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for some reason, the background image (blue one) on the top isnt loading…Im going to buy this, but can you confirm everything is cool? Maybe its the site where the html demo is hosted…taking a while to download

Yes, everything is cool, the blue header load perfectly, maybe there is a problem with my server when you access it. But i can tell you everything is fine.


I am using this template. It is working pretty well for me, thanks!

One comment, to avoid the brief “flash” of all of the slideshow images when you first load the homepage, you should add “overflow: hidden” to the slideshow CSS class, after “display: inline”.

Just thought I’d add that since I found this today.


I purchased this template however; there seems to be some type of issue with the .zip file. After I extract the .zip file there are no folders and only 4 files with “0” byte size. It may be the zip file is corrupted.

Please look into this ASAP .


The zip file looks fin, maybe you can download it agai, or contact me from my profile page and i will send it to your email address



I thought you’d like to see your template in action – we are using it for our Biopharma CMO Search Engine called CMOLocator it is visible here:

The template has worked great and we are very happy with it.

Regards, - Kevin Brown

Hi Kevin,

Wow, that’s cool, thanks for using my template.

Im really happy to see that you can modified my template :D

Hi, i was hoping you can help me…..

I’m nearly complete in customising the template to my requirements, and very happy so far.

HOWEVER I have a problem with the contact form, I cant’ get it to work and can’t even see where I’m supposed to put in the details for WHERE the data is to be sent….

I’ve also tried to “un-comment-out” the error and success messages, however they just both sit there on the page when it first loads.

Can you please advise – is this actually supposed to be a WORKING contact form? If so what do I have to do to make it work? I couldn’t find anything useful in the documentation.

Thanks Matt

This template doesn’t have contact form. Please contact me from my profile page and I’ll give you the working contact form. Thanks

Blue Company with Green Combination Template – where is the wordpress version. The link doesn’t work…

the wordpress version not available anymore, anyway contact me from my profile page if you want it

Hi, I sent a message we are having trouble with the slideshow.. thanks for your help.. Aaron

Hey, how can i get the contact form working

Please and thanks


Hi, contact me from my profile page and I’ll give you the contact form