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I there a way to code the tumblr contact form (ask me) as a page?

Hey there!

If you enable “Let people ask questions”, a link to your “ask” page will be added to the top navigation.

If you want to insert the form into an existing page, edit it in HTML mode, and paste the “ask form” iframe code, replacing “my-blog-name” with the name of your blog:

<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="100%" height="190" src="http://www.tumblr.com/ask_form/my-blog-name.tumblr.com" style="background-color:transparent; overflow:hidden;" id="ask_form"></iframe>


Thank you so much!

You’re welcome :D

I would like to know if there is a way to make all blog posts random each time the page is loaded?

You can display one random post each time you click the “random” button, e.g.: http://pixelmoxie-bloq-dark.tumblr.com/random but, as far as I know, you can’t order the posts randomly on the homepage.

Hi there, I am loving the theme! Thank you very much.

I’m having a small issue when I upload an image to a subpage that I created. Tumblr is automatically resizing the image to 500×700 even though my max width is set to 1280 px. It is also not allowing me to click on it to show it larger. Do you know how I may go about fixing this?

Any help is much appreciated!

Link for reference: cecefirou.com Under the Resume page…

Hi Cecilia,

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you’re enjoying the theme :)

Yeah, Tumblr does that when you attach an image to a text post or page. To work around that, use the static file uploader to upload your image, and copy the URL:


Then edit your page and go into HTML mode, and add the markup to display the image, using the URL you copied as the “src” attribute:

<p><img src="http://static.tumblr.com/.../image.jpg" /></p>

Let me know if that helps!


You are a life saver, thank you so much. I knew there had to be a more direct way to get it to work.

I hate to bother you with more questions, but do you know if there is a way to rearrange the grid, once the posts are published?

Thank you again so much!

You can, changing the post publication date and time. If you enter “now” for the date, it will use the current time and the post will be promoted to the very top. But this only seems to work on the homepage unfortunately.

On “tagged” pages, Tumblr doesn’t honor this custom order, and posts appear as they did originally. So, when using the portfolio filter to load posts using Ajax, this custom order won’t work, as all the filter does is pull the posts from “tagged” pages.

I hope that makes sense!

Hi there,

Love the theme and have really loved tinkering with it for a friend (http://chichimarketing.com.au) after purchasing it via the recent “The Blogger Bundle” special.

So far I’ve been happy with EVERYTHING except the following couple of things that have got me stumped:

1. On the Chrome browser on the iPad, the company logo disappears from the header.

Safari on iPad – http://d.pr/i/ELlW Chrome on iPad – http://d.pr/i/qQw3

Any idea what’s causing this or how I can fix it?

2. The responsive theme doesn’t even work for me on my iPhone on neither Chrome, nor Safari. I just get what looks to be the default Tumblr mobile theme/layout – http://d.pr/i/2AH5

Is there a setting amongst the extensive list available that I’ve missed?

Any help in regard to these two matters would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for checking that out. Weird issue, I loaded your website on Tuesday morning — don’t know if you removed the hires logo by then — on an iPad using Chrome 21, and everything looked fine.

Will try reworking the script to see if the problem goes away as soon as I have some time. Please send me a message using the form on my profile page so I have a way to contact you.


Ok, will do. Thanks for taking some time out for this.


Hello, I was wondering how can I center the logo and put my websites name underneath it? Here is a picture of my blog header.

http://imgur.com/YpOoDw7 also, how do I get spaces between my posts, they are currently all bunched up together. Like this, http://imgur.com/IsZOA7b

Thank you

Thank you, the gutter option helped a lot. I added text vertically, but now the text is crashing with the navigation. Is there a way that I can push the navigation over?


Is there a way, that I can make the slider images not come out so big? For some reason all the images come out blurry since the slider makes the images so big.

Thank you for your prompt help, much appreciated!

Oh, I forgot to add, is there a way that I can make the posts automatically load instead of pressing “load more projects?”

You can move the navigation further to the right using the `Navigation Left Offset` option, which is `200` by default. Set it to something greater than that.

The slider images will always stretch to fill the container. Ideally, you will upload larger images. If that’s not doable, you can use the options `Limit Site Width to 1280px` and `Limit Site Width to 1024px` to make the entire site narrower.

