was choose your theme. I have uploaded it. I see how to create blogs but how do I access the: 1. About (NameofBlog) 2. The top bar (Home,Tag,Author,Help) 3. The banner ad and when I can access it what is the size of the banner for me to get banners created for the blog In your preview you have a bi´g picture then some writing. Do I just upload a picture as the first thing in the blog? I look forward to your reply, regards, Alex

Ok I see the (Home,Tag urls in Design but still do not know hiw to access the banner or About section

Hi Alex,

some parts of the theme are hard-coded since currently there is no way to modify them via the admin panel. That is the case with the social links in the footer or the about and banner widgets in the sidebar. Both widgets are located in the partials folder of the theme, widget-text.hbs and widget-banner.hbs respectively. If you need assistance with setting up the theme, please feel free to email as at support [at] justgoodthemes.com. Also, I would like to note that you can find the documentation of the theme included in the zip you downloaded.

Good day,

First – thanks for a great and simple theme.

I noticed that recently Google Search Console are sending reports for hundreds of my blog articles. The current issue is:

“CLS issue: more than 0.1 (desktop)”.

The way I understood it is that this year there will be no negative search impact by this, but starting sometime next year, SEO will be impacted if these issues aren’t fixed.

Do you have insights what part of the theme could cause these CLS (Cumulative Layout Shifts)?



Just curious if you had plans to keep this theme updated anymore? I noticed it wasn’t listed on the JGT website.

As far as I know, everything still works fine. I know they made some upgrades to the members functionality where the subscribe stuff as treated as modals now instead of a separate “subscribe” page.

Have a great day!

Hi Nick,

yes, we are planning to update the theme to support Ghost latest features. The update should be available this month.


garetdav Purchased

Bough your bloginn, cant upload template to wp, keeps failing. I uploaded the zip as supposed to.

Hi there, this is Ghost theme and it not suppose to work with WordPress.