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Please ignore earlier message. 1.0.3 seems to have solved the issue. Thanks!

Hello there,

Yeah, mobile Safari fires “resize” events sometimes when scrolling, which triggered some JavaScript code, hence the glitchiness.

I’m gad the update fixed that for you. Let me know ig you need help with anything else :)

Hi There,

i purchased the BLOQ theme and in principle I’m very happy with it. Only thing is: in your live preview the grid overlays (colour overlay that appears on mouseover) have a specific colour for each cathegory. in my version i can only have one colour for all overlays. also in all browsers the grid overlay text creates a frame around the overlay, except for the safari browser. is there a way that i can get rid of that frame entirely? it looks much nicer without.


Great Work, Keep it UP!!

Hello there,

The way to setup the portfolio filter is explained on the following section of the docs: http://bit.ly/17lZfXf

Then you can change the colors assigned to each category, using the color pickers for Category 1 through 9.

The only thing to consider is that if you’re using more than one tag in a post, and they all have colors assigned to them, the last ‘category slug’ will always have precedence. So, the color assigned to ‘category slug 9’ would override all the others, for example.

If you mean the border that is displayed on the thumbnail, same color as the text, when you hover your mouse over them, it could be disabled with some custom CSS. Please send me an email through my profile page from the account you used to buy the item so I can verify your purchase, and I’ll email you instructions on how to do so.

Cheers :)


Hi there,

Really like how my website is looking with this theme, thanks. One thing, I have uploaded my logo and the rollover option etc. When I’m in Tumblr editing the logo shows on my website but when I save and close and return to my web page it disappears. I’ve refreshed loads of times but it never shows up apart from when I’m in Tumblr editing. Am I missing something? www.jacoblight.co.uk

Hi Sergio

Just emailed you. I’ve opened the code using notepad and then tried using wordpad to see if any different. Should I use another program preferably?

Cheers Jake


I’m not sure why, but the code for your blog was missing the opening head tag. Looks like the program you used to open it decoded or encoded some characters as well. Notepad should not do that though. you can use Notepad++ to open theme files in the future if you have issues: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

I re-installed the theme and now looks good. I added some custom CSS too, to better align the navigation relative to your logo :)

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any more help.



Thanks for your quick response Sergio, all sorted! Cheers Jake

Is there a way to add a contact form that emails directly from a page, that would be awesome! Great theme!!!

Hello there,

You would need to use some kind of service to build the form and then paste the generated code into the page. I haven’t tried, but Wufoo seems to have a free plan (http://www.wufoo.com)

I believe Tumblr will strip away any JavaScript code you add to the page, so the embed code would need to be an iframe.

Hope this helps!


wonderful theme, gratulations! This one made for Wordpress would be a burner!

Best regards, rrwp87

Thanks mate! Cheers :D

WOW!!$ I haven’t used my tumblr for a few years (got into blogger then wordpress sites) But LUV Your De$ign Style SO Much (and the fact Yahoo just bought them AND a rapper I did WP site for says all his crew uses Tumblr) Think going to buy your Theme and see if I can ROCK TUMBLR (is it pretty straight frwrd how to import and build like your demo?? i am not very good at html or css) LUV to Join Force$ with your AMAZING (and unique which is a Blessing!) TALENTS! -Sterling Wiliams

Hi Sterling,

Thanks for the kind words.

Installing a Tumblr theme is pretty straightforward. The theme comes in dark and light versions as shown in the demos, but it’s important to installed the right one from the get-go, as Tumblr won’t apply the color changes if you install one version over the other. What you see is what you get, meaning that you’ll be able to get something pretty similar to what you see on the demos without much fuss. Please consider that support includes fixing problems with the theme and bug-fixes, however customization is something different. If you need to modify the theme to fit your specific needs, you’ll need to get your hand dirty with HTML and CSS or hire a developer to make those changes for you.

You can read the online docs if you want to dispel any questions you may have:


Thanks again for the compliments,


wanna this blog for wp

Thanks for your interest! There are plans for it, but no estimated time frame yet :)

Hey, i LOVE this theme, and i’m in the process of setting it up now. It’s my first time setting up a tumblr site, so be gentle!

My question is regarding Retina images. Should i be uploading my portfolio items at a certain Specific Size / Dimensions / Quality / File type? Does this theme support retina images? do i have to upload the portfolio items twice, once at standard size and once at Retina size?

sorry if this is a dumb question, and thanks for your great work and a terrific looking theme.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your purchase!

The theme UI elements are retina ready, but there’s no in-place functionality for the portfolio content. If you upload images that are large enough, they will look crisp on retina, and as images are responsive they will scale down to fit the container anyway.

I see on your site that on a project detail the image is about 800px wide, so If you upload an image which is 1600px wide, they would look crisp on a retina display. The downside is, of course, longer page load times, so it’s always about compromise.

It’s not a dumb question at all. Thanks for the kind words!


One more quick item… when browsing on my iPad or iPhone, my custom logo keeps disappearing!?


