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Hello, I just upgraded to bloq 1.3.2 from 1.2.0 and there is now a thin line or border along the right side of my posts that was not there before when I was using 1.2.0. This happens after copying the new HTML in and it goes away once I put back the old 1.2.0 HTML. I can provide links to screen caps of the before and after. I took the screen caps in the tumblr theme customizer so you could see the bloq HTML version number, but the issue appears in my actual tumblr blog as well. http://e3productions.tumblr.com/

Thank you for your help. I spent days looking for themes and yours was my favorite by far. -michael

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the kind words :)

Seems like when the option “Use Transparent Grid” is off, the thumbnails widths aren’t round numbers so they get rounded down. Then they don’t fill the grid completely, and there’s that gap on the right.

I will issue a fix with the next update, but for now it would help if you activate the option “Use Transparent Grid”.

Kind regards,


Thank you, that seems to have solved the issue, though now that I see it with a Transparent Grid, I prefer it without. Ha. I’m looking forward to any updates since you always seem to add cool new features.

You’re welcome! I’ll fix those gaps on the next mini-update anyway. Cheers!

Hi there,

Those are featured projects, available since version 1.3. You can find more info on the documentation http://goo.gl/aznKHc


I’m using the latest version, and I can’t seem to get the my photoset to work. When I uncheck photoset feature, my photos appear, but all in one column, despite the fact that my original tumblr post is actually a photoset. When I enable the photoset feature, there is only white space where my photos should be. Am i doing something wrong? I’ve been using this theme for quite some time now. I love it, but I’d like for that feature to work.

Hi jhayvihn,

I’ve just submitted an update that deals with a couple of issues related to photosets. I hope it will be available by tomorrow.

There’s a bug when photosets won’t be displayed sometimes when jQuery Zoom is enabled. If you have “Enable Image Zoom” on, please uncheck it for the time being and let me know if that helps.



Thank you very much.

You’re welcome,

The v1.3.3 update is already available. Please let me know if it solves your issues.

Many thanks,


Great theme. Thank you.

Just noticed something though…. The soundcloud link doesn’t appear to be working. I have entered my url correctly but it doesn’t work. View here – www.delusi.tumblr.com

Hi Delusi,

Thanks for your purchase!

Sorry about that, an update fixing the SoundCloud URL (v1.3.4) is already available for download (got to http://themeforest.net/downloads).

Thank you for pointing that out.




Just updated to the latest version. Looking real good, congratulations. Got one issue though. Somehow all my thumbnails suddenly look faded, like if there is a white semitransparent over them, compared with the actual post. Check the Thumnail Image Opacity value but nothing seems to change. Any tips?


Hi there,

You’re right, the “Thumbnail Image Opacity” option isn’t being applied correctly. Will fix and submit an update asap.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Hi again,

Since I’m at it a couple of questions more.

1:In the previous version if I uploaded only one slider the arrows and squares for navigations were not showing. I’m after the same thing now but in this version if I upload one image slider the navigation arrows and squares will show. Is there any way to get rid of them?

2: On the featured slider option ( great update by the way) the bit of text showing is not respecting the right alignment for paragraphs and mixes them off.


1) Again, you’re correct, that should not happen. It will be fixed along with the “Thumbnail Image Opacity” issue.

2) Not sure about this, can you provide a link to your site? The text shown on feature projects is a trimmed down version of the post caption/description. HTML tags are stripped, so it’s all combined on a single paragraph.



Hi Sergio

Great to hear that! Thanks a lot. Forget about the 2) point, it is something I messed up.

looking forward to the update. cheers!


Hi David,

I submitted the v1.3.5 update this morning and hopefully will be available before the end of the day. If you want me to email you the files, send me a message using the form on my profile page.



Hello, a client of ours bought your tumblr theme. They are confused why some of the posts will show the images in the content of a post, but others won’t. Here is their link http://artcanvastour.com/

Hi there,

They have version 1.3.2 installed, which had an issue when photosets would not be displayed under some circumstances.

