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Compliments! Avant-garde project ;)

Thank you very much :D

I just want to say WoW. Great job!

Wow, thank you so much! :)

Thanks buddy! I really appreciate it :)

I fell in love with it. Bookmarked. :)

Thank you :)

Thank you!

Your welcome & good luck with sell !

Good work! I would like to see how a photoset post composed of images with different sizes (eg: horizontal, vertical, suqare) will look like. Also, is it possible to have to usual “zoom” effect on photosets?


Photosets are displayed like this one: http://bit.ly/11b7Cgz

Images are stacked, and they all span the container width, so they don’t need to be all the same size, but should have the same width, ideally.

For permalink pages (projects details), media can be aligned to the left or right, or span the full-width. Actually, I just realize that I omitted the docs section that explain how to do so! I will try to update the documentation ASAP.

As images are displayed quite large, I don’t see the need for an image lightbox, but suggestions are always welcome for future updates :)

Terrific work. The author is fully committed to helping his customers. I am more than satisfied with my new portfolio page…Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words, and you’re welcome! :)

Your tumblr themes are fantastic. Among the best on the market.

Thank you ThemeBeans, that means a lot! I dig your stuff as well, Acute and Words are lovey :)

WOW So COOL (and I LUV designers who come Original AND also Awesome!) So any chance for WP version (I LUV your Supple theme AND Both as smooth and amazing on mobile view, menus and everything same vibe and style as desktop version NICE!!)

Thanks for the very kind words! There are plans to port some themes to WordPress, no estimated time-frame though.

Sweeet, I’ll be Ready and Waiting$! MUCH RESPECT2U

Great template, is fantastic…

It works for photo, photoset and video posts :)

thanks again and again :bigsmile:

No problem :)

Found two problems 1. dont display it propetly on internet explorer 8, 2. some problems with greek language (tags/colors, dont display thimb title).

Unfortunately once new html is installed, updated and saved – only three lines of text appear on a white background, as detailed below:

Title Placeholder Push Title Placeholder OrangeGreen Title Placeholder Summit Title Placeholder Wonderland Title Placeholder Fallen Title Placeholder Prima Title Placeholder Lego Title Placeholder F1 Title Placeholder Blackgravity Title Placeholder Connect Title Placeholder Hemisphere Title Placeholder Darklight Title Placeholder Radius Title Placeholder Modules Title Placeholder Flashlights Next page Home Ask me anythingSubmitRandomRSS

Hope you can help! : )

The theme looks amazing btw – I hope we can get it to work!

Thanks for the kind words!

What program are you using to open the file? If you’re using TextEdit, make sure Ignore rich text commands in HTML files is checked in Preferences.

Amazing! Theme works now! Thank you so much!

Will start to customise…. : )

Awesome! Happy modding! :)

I love this theme! Great work. I have one insight though. On Ipad Safari in Portrait the logo in the header is clipped a quarter off. No big deal. Excellent documentation.

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. How big is your logo? It’d be great if you could send me a screenshot of that as it should not be happening :)

200px width x 206px height. It also clips in Chrome ios6.

Hi there! would you mind sharing a link to your site? You can message me using the form at the bottom of my profile page. Thanks!

Good morning :) I think she is absent two things: 1. back button at the top of page 2. Options for widget area on the top or bottom of the page under the credits. The first is easy, but for the second I do not know.


Hi Stathis,

If you mean a “back to top” button, then yes, that would be a welcome addition.

You’re aware of the collapsible widget area at the top, right? If what you mean is an option to move the widget area to the bottom of the page, that could be added on a future update, as it something some users may want.

Thanks for the suggestions and have a great weekend :)

Good morning, I made a suggestion for future upgrades. Nothing more. :)

Thanks, I know. I take note of your suggestions and will try to implement them on a future update. Cheers!

Is it possible to have the posts from the homepage link to the permalink page rather than just show up on the homepage up top?

Sure, you need to uncheck the option Enable Ajax Permalinks.


I’ve started using this theme and I was making some tests. But I can’t manage to make the categories color work when the tag is composed by 2 words.

For example I’m tagging a post with “South America” and I’ve tried to set a different color for it by setting the slug to “south america” or “south-america”, but neither of them is working. The color in homepage isnot changing.

If the tag is composed by only 1 word it’s working properly.

You can see what happens here: thetraveleer.com

Thanks for the reply, but I’m already using the version 1.0.1

You’re right, I’m sorry about that. The color is applied if you use an underscore between the two words, so ‘south_america’ would work, but we don’t want the tags looking like that on the overlays and the filter.

Right now I’m having issues with my ISP, so it’s very difficult to test stuff, but I’ll submit an update with a fix/workaround as soon as possible.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Great! Thanks a lot! ;)

Hey! Love the theme. I’ve applied to my website, but the color filter isn’t working on my posts. I’ve tried deleting the tags and applying new ones, but they all stay with the default color.

Any help would be appreciated.

the site is http://mm.izidoro.com.br

Hi there!

I’m glad you like the theme :)

Right now there are some issues with the portfolio filter when using spaces between words or non-alphanumeric characters. We are looking forward to resolve them this week. Thank you for understanding.


Thank you, guys!

Another question/request: any chance you could try to make an auto loader on this theme? It would be great to have an option to have more posts load when you get to bottom of the page. ;)


I think that would be possible, on a future update. After we solve the issues with the portfolio filter, of course :)


Thank you so much for the great theme! I have a couple of inquires/suggestions for future updates:

1) Any news on a fix for the categories-with-spaces-break-filter problem?

2) Any easy way to add “next” and “previous” next to the big “X” on top of the post’s title?

3) Is there a way to disable the widget shelve at the top?

4) I want to apply a different background color/pattern to the area outside of the 1024/1280 where all the content is. What is the easiest way to do so?

5) When you scroll to the top of the page the banner area becomes slightly bigger. Is there a way to stop this behaviour?

6) Is there a quick way to add a simple line divider between the hero and the post? Also between the post and the grid thumbnails.

Thanks in advance and stay awesome! :D


Hi! You’re welcome! I’m happy you like the theme :)

1) Yes, the update is on its way. Message me if you want me to email you the new files.

2) No easy way, but I plan to add them on a future update.

3) Yes, look for the option Enable Widget Area, it was added on version 1.0.1

4) You can upload an image for the main background, look for the option Background.

5) I see it the other way, the header shrinks when you scroll down :) It could be avoided with some custom CSS. Message me for instructions.

6) You could add a new “separator” element to the HTML source or edit some of the containers with CSS. Message me for instructions.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply; I’ll message you in a bit! :D

I have noticed issues when scrolling in the mobile version of the theme. Basically, when you scroll on a mobile device the page jumps around. Can I get the JS or the fix for this? the js included in the code is “min” version which is hard to read.