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Nice looking theme, good luck with sales!

Thanks JOGJAfile :)

Good job! Good luck :)

Thanks mate ;)

Hey, what was the font for the logo? Thanks.

Hello Alexwhin,

thank you for purchase. Font used for logo is Yellowtail. This font is under Apache Licence v2.0 and you will easy find it in Google for download.

Best Regards :)

Any plan to do a Wordpress version?

Not sure, depends on number of sales… Thanks for your interest :)


Did you style any form elements in this template? If not, do you plan on doing so?

Hello Mark,

thank you for purchasing Bloom site template. Forms (Subscription and Contact) are styled in css/style.css. In the beginning of style.css is Content. Chapter for styles of Subscripiton Form is 4.3.1 Subscribe and for Contact Form 4.13 Contact Us.

Kind Regards :)

LOVE this theme. Would you be able to customize the slider a bit for me?

Thank you for interest… I sent you an email ;)

Thanks for your help!

Thank you for purchase and nice words.

I have problems with getting the image in slider to align right when on mobile ( using google mobile) for homepage. a part of the image dissapear under menubutton. Any idea why that is? when i turn the mobile on it’s side the image align as it should. I am using only one static image there

Send me some screenshot via email or link to your site so I can better understand the problem, and I will gladly help you.

Have fixed the problem! It was the icon that was too wide, have shrink the icons width and now everything works fantasic. Just love this template! I have fixed the slislider to fit width of boxed design aswell but it still renders wrong in mobile view. Where do I set the width of mobile view of slislider images?

Glad you did it :) Regards your question: check css/slitslider.css. At the end of the file are statements for narrower screens…

Perfect template, thank you!

Thank you mate :) Much appreciated.

Hi! I have a problems with lacking CSS loading in Wordpress… any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hi stelania,

Thank you for purchasing Bloom, but this is site template and it can’t be used as WordPress theme.

ok, thank you

Hello friends,

There’s a problem with the twitter widget getting the tweets, it doesn’t show them anymore. You guys can look it even in your own “live preview”. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Hi juanmgrimaldi,

there is problem with new twitter api v1.1. Bloom uses jTweetsAnywhere widget and it’s stop working for now. We working on new twitter widget for Bloom template and it should be finshed in a day or two. Stay tuned and thank you all for your patience!

@juanmgrimaldi: thank you for pointing this :)

Kind Regards…

Hi there,

For some reason the image slider is not automatically changing slide, only changes if i click the slide buttons.

Any ideas? Thanks, Jamie

Hello Jamie,

thank you for purchase in first place, hope that you are satisfied with Bloom template.

In order to make image slider to auto rotate, do this:

1. within Notepad++ (or similar) open this file: ..\js\slitslider\jquery.slitslider.js
2. in line 81 change value for autoplay from false to true. Like this: autoplay : true,

If you have further problems don’t hesitate to send me an email from my profile page.

Best Regards.

Hi, That worked, thank you.

I seem to be having a problem. When I open the site in internet explorer it looks really bad and does not look the same as in when i open it up on chrome or firefox.

Any ideas why this would be?

Hi again,

Bloom is made for IE8 and later versions. Unfortunately IE doesn’t support some CSS3 statements – i.e. transitions, gradients or shadows. This is probably the reason why Bloom does not look the same in IE. Hope that this sounds logical. If you have any specific problem you can mail me with link to your site so I can take a brief look.

Cheers :)

Hi, I will email you the URL now, by any chance if you can look at it in I.E you will see that the font doesent look the same as in chrome / firefox. if you have any solutions how to make it at least look a little better as it does in chrome that would be great.


Sorry for delay Jamie (I was offline for the weekend)... I replied on your email ;)


On the contact form, where do you change the fake email to an existing email address? Thank you!

I will bought it surely, waiting for the costumer approval :zipped:

Hi Jean,

Email address is changing in one php file. It’s extremely easy and you will need 30 seconds to do that :) You will find in Bloom documentation how to make this change.

Thank you for interesting, Kind Regards :)

Hi there! Great theme!! I only have this “issue”. When I see my site (and also your demo) with IE8, the circles on the slider on’t appear. ”#nav-dots” isn’t displayed. Is it possible to get them also on IE8?


Hi Rik,

in first place thank you for purchasing Bloom and for nice words. Much appreciated ;) Regarding your question: IE8 doesn’t understand Css3 rgba property. This is the reason why it is a good practice to write hexadecimal value for color before using rgba for color. This is only for IE. Guys who made Slit Slider are using only rgba and this is the reason why nav-dots are not filled with color in IE. How to fix this:

1. open css/slitslider.css
2. give nav-dots also hexadecimal background color before rgba (line 180)

background: #eee;
background: rgba(150,150,150,0.1);

IE will not understand second line and background in this case will be #eee. Also buttons will not be circled anymore because IE doesn’t understand border-radius property as well.
It would be much more comfortable via email, but I hope that I helped you. If you have more problems with this be comfortable to send me an email via my profile page…

Kind Regards :)

Hi. Great theme. Is there any way to have the testimonials on the home page set to auto rotate?



Hello Steve,

sorry for delay and thank you for purchasing Bloom template. I didn’t try, but I think it’s possible using interval in default.js (jQuery). Please send me an email if you have any issues, it’s much faster way of communication. I frequently checking the mailbox than dashboard on TF.

Best Regards

Will do. Thanks!

Two questions. Did you find a solution to fstopusa testimonials auto rotate? Also, is there a sticky footer solution for this template. Thanks

I made auto rotation testimonials for fstopusa and I sent it half year ago. He said that works perfectly. I’ll send you the same files in email ;)

I have some problem with the visualization of images in home page with IE8. I insert 3 images in slit slider and I see right images onFirefox and Crome. On IE8 I see images differently (mainly there is more zoom).

I wait your suggestion.



thank you for purchasing Bloom template. The problem is with the Slit Slider. You can check their official demo within IE8. It works, but without animations and the images looks “broken” if you use full width version. I can’t influence to that.

The only thing that is missing in Bloom template regards IE8 is the background color for nav buttons for Slit Slider. To add the background color to the buttons so you can actually see them and navigate slides in IE8 go to css/slitslider.css and add new line 180:

background: #969696;

Do not delete any other part, just add that line above existing line 180. If you have problem with this be comfortable to send me an email using form on my profile page. This is the fastest way to reach me, I’m checking my inbox much often than comments on TF :) .

I’m updated the Bloom template solving this glitch, and waiting approval from TF guys. Suppose it will be in the next 24 hours, so you can download fresh copy with issue solved.

Kind Regards…

Hi, I bought this template because you have guaranteed the compatibility with IE8. My problem is with the slit slider , not with the buttons. Please help me. Kind Regards.

Slit Slider animations works using CSS3 transform and transition statements. IE8 is old browser and doesn’t recognize none of these. Nonetheless, Slit Slider is coded in that way so users can change slides without animations even in IE8. Try to load some other templates/themes from ThemeForest in IE8 and you will see that they work, but most effects look different or work with reduced functionality than in modern browsers. Anyhow this didn’t prevent their authors and Envato guys to grant compatibility with IE8.

I’m truly hope that this explanation is clear enough. If you have some other issues with Bloom, I’ll be glad to help…

Have a great day :)