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Hi, have a question, do you have any ideas how I can add a search bar to the template. The search bar should search for keywords in pages on the website (thru all sites uploaded to domain) and show results in template. Any ideas. Tnx, Edward

you can use google search in html sites:

Hi, I’m having a problem with the contact form. It is working but I am also having an issue with it redirecting to the contact-complete.html page. It is in the main directory, not a sub directory. I also noticed that the message contents are not being sent with the submission of the contact form. I see a message has been sent from the contact page but I do not see the sender’s email address or name, just a mail box through my web host’s server. Thank you, Bronwen


the form is jacks formmail

see help here:

Sorry to be a pain again but I have gone to the link you provided for Jack’s Formmail and it did help explain some things but I’m still having problems with the form redirecting to contact-complete.html after the send button is clicked. Also, the form is submitting to the correct email addresses but nothing is being sent from the form’s “Name”, “Email”, “Subject”, and “Message” lines. I did notice in the guide that is says to turn on these features or the script will default to a message subject: “Form Submission” but I can’t find anything that tells me how to turn on the feature. Is there code I’m missing? Thank you very much, Bronwen


i think this post should help you out regarding the name, subject etc

For the re-direct: In contact-us.html find the following line <p class="hide"><input name="redirect" value="contact-complete.html" type="hidden" /></p> if you have put the contact-complete.html file in a sub directory or renamed the file etc, then you’ll need to change the value=”” to point to it.

hope this helps

Hi, I just wanted you to know that the link you sent me sort of helped. I can live with the redirect not going to the contact-complete.html page. I was able to get the subject and email address to come through on the the form but nothing is being sent from the “Message” lines. What code should be there that refers to what the message should be? Thanks.

I was wondering if I would get an answer to my question above. I’ve been waiting. Thank you.

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