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Very nice. Bookmarked for a future project.

Really nice, clean and simple theme. Great work on it.

Very Clean

Great coding and fantastic commenting. Well done!

Thanks I’m glad you like it. When your done I’d love to see what you’ve done with the site, if you want to pm me a link.

Perfect! I’ve been searching for a while for such a clean looking template. Keep them coming ;0) Thanks!

Are there any plans to make this in Wordpress?

No Sorry, wordpress isn’t really something I specialise in.

Thats what I’m doing, converting to Wordpress :-)

i don’t have great web and html skills – but this author could not have made this easier for me to follow. there is a text file in this package that outlines the file structure, how to edit the images, update the google api key, edit the photoshop images ect…. ect…. ect… everything that you could think of.

there has been a lot of time put into the explanation here. much appreciated.

i would certainly recommend anyone with even beginner html skills could use this package.

thanks for the effort :)

Looks good but could use alternate color options

The demo links on ALL your templates are infected with Trojan horse. I cannot access to the demos as KIS blocked all of them… :(

I have updated the live preview code on this page, please let me know if your virus protector still doesn’t allow you to view:


Good one :) How does the menu system works? if I have a 20 page website for an example, and If I want to edit the menu later on, do I have to change 1 by 1 on each HTML page?

I just want to say thank you for your template! I purchased it a few months ago and never got to doing it but finally worked on it 1 week ago. It’s very easy to customize. I did modify it to strip out the header, footer and right column and created php files so it’s easier to manage.


thanks dtbaker for this very professional clean looking template!

Looks great! well done