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Great theme!! Clean and with lots of nice tweaks…! Any chance for a responsive release?

What i don’t like is how the menu behaves in Chrome. Hover affects menu items to the right… No problems in Firefox or IE8 though! :)

Thanks mate.

Well, we’ve been working on this template for long time now, and once we make sure that every single little tweak and feature is in its right place, and get some feedback, will definitely make a responsive release.

Congrats on your item , looks nice…
Using an example screenShot at your PREVIEW IMAGE may help to boost sales I think , this way a member easily has an idea about your beautiful file as soon as he/she hovers your item.
Wish you good luck with sales :)

Thanks man :)

Looks good.

Is the magnifying glass feature included with the theme and how is it implemented?

Yes, it si implemented as a shortcode. You need to upload a large and a small image through the shortcodes editor – and optionally select the size of the magnifying glass (defaults to 200px)

I really love the functionality of this framework. REALLY , but i don’t want to buys this before its responsive. I think also you will get a lot of sales with a template with this many possibilities and a really nice responsive design.

I would love to get notified when this goes responsive.

Thanks and great work!

Thank you. The responsive layout is one of the first things on the list for the next release, but really, this template took a lot of time and effort to complete and we wanted to get it out … at least this year :) .. so yeah, this will happen – soon.


Hi, you could try it again. We’ve updated the theme and it’s with responsive layout now.

Features and options are great! They are worth the money! I think it will be the next theme-killer on the market.

Are you planning to release some guide or kind of how-to for designers to help them to port their themes to work with your framework?

Yes Sir! Thank you Sir! :D

Wish you good luck with sales!


Congratulation for building this framework.

Im sure many hours of work have been invested to create it.

2 Observations: 1-While the functionalities are awsome, the design is still too basic for me, would have loved something more sophisticated and still clean. 2-Responsiveness…

These are the 2 that would have made me buy right away !

Sooo helpful feedback! Sometimes when I work on something for months it’s really hard to see thing that are obvious for others. Thank you!

Congrats on this theme! I can imagine the time you’ve spent on creating this masterpiece.

Though the frontend is not perfect, I love backend features. So ingenious yet simple ideas – like that admin panel styled as WP dashboard :) Magnifying glass got me too. Unbelievable, really. And thumbs up if you are on your own creating such themes ;)

Good luck with sales. I bet you’ll score high!

Really love the back-end on this theme. And, I personally find the simplicity of the front end perfect. Very, very nice.

Thank you mate

Hi sinote, if I buy it now, is their a free update when it is getting responsive or getting added other features?


All updates to themeforest items are free and available to download for users who have purchased the item.

I would rather like you, though, be satisfied with what you purchase right away, because I don’t want to mislead you in any way. We will put all the effort to make the theme better and more powerful, but still, I believe you should buy items that you are happy with.

Congrats for this theme!!! I am convinced it will be the next theme killer too. Do you think you will be able to get it responsive soon?


We are actually working on it already, and hopefully will be ready soon.

can the moasic images on the homepage link to pages

Are there instructions for the dimonni slider? I am having some issues creating it – thanks!

Follow up – I believe i have the home page set up the way I would like – but I would like to modify the portfolio page to simply redirect to a Page. If this is not possible, I would like to be able to remote the image from the portfolio detail page or shrink it down somehow so I can place other copy on this page.

Home: Portfolio (single)

Please help! Thanks.


Can you please send me an email with this – through the contact form on my profile page – so I can contact you faster. And I am not sure what you’d like to achieve with the portfolio page.

And regarding the dimonni slider – I am writing a thorough documentation at the moment, and preparing an update to the theme by the end of the week – which will feature quite some cool stuff – layout and slider – wise.

I will be glad to help with the slider in the meantime – just drop me an email.


Hi all,

Thank you for the comments and suggestions on the Blue Box theme, which lead us make a responsive version of it. A better version of it.

It includes a couple of new skins as well (one of them is based on my previous theme forest item – Kiddo – Wordpress Kids Theme) and an improved and more intuitive admin panel for the Dimonni slider.

It is now available to download.

Great news!!

The more i use it the more i like it.

1- Is it posible to modify the header menu to be 100% width and the menus items centered (i would like to have 7 menu items)? 2- Is it also posible to modify the nivoslider height? Thanks in advance!!


Can you please send me an email with this through the contact form on my profile page so I can contact you faster?


wau, simply, great support!!


I am working on a website with this great template. Unfortunally i guess i did something wrong cause i created a portfoliopage and some items, but when I click on portfoliopage it returns to homepage…

my second question is. can i change the color of the nav-bar? Cant find where to change that in the style.css.

tnx for your reaction, greetz, Max

I allready find out how to change the color of the menubalk :)


Great you found it out.

Regarding the portfolio page – Can you please send me a link to the website you’re currently working on. After creating the page, did you select the Portfolio template, and as well – how did you include it in the menu – through the Appearance > Menu, or just listing the pages?