Or you could use some custom CSS to shrink the slider, using the following custom code on the “Add custom CSS” box, for example:

#banner-slider {
    max-width: 960px;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;

Bloq doesn’t support automatic post loading, a.k.a infinite scrolling, at this time.

Let me know if that helps!

Hi. I would like to ask how can I stop showing the tags on the post?

And when it is a single “Photo” post, the photo enables a click through which is able to show a smaller version which fits the page. Like this: http://cecilialeehoishan.com/image/66485101402

However, if it is a “Photo set”, there is no click through, and some of the larger photos can not be seen in a whole view. It is not fixed even I used the “left-media” option since some of the photos are great in height. Like this: http://cecilialeehoishan.com/post/65214574501/how-much-do-the-principals-cost-2013-watercolor

Please help me to fix that, thank you!

Hey there!

To remove the tags from the post permalink page, use the following snippet:

.post-detail .categories {
    display: none;

Clicking through is only available for single images. As soon as you upload more than one image, you can’t set a custom URL either. That’s just the way it works.

Unfortunately there’s no way to constrain images based on their height. The aspect ratio has to be kept, so to make the image less tall, you have to make it narrower. As you may want to target only certain posts, add the following code to the “Add custom CSS” box, and then use the tag `_portrait` on the posts you want to change:

.post-detail.portrait .post-media {
    text-align: center;

.post-detail.portrait .post-media img {
    max-width: 600px;

You can change the max-width if you need to, and remove the text-align if you don’t want the images centered.

The next update will include an optional layout for photosets so they mimic the way they’re arranged on the dashboard. This will hopefully give you more flexibility and let you open the pictures on a lightbox as well.

Let me know if that helps!

Hello! I am thinking of purchasing the theme, but I have one question. Is it possible to have the sidebar appear at all times? If not, is there a simple way of adding a strip to the right of the theme (for posting static content, or recommended links)? Thank you and congratulations for a wonderful theme!

Hey there!

To answer to your questions shortly, what you see on the demos is what you get. If you want the theme to look or behave differently, you will need to modify it yourself or enlist the help of a freelancer to make those changes for you.

1) If by sidebar you mean the off-canvas panel at the top —and on the sides on mobile— it’s not possible to have it visible at all times. Adding a lateral sidebar wouldn’t be impossible, but you will need to tinker with the CSS —and possibly JavaScript for the grid— quite a bit. I guess it would be easier to simply move the widgets to the footer, above the copyright and icons, but of course it isn’t just a matter of checking a setting on the preferences.

2) A text post on the homepage will look like the “quote” and “link” posts on the demo, the orange blocks on the grid. If you have an image inserted on your post at the very top, and it isn’t clipped, it will show, but won’t look too good. Look at the “dummy text post” at the bottom of this dummy demo: http://bloq-dummy.tumblr.com. It’s best to use “photo” post for images and leave text post for just text, plus Tumblr will resize any image you insert into a text post to a maximum 500px width.

3) Regarding the custom widget, sure you can do that if you have the chops to program it. You will need to add some additional CSS to style it, and if your images are meant to slide like on the other photostream widgets, some additional JavaScript code as well.

So, most anything is possible, but keep in mind that support covers issues with the theme (installation or bugs) and not this type of heavy customizations, these are up to you.



Thanks for your quick response!

No worries! Let me know if you have any more questions. Cheers :)

Hello, Safari on iphone crashes everytime i turn the iphone in landscape mode on my tumblr. Any idea about how to correct it?

My tumblr http://jbbregon.tumblr.com/

Thank you


Hello sergio, No, in safari, when i load the site in landscape mode, it crashes directly. When i load it in portrait, it works fine but if i change to landscape, it crashes.

Exactly the same thing happens in chrome for iOS.

Thank you for looking into it.


Hi JB,

Still can’t reproduce the crash on the device I used to test your site. What’s your iPhone model and iOS version?

I noticed you pushed the menu far to the right. This looks bad on an iPad or a tablet with a similar viewport size. If you want to align the menu to the right, there are better ways. Please contact me using the form on my profile page.


I have an iPhone 4S, newly updated to iOS 7.0.4 and still crashing. Yes i would like to align the menu to the right, so i’ll contact you.


Hello, your theme is awesome, i have just one problem with it.