Please download and install the latest version of the theme (v1.3.5). You can grab the files from the Downloads section of yout ThemeForest account (http://themeforest.net/downloads).



Thank You, I will inform them.

We just purchased this theme. It looks very promising but we’re having some rather troubling issues to start with.

How do you change the title? It should be “Band of Moguls.” But it still says “Bloq.” Also, the blog’s description is not showing up and neither is the background image we uploaded.

Thank you for your help and for this great theme!

Hello there,

Thanks for your purchase :)

1) If you want to display your logo as text, please enable “Use Text Based Logo”. For a phrase that long, you will need to set “Logo Font Size” to something fairly small (32 should work).

Your best option though is to create a custom logo on a image editor, so you can split the text in two lines and make it look good while keeping it at an optimal width. Then you upload it using the “Logo” upload button.

2) The blog description isn’t really used by the theme, besides metadata. You can create an “About” page and enter the same text as the description there, or use the “hero” and “call-to-action” blocks for this purpose.

3) The Background image is working fine on my end, it should be applied to the <body> element. If you’re still not seeing it, please link to your site so I can take a look.

Kind regards,


I love the theme and would like to know if there is a way to remove the + symbols over the grid posts or better yet replace the + with my own small logo? Thank you for the awesome support and A+++ theme.


Thanks for the kind words!

Take a look at the following pastebin, I’m using the image on your “spinner” as an example. If the background image were a different size, the code would need to be adjusted:



One more issue. On my created pages some images that are embedded have disappeared. I have tried hosting the images in various places, I have also tried the upload image button on the pages text editor. Tumblr has said that it is nothing on their end.

For example here: http://theartofyoga.org/whoweare

Underneath where it say Yogi Casino there should be an image. The image is coded correctly as it appears in the text edit area but not in the preview area or on the website. But the bigger problem is anywhere I try to add an image to a page it does this. Any images that I have coded in the past still appear although some of those have disappeared as well with this same issue. Any ideas? As of now I cannot insert images into pages. Thank you for the awesome support again.

Hi there,

Thanks for pointing that out. The issue seems to be that you have cover images enabled for text posts, and Tumblr treats pages like single text posts (but without a publication date). When cover images are enabled, the first image found on a text post is supposed to be shown as a thumbnail on the homepage, but hidden on the permalink page, that’s why your images are disappearing.

The fix is quite simple, fortunately: to output the “cover-img” class on text posts only when they have a date, thus excluding static pages.

Please go to line 1045 on your theme file, it should look like this:

{block:Text} type-text {block:IfEnableTextPostsCoverImage}cover-img{/block:IfEnableTextPostsCoverImage}{/block:Text}

Replace that with the following code and save the theme file:

{block:Text} type-text {block:Date}{block:IfEnableTextPostsCoverImage}cover-img{/block:IfEnableTextPostsCoverImage}{/block:Date}{/block:Text}

That fixed the issue on my end. Please let me know if that works for you so I can submit a fix on the next update.



Perfect fix! thank you again for the timely response Sergio.

You’re welcome!

Hi! I installed your first version of recent update (feb 2014) with no apparent problems and continued to use blog normally.

Yesterday however, a post I created was preceded by about 7 blank squares on the home page for no reason I can understand: www.evolutionpie.com

I this something your further update tweaks might address, or unrelated? Thanks for your help, I enjoy your theme :)

OK will give that a try and let you know, thanks.

It worked! I had to go back and delete the post that caused masonry gaps, then re-post it. It’s now gap-free. Thanks for your quick reply and good work :)

I’m happy to hear the issue was fixed :) Let me know if you need help with anything else. Cheers!

Hi! I’m working with Bloq for my portfolio and have a few quick questions:

1) Is it possible to use the Filter on multiple pages? For example, I have one page dedicated to Photography and one dedicated to Videography. I’d like to use the filter on each page to differentiate between genres (Wedding, Journalism, Etc).

2) How do I shrink the size of the boxes and display them in an even grid like this: http://constantconversations.co/


Hi there! Thanks for your purchase!

1) I’m afraid this isn’t possible. The Filter will show up on the index page and on tagged pages, but you can’t show different filter categories depending on which page you are.

