Discussion on Blogman - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion on Blogman - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

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Presale question: Is it possible to remove featured image of posts and only see them as list items without image?

Hello Cihanbarut,

You can remove it by Overriding the template into the child theme.


Good day

I’m looking to purchase this theme in the next few days, I just had a question. Do you still provide timely support for this theme if I struggle with the installation, or will I be left in the dark?

Hi Johnkeendji,

Thank you for your interest to buy our item. This item is still cover support. This is well documented item so you will not struggle with anything.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


Is it compatible wordpress 5.7 ?

Yes, We have recently updated it

Hello there, Purchased this theme a few hours ago and have a question for configuration. How to change the fonts size for post titles and post content? Thank you Charles

Hi Charlesone,

Thank you for purchase our item. You can change the post content font size from body font size and for the post title you have to overwrite CSS.

If you have more question and need help please reach us at support@awaiken.com

Kind Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Hey hello,

I’m interested in your theme as I love the fact that it is minimal and however very efficient for people that just want to blog and nothing more. Kudos for that!

I do have a few questions before buying, though:
  • Question 1: what would an extensive travel post (lots of texts and pictures) look like with your theme? Is it possible to arrange pictures easily with a great rendition, like two halves, then three thirds, then four fourth, a full width below, then two halves again?
  • Question 2: does your theme support shortcodes and if so, which ones?
  • Question 3: will you provide updates? I see the latest ont was in May 2019, almost a year ago now… and buying a “dying” theme would bother me…

Thank you

Hi Eky,

Thanks for interest.

1) It support Gutenberg, so you do anything that support Gutenberg. 2) Please read doc for more info : https://demo.awaikenthemes.com/blogman/documentation/ 3) Yes we will provide update, If we found any bugs or compatibility issues.

Hi I am planning to use your theme in multilanguage structure. Is it compatinle with Loco Translate? Where can I put language change dropdown?

Hello. Does this theme works with any page builder? If yes, what are the page builders compatible with this theme? Thanks!


Thanks for your interest to our item. We didn’t make it compatible with any page builder. But it will work with page builder.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Is there a way to adjust the banner title font size?

Thanks for purchasing our item. Can you send us your question at support@awaiken.com. Our support team are available help you now.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Great looking theme.

Is it compatible with wordpress 5.1.1?

Hi Xowi,

Thanks for your interest in our item. Yes BlogMan is compatible with WordPress 5.1.1

Let us know if you have any more question. We are happy to answer them.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply I’m looking forward to working with this theme.


I really like this minimal look and after something like this for a shopify store blog. Just wanted to ask, can the menu burger button on top right be sticky to scroll down with the user. can this also include blog categories in the menu. Also can the menu open full width of the page.

Lastly is it possible to see an example of a youtube or vimeo video posting.

Kind Regards, Phil

Hi Phil,

Thanks for purchasing our item. It’s glad to hear that you like our item. Can you send us your question at support@awaiken.com. Our support team are available help you now.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Hey. I noticed when you set the font size it changes on desktop, but it doesn’t change on Mobile, as the size is “fixed”.

Is there anyway to change that so the font size is universal?

One more question is can the quotations background be changed? Sometimes the color is “in the way” of the words if that makes sense.



Thanks for purchasing our item. Could you please write your issue at support@awaiken.com

Our support team will be back to you quickly and resolve your issue.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Hi, some minor issues:
1. disabling “read more sign” via customizer has no effect
2. when sticky bar is enabled the search icon doesn’t change padding when header bar shrinks, looks like you forgot about this one :)


Thanks for purchasing our item. Could you please send us mail at support@awaiken.com. So our support team can assist you further.

Best Regards, Team Awaiken

Gorgeous theme! I believe the ” inspiration” for it is based on the TinyPress theme by Caslay Themes, which is no longer available – however – you have definitely improved and enhanced its style, layout and functionality.

It is beautiful. <3

Wishing you many $ALE$ :grin:

I have only 1 question : regarding the footer area.