I don’t want to use a PNG logo, instead, i want to write a text only.

Is it possible?

Hi muratesmer,

Thanks for the kind words! This isn’t an option at the moment, but as a couple users have requested this for Bloq and for Supple, it will be added on the next updates for both themes.

You can edit the theme HTML in the meantime. Go to line 1251 and edit the logo block so it looks like this:

<!-- Start Logo -->
<div id="logo">
    <a href="/"><span>Bloq</span></a>
<!-- End Logo -->

Then you can add some custom CSS to style it (go to “Advanced options > Add Custom CSS”):

#logo span {
    font-size: 54px;
    font-weight: 600;

Send me a message using the form on my profile page if you need some help.



Hi, is there a way for text posts to appear on the home page grid in the same way as image posts do?

So, a way to pull the first image from the text post and use that as the thumbnail. Then use the mouse-over color change and show the post title on top off that, to keep all posts homogeneous.

I read in the documentation that you use a “trick” like that to put a custom thumbnail on audio and video posts. How can we alter the code to use the same trick for text posts on the grid, pulling the first image of the post?

It would be very useful for those of us that use tumblr as a blog instead of a portfolio

Hey there,

What you’re asking for was suggested by a couple more people as well, and will be added to the next update. It’ll work the way you said, basically.


Hi, congrats for this theme, is just awesome! But I have a problem … I see that in the preview through the passage of the mouse on the posts the highlighted color changed about the category of the posts, well, in my blog this doesn’t happen. I tried also to changed again the colors of the categories, but nothing to do. Any suggestions?

I think the problem is that your “category slugs” are title-cased. Please make sure to use only lowercase and separate multiple words with underscores, so “One Photo a Day” becomes “one_photo_a_day”.

Please let me know if that fixes it!

it works! Thanks you!

No problem! I’m glad it did :)

Hi Sergio,

thank you for the wonderful theme. One thing that baffles me is, that after installaton the preview in tumblr “edit mode” stays blank. Means I see no realtime update nor anything. The theme only shows up eventually. Full preview only possible when viewed externally, off the dashboard.

Thanks for any suggestion and help.

After you install the theme for the first time (copy-pasting the file contents into the HTML editor), you need to click on “Update preview”, then “Save” and reload the page. I guess Tumblr doesn’t take into account all the theme options otherwise. But after the first install, when you go into customization mode, the preview should display normally. Isn’t that happening?

Hi Sergio,

Thanks for this theme, great work!

I have one quick question for you, can we make the user created page content scale larger than 960px wide? We’re using one page for a video (showreel) and the vimeo embed won’t scale larger than 960px. It looks like you’ve set a max width of 60em for this content and I’d really like to make it 1280px wide max width to match the rest of the site.

Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the kind words!

The issue with pages in Tumblr is that they use the same layout as text posts. The only difference is that pages don’t have a “date”. You probably don’t want to affect text posts as well, so we need a way to tell ones from the others. Go to line 928 on the theme file, and replace the {block:Text} with the following:

{block:Text}type-text{block:Date} is-chrono{/block:Date}{/block:Text}

Now text post will have a ‘is-chrono’ class, and pages won’t. On the “Add custom CSS” box, on the customization sidebar, paste the following:

.post-detail.type-text { max-width: 80em; }
.post-detail.type-text.is-chrono { max-width: 60em; }

The first line will make pages and text posts 1280px wide, and the second restores text posts to 960px.

Regarding the issue with the video thumbnails, I don’t think it has anything to do with the post being a square or wider, something else must be going on. Please share a link to the post in question so I can take a look.



That’s perfect, thanks!

I looked into the video thumbnails again and found it was an error on my part. Basically I’d pasted some text content from our old site and didn’t realise it was rich text formatting so had pasted some div tags in. These had screwed the thumbnail trick – replacing them all with p tags fixed it.

Cheers, Matt

Good, I’m glad it worked!

Cheers, Sergio

Hi PixelMoxie,

Great theme! To get started, I have a question. For the project pages, I want the images and text to have an equal width (right now the images take up 2/3 of the page width). Is this possible?

Also, is it possible to have images and text alternate down the page? Or do images have to be on one side and text on the other?