I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Can you please message me using the form on my profile page including a screenshot of the issue if possible? Thanks!

I Just sent you a private message. Thank you in advance!

Hello there! I don’t think I got it. What was the subject?

Pre-purchase questions:

Is it possible to go to permalink by default instead of ajax preloaded content?

What about enabling pagination as well instead of ajax preloading?

Yes, both ajaxified permalinks and post loading can be disabled, so you project pages would load as normal and you would have “previous page” and “next page” buttons at the bottom.


Hi there

I was just wondering if you could point me in the direction of where in the CSS I would edit to be able to use a Google web font for the main navigation. I can host my own bloq-styles.css and edit it, if that is the best way. I’m just not entirely sure which part to edit

Many thanks

Actually…can I just ask…if I was to re-copy/paste the theme html, would it keep all the colour/content settings I have made in the customise screen?

I guess I could try doing that, just to ‘re-install’ the theme as it were..but I really really dont want to lose all the work I did on customising it


Me again!....just doing some fooling around and the problem seems to go away if I disable the widget area…I’d like to use the widget area though….any ideas? Thanks

Not sure why you get this issue on your site and not on the theme preview, as the code is the same. I don’t think it’s a problem with your content, I think it’s a webkit bug that happens with a certain combination of webkit versions and OS.

The fact that disabling the widget area makes the problem go away will help me find a solution, thanks for pointing that out!

If you copy-paste the source code again you should not lose any changes you made on the customization sidebar. Colors and options should remain intact. You’ll need to repeat step #1 to get your google webfont on the navigation though.

Can I reach you by email when I have a possible fix? If so, please contact me using the form on my user profile page.



Is it possible to support Right-to-Left Language ?


Hi majidlive ,

Bloq does not offer support for right-to-left languages, but I found a couple of articles that can set you on the right path to implementing that yourself:


Please contact us via email if you need a little assistance.


Hi, nice theme! On iPad, when initial page load is in landscape mode the responsive navigation doesn’t appear upon turning to portrait. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi there,

Thanks for your purchase!

You will have to reload the page for the time being. I’ll try to fix it for the next update, which should be available in a few days.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Was wondering if there will be an update allowing the user to scroll through open projects, using arrows of some sort, rather than have to close and open each project individually each time??

Otherwise, I love this theme, it’s great and works really well.

Thanks for the kind words :)

I’m about to upload an update which is mainly for maintenance, fixing a few issues. The functionality you described will be added to the next one after that.


Awesome… any timeframe? Or will i receive an email once the update is ready?

Not sure when the update will be ready.

I always check the option to notify buyers when I submit updates, but I think you need to get to your Email Settings and check the box for `Item update notifications` to get them.


Hey PixelMoxie. Installed latest update, now Chrome asks me, when I got o the page: “This page is in Macedonian, would you like to translate it?”.

I did use some Russian, but not a lot.

The page: http://t-y-v.com/


Well, that’s a feature of the browser, if Chrome detects text in a language other than the browser language, it may offer the option to translate the text. You can disable that on a per-language basis. I have disabled that feature so I don’t get that when I visit your website.


Hi Pixelmovie

My blog based website is nearly done. Just two things: 1. How do I remove that ‘Everything’ drop down menu from the page completely. 2. Is it possible to have tags on projects without them being displayed on the grids? If I could fix those two things I’d be sorted.

Cheers Jake

Hi Jake,

Just letting you know, there’s a new version available for download with a few fixes.

For the filter, uncheck the option “Enable Portfolio Filter”.

Do you want to hide all tags from the grid or just some of them? Please get in touch via the form on the profile page to sort that out.


Hi Pixelmoxie,

I LOVE the theme, awesome work. Is it possible to move the collapsible widget to the bottom and make it static? Because just want a couple of text widgets and maybe an ask form right away in the footer so that would be all.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jorge,

Thanks for the kind words :)

Unfortunately, that’s not possible without some deep customization work. If you don’t mind keeping the widget area at the top, adding the ask box there wouldn’t be that difficult, but moving them to the footer would be more complicated and a paid customization job.

If you’re interested please get in touch using the form in our profile page.


I’m interested! I sent a little message in the contact form, just waiting for you answer :) I’m willing to pay a reasonable fee for the customization, LOVE the theme.


Hi Jorge,

Sorry about the late answer. I just replied to your email. I’m glad you’re enjoying the theme.


Hey, Nearly done with setting up and customizing this theme.. but i just have one n00b question here, seeing as it’s my first time working with a Tumblr theme…

How do i implement one of your updates? If you release an update, do i just need to copy over the original code? will it erase any of my customization’s? Sorry if it’s a silly question… but i don’t want to erase any of the hard work i’ve put in so far!


Just replace the old code completely with the new one on the HTML editor. If you made any changes to the HTML source, please back up your modified theme first on a text file. You will need to re-introduce your changes after you update the theme.

However, changes you made on the customization dashboard —colors, options, etc.— should be kept after you apply the update.

I hope this helps!

Cheers :)