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Nice template, a lot of subtle but cool features

Oh my this is very nice work.. I like the dropdown effect really cool

Thank you guys :)

Yes indeed the drop down is very well built !

Nice template but i think a dark blue menu bar (same colour as dark blue line across top of background) would have looked better.

Any chance of buying this exclusively for my company?

hi… do you have it for wordpress?

Very professional and impressive! Looking forward to more of this quality!! Good job

Thank you for pretty words :)

2 mabuc: Dropdown menu has 4 lines JS only :)

2 madtay: May be. But if you buy template :) you can open psd file and find layer “frame”. Open Layer Style and change Gradient Overlay to your favorite colors. That’s all :)

2 DT-Ahmed: Thank you for your high grade! I send you letter

2 prituschinski: Not yet. But we can build full funct. site in ExpressionEngine

2 grimmersnee: Next template “Arch Buro” avalible soon :) It’ll be one page portfolio web site with jquery slider

Is it possible to set the slideshow banner to automatically start flipping through the slides without clicking?

2 clowwny: Off course, you can! this slider plugin is very flexible. Simply add a few options in serialScroll object (see //slider projects block in j.js): interval – If you specify a number, the plugin will add auto scrolling with that interval (ex. 2400 if duration is 600). force – if true, an initial scroll will be forced on start.

for more options see docs on serialScroll and don’t hesitate to ask me

I’m interested in buying this theme but can you Wordpress it please ? Thanks

Hello regialsarl! Possibly in the near future (m.b. july) We are finishing html-coding Arch Buro (new work) in the next week, after that convert AB in WP and then back to the Blue Planet.

Thank you for your interest our work!

Is this IE8 compatible?

Need it to load fast.

And can all the colours and background be changed?


I’m using this on my website, But I don’t understand how to get the box’s that collapse and expand to show collapsed on default. Can you help? I only want a specific one to be collapsed when the page loads, not all of them.

to matt_225

for tag a with class “toogler” add switcher class “collapsed” or “expanded”

and next to tag a find tag div with class “excerpt” to collapse it use class “hide”

if you need code example tell

Hello Lanky! sorry for dellay.

Yes you can modify colours and back. It rules in photoshop files which include in package. All layers have “Layer style”->”Color Overlay” or “Gradient Overlay” – simple way to manage colour.

hi i think its a beauty template, the contact form works?

the menu is messed up though. If you roll over and out very quickly a few times, it continues opening and closing.

Other than that – very very neat!