2) When using the Rows layout, the max number of columns is limited to four to prevent the blocks from getting too small. When using the Masonry layout the limit is five, so you’re right, this is inconsistent. You can achieve a five column grid by enabling the Masonry layout and setting Max Number Of Columns to 5. If this doesn’t fit your needs, I can update the theme to allow five columns when using rows.



Thanks Sergio! This is helpful.

I have 2 new questions for you…

1) I’d like to have a page where I can profile only the videography content. I don’t mind having the filter on the page, but I’m wondering if I can hide the Hero and Call To Action blocks on these pages (lauren-knapp.com).

2) Is it possible to adjust the size of the text of the Hero and Call to Action?

Thanks! Lauren


1) There are several options to hide certain elements on tagged pages: Hide CTA On Tagged Pages and Hide Hero On Tagged Pages will do the trick.

2) To control the text size on the Hero and CTA, paste the following snippet into the “Add Custom CSS” box, on the “Advanced options” section of the customizer—change the percentage so it looks good:

#page-hero p, #call-to-action p {
    font-size: 80%;

Hope that helps!


Hi! I want to first start off by saying i am LOVING the update! it has so many of the things I was hoping for when I first purchased! three thumbs up :)

Is there a way to change the font face of the custom menu items (next to the logo?)


Hi there,

So glad you’re enjoying the update!

You can’t set a custom font family for the navigation as an option, but you can with some custom CSS. Let’s say you want to use Oswald. Edit the theme HTML and before the </head> ends, right before the Modernizr script, around line 710, paste the link to the Google web font, for example:

<link rel='stylesheet' href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald'>

Then go to the “Advanced options” section of the customizer, and on the “Add Custom CSS” box, paste the following:

#main-navigation {
    font-family: 'Oswald', sans-serif;
    font-weight: 400;

You can do the same for any other font family. Let me know if this helps!

hi guys! I’m very happy about the purchase and I’m about to launch the site as my official portfolio there’s ony one thing that bothers me, in the mobile version, I’d love to see the title and tags of each posts shown, as I can’t pass my cursor on each block to visualize them as I do on the pc version it gets a bit confusing on mobile, any chance to fix it in some way? here it is: http://i-am-mb.tumblr.com/

the other option I suppose is to write everything on cover pictures, but I’d love to keep your design, it’s great! thanks a lot anyway

Hi there,

I’m glad you’ve found the theme useful, your site is looking good :)

I’m not sure you want to target phones only or any mobile device. One way to go about it would be to target any touch-enabled device. Please paste the contents of the following snippet (RAW Paste Data) into the “Add Custom CSS” box, on the “Advanced options” section of the customizer.


This should allow for the text to be seen while keeping the overlay background transparent. Include the last bit if you want to change the text color as well.

Let me know if that helps!


wow! it’s perfect, thanks a lot! I never expected to be ready to launch my new portfolio that soon ;) cheers

You’re welcome! I’m glad it worked :D


Hello!! Been using this awesome theme for quite a long time. Recently i updated to the latest version. Any idea of why my social links aren’t showing? www.solfortuny.com.ar :S

Hi there!

Your social links look fine on my end (http://i.imgur.com/w9y947r.png). Do you have perhaps a overzealous Ad blocker (Adblock or similar) installed on your browser that’s hiding the icons somehow?

Yes! I have Adblock and I had to turn it off to see the icons. I didn’t know they could be banned by a browser tool. I guess there’s no way to avoid this, right? Everyone who has Adblock would miss the social icon part :(

The icons list has a class name of “social”, I guess that’s why it’s being picked up by Adblock. For the next update, I will change that class to something else that still makes sense and doesn’t look spammy. I guess that’ll fix it.


Hello Sergio, I have one question request maybe for a future release. I know we can hide some posts and not appear to the ajax portfolio categories, my needs is to have one separation tag like “blog” for events and essays who can link to a page and not to appear together with other works in my portfolio, or maybe like a Feature section tag but not appear in portfolio. I need this because I like much this theme and I do not want to build a separate blog for my news and events. Thanks

Thank you I’ll wait for that :) one more suggestion can you have Font Awesome icons for buttons and general use, and drop caps for letters?

