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How can add a menu on the top of page? Is it possible?

Kind Regards, Sérgio Araújo

Hi, of course, go to custom menu, create new menu and select for Secondary menu area

Hi again,

I´m using the version 1.0. How can i update to 1.1 version?

BR, Sérgio Araújo

Download from ThemeForest and update all theme files (replace) on your server via ftp, it’s best way!

Hello, I installed your theme but I can not properly set the home page of the site. Why do you see this? thanks


You can bring up the description of the categories in the Blog? Thank you for your help.

Hello, not quite understand what you mean?) can show on screenshot? also write me on email:


I can’t use the shortcode. Could you please send me email with instructions? Thanks!

Hello, examples you have in documentation)


I can’t use the short code for slide. It is not working. is there some theme update ?


Hello, you mean post format slider or home slider posts, like FEATURED CARS shortcode?

can show your site?

also write please on my email:

I’ve sent you an email


My text jumps, it’s it’s not normal. It removes enters and the first sentence keeps jumping in.any tips? How can I solved this issue?

Hello, can show on your site? also write me on email:

When I set Facebook plugin to comments, The original blog comments are getting out of line.

I can send you a email with the blog link.

Hello, maybe you wrong insert code in single.php file, yes, can show on site?

Also write me on email:

Need to realllly know. Is this theme awesome for a NEWBIE to WP? Can only afford one theme. Please tell me this a great one for beginners.

Saw where the columns expand to 3.

Using it for corporate wellness group. Business. Blog, recipes, e-commerce later. Tips and tricks and calendar later.

Errrr …. this theme a good one for the beginner I am?

Not 3 column template,

better my latest themes, Warwick and NewGen, because they have also video in documentation, and page builder!

Is the theme Wordpress 4. Ready?

is this theme support rtl?