I read the Theme details/documentation – however, I would like to know whether I could replace the Instagram widget with the Newsletter or Mailchimp widget in that area, without having to tamper with the overall code structure of the theme?

Thank you in advance for your response :grin:


Thank you for purchasing our item. Use the footer “Footer” sidebar from “Appearance > widgets”. It will display output above the Instagram.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Hi, this is Kerem from WPSelected. Hope you’re well!

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To get your WPS winner kit, please send an e-mail us via the contact form on our profile page. And with your permission, we’d like to add your e-mail to our “Author Newsletter” subscribers list.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi, one question to the featured images: are they all cropped to one size?

Hi Rappel,

Thanks for interest. Actually we have displayed full size featured image in list and detail page.

Let us know if you have any question for us. We are happy to answer them.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Hi. I have WPML installed and I want to translate the header texts such as Banner Title, Banner Subtitle or Banner Message. But I do not appear to translate. What could I do to translate it?

Hi Eduolmeda,

We hope you had great weekend. Thanks for purchasing our item. Please send us message at support@awaiken.com. We are happy to help.

Let us know if you have any question for us. We are happy to answer them.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Hi, beautiful theme, i like to use it for my persona lbrand page to collect my writings in one place. But i need a theme with minimalist design ,and with highly supoorted social sharing options. My question is that it is any customizatiin option on the frotn page or a single post page? I mean show categories, or tags in the exceprt, or add twitter and instagram thumbnail and links, to footer or in the bottom of the page? Or it is fix as we can see on the demo page? The social sharing options would be the most important part as a content management options and a as a blogger to easy sharing content options for my visitors and for me. Thanks.

Hi Panamaster

Thanks for interest to buy BlogMan. First of all we are working on to make our item Gutenberg supported and update will release untill end of this month. For now there is no option for social sharing, Instagram & tags in the exceprt. But all these things are in our to do list so we are going to add all that things in our next updates. So yes, you will get all the thing you are looking for your blog in next update.

Let us know if you have more question for us. We are happy to answer them.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

thanks. Aproximately after finishing gutenberg, what time do you plan to add this feature to blogman?

Hi, We will release next update within a week or two. Let us know if you have more question for us.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

Very nice Theme, congrats :) I do have one question : is it possible to add more plugins on the sidebar, like a twitter feed ? Thxs

Hi Lobocano,

Thank for your interest to buy our item. There is no features to put twitter feed but yes you can add external plugin for sidebar. Let us know if you need further support our support team are happy to help. Let us know if you have more question. We will be happy to answer them.

Best Regards, Support Team Awaiken

is it possible to remove the Hello (About us) block from top and just start with the posts listing?

Yes it is possible. We have provided option to hide it.

Hi. I sent a message for support to you, but have not had a reply as yet. I asked if you could help me to alter the links in posts and pages, so that they are more visible. I have added this code to the CSS coding box, but it only works on posts and not posts and pages.

.post-body a, .default-page-entry a, .comment-body a{ color: #a40808; transition: all 0.3s ease-in-out; }

.post-body a:hover, .default-page-entry a:hover, .comment-body a:hover{ text-decoration: underline; }

Is there any chance you can tell me what I am doing wrong please?

Regards, Mike.

Hi Mike,

Yes, we received your message for support and we have tried to reply you back but can’t send you mail back.

Here is what we receive while we send you mail.

Final-Recipient: rfc822; info@arestlesssoul.com Action: failed Status: 5.0.0 Remote-MTA: dns; mailforward.lcn.com. (, the server for the domain arestlesssoul.com.) Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 relay not permitted Last-Attempt-Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 20:30:44 -0700 (PDT)

We also have tried to send you message via your themeforest profile. https://themeforest.net/user/m-muscroft [ Via contact form at bottom right of the page ]

So please send us mail from your working email so our team reach to you and help with your issue.

Our Support Email : support@awaiken.com

Let us know if you have question for us. We are happy to answer them.

Best Regards,

Email sent and Envato account changed, thanks.

We have replied you back. Thanks!


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