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Would like to see a working demo instead of screen shots :-). Overall nice design but would like to see a demo.

I’ve just updated the Demo URL link, so a Live Demo should be up soon.

Thanks for the interest.

Yes, we would like to see a demo. All in all it is a fantastic template, I love it! :)

Good luck with your first upload! :)

Nice! Very nice!

Hi Mokush!,

thanks so much for such nice theme. one question:

1) is there a way for this theme to be open and dreamweaver and look perfectly aligned?

I opened it and everything looks out of place. It does look perfect on web preview but in dreamweaver looks all messed up. sorry for the ignorance, am not a pro and I need this theme to look perfect in dreamweaver, just like it looks online.

what can I do to have have the layout look perfect?

thanks you


Hi agaete, I’m not working with Dreamweaver, so I haven’t got a complete fix(yet, anyway), but I’ve tried different fixes, and it seams Dreamweaver’s rendering engine has got a problem with floats and line-wrapping.

I’m managed fixing the menus a bit, but I’ve had to give the little header menus(from the top of the page) a fixed width. You can apply my fix by adding these lines of code at the end of the bluebusiness-base.css file located in the ‘\css’ folder.

The code is here:

Contact me by email, and I’ll provide more help if necessary.

Everyone, thanks so much for the comments, it means a lot!

Demo is down….looks like you need to pay your hosting bill :)

Thanks for the notice. The Demo is back online. Eh, free hosts, what can you expect.