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Looks Good :) GLWS

Thank you :)

Cool and fantastic job. Good luck Templaza.

Thank you Vicky :)

Thanks from Vietnam ;)

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Thank you :)

Nice work! Good Luck with Sale ;)

Thank you :)

I’m having problems with the slide home, I can not showing anything. Here I leave a picture.


Thanks :)

You go to Appearance-> Theme Option-> Home Slide Option. In Home Slide Categories, you choose the category you want it to display in slide



How can I remove the “Portfolio Option” form the post-new.php page??

Thanks :) KM

Hi, thanks for your reply. My blog is a multi-author site so I want to hide the “Portfolio Option” forever. Could you please tell me which file should I edit to hide it? You can name the location and name of the php file.

Thanks KM

You go to Appearance—> Editor and find the file name portfolio-meta-boxes.php and delete the whole content inside, then save. Portfolio option will be hidden forever

Note that if you delete this part, when you want to create a new article, you can use custom field


Thank you! that worked :)

I am having an issue with the website and scrolling, it seems to be an intermittent problem, I am using mac and firefox but have seen this issue occur on a pc too. When I scroll to the bottom of the page it bounces back up again. I have a link to a video for you to see, can you tell me how to fix this please?


The other browser was: Windows 7 and google chrome

Another issue is that the dates beside blog posts on the category pages are all showing as January 1, 1970 any ideas why? Obviously I have check the dates in the article published, modified and created fields in Joomla.

Hi, Please send me an admin login via support@templaza.com

We are going to help you check it.

Thanks & Best Regards,

When go to the end, the two right/side columns overlap and the far right go over the grey background (does not move/adjust when you adjust browser width): http://www.nuc.edu/bayamon/


I have checked your website, so i don’t see your problem. When go to the end website right sidebar and inner right sidebar are right.

When you resize browser width please refresh again because i don’t use scroll script on mobile and tablet devices so it not support resize.

You can use mobile & tablet to check your website.

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Hi I have just bought your theme,

Is it possible to use the ‘Left Center Right’ options on the home page so the content / editorial is in the centre column and have a left and right side bars?



This version still does not provide option Left Center Right for homepage. We will put it in the next version.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Will it be available in an update at all?

Hey there. First of all: nice design!

Here´s my question: How do I change the width of the whole page? Seems simple but I can´t find an option for it :(

At the moment, there is no option to change the width of the whole page. But if you need to change the width, you can send us your account via support@templaza.com. We will help you.

Thanks and Best Regards,

What do you mean by “send us your account”?

Yes, Please send me your account via support@templaza.com Thanks,

Hi! This theme have individual sidebar for any page or post?

Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, This feature is not available. We will integrate it in next version. :)

I’ve just had the best support ever. Something wasn’t working properly and with the chat function I had contact with Nhung Nguyen within 10 seconds!! And he really helped me out. A true example of excellent customer service!

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