Thanks for your help Andrew

Hey there,

The thumbnails don’t look the same because you’re using text posts with images embedded in them. To create posts where the main feature are images, please use photo posts instead. You can upload several images to create a photoset, and paste your description into the photoset caption.

Same thing goes for the columns on the project details. The solution I posted earlier was meant to be used on posts that have media (photo, audio and video posts).

If you replace your current posts with “photo” posts, the thumbnails will look like the ones on the demos, and your columns will look alright. What you have now isn’t columns, but images floated to the left. They look ok on large screens, but not so good on smaller monitors or mobile devices, as they are not really responsive.

Make sure to set the option “Permalink Layout” to “Media to the left”, so you get two columns.


The next update will have an option to make text posts thumbnails look like the ones for photo, audio, video, etc. But for now it’s best if you use photo posts for your images, that’s the intended way. If you follow the instructions above your posts should look like this one, but with equal width columns:


I hope that helps!

Meant to thank you earlier for your help but forgot. Thanks!

You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help!

Is there a way to hide the disqus comments section only on specific pages? Thank you for all the support.

Hello there,

No, you will have to hide them from all pages. If you wish to do so, go to line 1122 and wrap the Disqus code with:

{block:Date} {/block:Date}

So it looks as in the image below:


That will hide the Disqus thread from pages but keep them on posts.


Hi guys,

very interesting theme, I’ve some pre-sale questions:

1) When I filter a project category (on home), I order only the visible projects or all of them? So if I’ve more then 15 project for a category, can I click on “load more projects” and load only the project into the selected category?

2) There’re more widget for the top slide panel? Especially The Facebook and Google+ widgets

Many thanks

Hey there!

1) When you apply a filter on the homepage you simply load the contents from the ‘tagged’ page, using Ajax. So, if you select “Design” for example, you will be loading the posts from http://pixelmoxie-bloq-dark.tumblr.com/tagged/design on the homepage grid. If you have more than fifteen posts in that category, when you click on the “Load More” button, you will retrieve the next set of posts for that category.

2) At the moment there are no plans to include additional widgets for the top panel.



your theme seems interesting but is it possible to show a text title without needing to rollover? I like the rollover effect but I would like for the user to read a title before needed to do a rollover to find out. I mean in the gallery of course.


Hi there!

It would be possible, but you would need to modify the theme a bit first. The thumbnail title would need to be placed outside the overlay, and some custom CSS would need to be added to position it correctly. I could help you out if you’re not familiar with HTML/CSS.

Keep in mind that the title would remain where it is now (top-left corner) but would be visible at all times. It isn’t possible to place the title below the thumbnail, for example.


Yes please! I just purchased it. Is it possible to put the title in the middle of the image? I dont need the crosshair.


Thanks for the purchase!

Please send me a message using the form on my profile page so I can give you further instructions.


Nice theme! I’m working on optimizing this theme for a client that purchased it. It appears that when the front page loads, it also loads the full contents of each post (images, etc). The client’s posts tend to be image-heavy, so it’s taking several seconds to load the grid view on the homepage. Is there a way to reduce the amount of data that is loaded on the homepage? Otherwise the performance seems to be really good.

Towards the end of the theme file, around line 1488, remove the entire script tags between the comments:

<!-- Start Google Web Font Loader -->
<!-- End Google Web Font Loader -->

And on its place, paste the following:

    (function() {

        if ( {CurrentPage} < {TotalPages} ) {
            var _$pagination = $( '#pagination p' ),
                _$trigger    = $( '<a>' ).addClass( 'button dark large' ).attr( 'href', '#' ).html( "<span>{text:Pagination Load More Label}</span>" );

            _$pagination.html( _$trigger );

            window.App.setPaginationTrigger( _$trigger );

Let me know if that helps!

So much better. Thanks so much!

You’re welcome :)

and I have set up my blog with your template. I loaded the page very slow especially on my android tablet. is so slow the issue really?

Hi Jorge,

Your site load times are fine on my end, it loads more or less at the same speed as the demo. From a clean browser cache, the spinner shows for about 3 seconds (while the Google fonts load), and the entire site (scripts and everything) loads in about 10 seconds, but the portfolio grid is visible before that.

Load times on tablets and phones may be a little higher, as connection speeds may be slower on said devices.