Not sure if those will make it in time for the next update… I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything :)

it’s ok keep the good work :)

Hi, I have bought the theme about a month ago and i am loving it. Would like to know how to hide the tags from the posts in the grid (all posts). Don´t need the tags displayed.

I have seen here that I shoud paste an snippet into the box Add custom CSS” but I can´t find it. Maybe it is a different version?

my site: www.estrangeira.com.br


Hello there!

Please go to the “Advanced options” section of the customizer, and paste the following snippet into the “Add Custom CSS” box:

#portfolio-grid .categories { display: none; }

That should do it. Let me know if that helps.


it did work! Fantastic. thanks a lot :D

No problem! ;-)

I’m curious how to successfully embed a Paypal button within a text post using this theme/Tumblr. I’ve googled, but what few solutions I’ve found are not working for me. Can you please help?

Hi there,

If you tried to add the generated code for a Paypal button as a form element, Tumblr will strip away the markup. You need to follow the steps as if you were to insert a “buy now” button image in an email.


When you create a button you have two options for the generated code, “Website” and “Email”. If you select the “Email” tab, you get a URL that you can use on a text or image link.

There’s a bunch of images you can choose for the button (http://goo.gl/k0ZKOJ). You can insert the image into the post caption or body, and then use the URL from the step above to turn it into a link.

If you need further help, please contact me using the form on my profile page.


Your instructions worked perfectly. You’re amazing! Thank you so much.

You’re welcome! I’m glad it worked. Cheers!


I’ve got two questions:

Question 1—Enabling the “Prevent Image Upscaling” option is exactly what I like, but then all images are aligned to the left side of the post/page – this looks especially unbalanced in the fullwidth post pages when using small images.

So I would like the images to always be centered instead of hanging around on the side. Is there a way to achieve this?

Question 2 (more out of curiosity, you can skip this if you’ve got little time): Is there a way to replace the swirly spinner graphic with one of my own?

I’m really enjoying this theme though, nice work! :D

Hello there!

I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the theme!

1) I’m not sure the images will look better centered, but if you do, paste the following into the “Add Custom CSS” box (“Advanced options”), and that should help:

.post-detail .post-media img {
    display: block;
    margin: 0 auto;

If that doesn’t accomplish what you need, please share a link to one of your posts so I can see how your images look on the set.

Remember you can also use the tags _left-media and _right-media on your posts to position the images to one side, making their container smaller too.

2) The spinner is a jQuery plugin and most of the JavaScript code is concatenated and compressed so it would be difficult to remove it or change it for something else. Sorry.

Let me know if that helps!

Aaahh excellent! I think it looks neat like this. Works nicely, thank you very much! :D

Right, I keep spying into the manual to remember all the various tags that come with this theme – I think it is quite good that there is so much freedom of choice for the post formatting.

As for the spinner, that is alright then. It is gonna be fine the way it is. :]

I like that the theme uses SVG icons; they’re a lot more fun to replace/customize than having to deal with pixel graphics that are hiding in some base64 encoding or files somewhere.

Thanks for your fast support!

You’re welcome!

I’m glad you’re having fun with the theme ;)

I agree, I think SVG is the right way to do icons at this time—unless one has to support old browsers—so I try to use SVG whenever possible.


I love your theme! Question: I’m having an issue with the “Ask Me Anything” feature within Tumblr, specifically these post types not showing up in my portfolio grid (see the blank space here: http://christykintzel.com/Tumblr/problem.jpg). I’ve inserted an image and I’m using the tag “_cover-img” within these posts. Am I missing something? Thanks for your time.

Hi there! Sorry about that, Answer posts were never supported actually, they didn’t seem necessary at the time. It wouldn’t be a complex thing to add, so I will add them to the next update, hopefully available by the end of the week. Cheers!

Just letting you know a new update is available with support for Answer posts. Cheers!

I heart you. Thank you so much!